How the National Party lost the 2017 election

Actually the National Party founding principles, 1936

(Note for recent readers- this post was written more than three weeks before the actual election)

The most frequent emotion when thinking of the National Party is pity and or exasperation. Good people, but politically, they’re straws in the wind.

They once carried the torch for small govt, low taxes and personal responsibility, but these principled ideals have been cast aside long ago. Their political strategy today is not driven by any such radical concerns. National, by means of their subjugation to the vagaries of political polling and the advice of numerous wittering brainless “consultants”, have turned NZ elections into a popularity contest.

Popularity as a strategy was fine when John Key led them. Key was certainly liked by the chattering classes, and only had to do as little as possible, and keep smiling and waving, and the votes came his way. Not so with Bill English, who may well be a better PM than Key, but doesn’t have much of a chance of winning any popularity stakes.

So Labour’s strategy was always laid out right there for them, but being in the IQ division even more bereft than National, they never really caught on. They probably still haven’t, given that Jacinda Ardern has assumed the leadership more by default than design.

However, she’s popular, and probably more popular than Bill English, and so Labour will win the election. National have been defeated, killed off by their own sword.

People have been haranguing the Nats for years with calls for them to return to their principles, and stand for something. However the party, dominated as it is by Crosby Textor thinking Progressives, has treated this advice with contempt. They should have listened, and instead of weakly allowing the Cultural Marxist strategies of the left to dominate, they should have taken the fight right to the left.

Especially when they had the Global Financial Crisis occur, and give them increased justification for doing what was necessary anyway. With the main priority being reducing the size of government, reducing government spending, and reducing or hopefully, wiping away debt.

Here is what this writer thinks a smart National Party would have done-

  • Made a list all govt depts and go through them with a blue pencil. At least 20% can be cut and probably as many as 30%. This would amount to a saving of around $25 billion which would have paid off the debt by now and been further realised by massive tax cuts, long overdue.
  • Reducing the number of govt employees reduces the votes for big govt. Frees the rest of NZ from the electoral blackmail of an army of public servants.
  • Stop interfering in industry and business. This also reduces govt dependency and the tendency of the private sector to commit slow suicide by gradually voting for bigger and bigger government. Because they’re on the take just like every person faking the need for a benefit.

Then, they had to take the fight to the Cultural Marxists/ Critical Theorists. This means-

  • Disestablish the Maori seats and the Waitangi Tribunal. Not only a source on unending social division, but also a river of money to the left. These institutions should have been history by 2010 at the latest.
  • Sell off or better still close down govt radio and television stations. Stop all public good advertising  and any other funding of media and entertainment. (Like NZ on Air). Since these establishments have been infiltrated by the left they have become nothing but propaganda organs for Marxism. They too should have been history in 2010.
  • Disestablish the Dept of Education and fully privatise every school and university. Make a condition of sale that all students must pass basic writing, maths and intelligence tests before entering university. If this was too hard, they could have at least confronted the widespread and despicable brainwashing occurring in every school and university by means of a new policy rejecting the curriculum and behavioural standards all presently centered around closet Marxist tenets. Removing control of education from the left is the most important strategy of all.
  • In line with the above, they should have ensured that the so called “Greens” insidious religion of global apocalyptic disaster at the hands of capitalism should have been driven from every classroom. These acts would have destroyed a major beachhead for the left in their mission to imbue in every unwitting New Zealand child the destructive and outdated ideas of Karl Marx.
  • Defund the climate change industry of every last cent. This too is merely another organ of the global Marxists. Reject in principle and also defund of every cent the multiculturalism and diversity industries, for the same reason.
  • Withdraw from the UN. Stop the madness of government engineered trade agreements that also impact upon NZ’s sovereignty. Let business people do business, locally and globally.
  • Adopt the Japanese government’s approach to immigration. Quote from their PM. “I would say that before accepting immigrants or refugees we need to have more activities by women, by elderly people and we must raise the birth rate.” Encourage NZers to breed within the country and only provide the superannuation that is affordable by the existing population. Mass immigration from third world countries to sustain the economically unsustainable only brings our own culture down and increases votes for the left.

This is not a complete list. its probably missing many other actions that could have been taken, both large and small in impact. However, readers should have the thrust of the argument by now, and understand how National’s failure to fight the cultural war has lead us to this situation.

We now have NZ’s own female version of Hugo Chavez running NZ, and the real shame is it could all have been avoidable.

Let’s hope National uses this opportunity to reflect upon its strategic mistakes, purges itself of its wittering left wing infiltrators, and sets forward on a new path following its old principles. That’s if the chance hasn’t now gone completely, as it has in Venezuela.

6 thoughts on “How the National Party lost the 2017 election

  1. Agree, they have completely lost their way. How many elections have they been relying on the MMP system and giving the pseudo political parties; ACT and United Future seats, just to give themselves a win.


    • Yes, they’ve just gone crazy, especially of late. (eg paid parental leave). Has to be bad polling which we, the public, don’t know about yet.

      If they’d only argued their philosophical case long ago, and drawn NZ to that point of view, it wouldn’t be down to this today. (bribery) Much too late now.

      Just a massive disaster.


  2. But,but,but.
    What about the great Steven Joyce and the GDP, and growth and GDP and growth .

    Totally agree with you Red and have been laughing at the response to the debate on KB.
    The National cheerleaders just don’t get it.


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