Its all over bar the impossible compromises

You have to laugh. Can you imagine the conversations going on in the halls of what passes for political power in New Zealand? They all hate each other, and here they are faced with an unknown number of completely unpalatable compromises to try and form a government.

My own view is that its hopeless, and we need a fresh election. Not that that will provide any path out of the MMP swamp, but it could make the process of forming a coalition less laughable.

The Nats are paying the price for their lukewarm support of the 2011 referendum to change the voting system. MMP is the worst possible choice. STV is far superior, and even FPP leaves MMP for dead.

Well, that’s water under the bridge, and there won’t be fresh elections (although there should be) so we now have to look at the best way out of the mess. The solution is in fact glaringly obvious. National has to form a coalition with Labour. Its a move that would satisfy the needs of around 85% of NZ voters.

Bill English is pissed at David Seymour, the effete little social liberal actually dredged up the courage to call the Nats out on their socialist ideas once or twice. The Nats collectively regard Winston Peters as the Devil. The Greens are criminals by association with and enthusiastic support for unapologetic welfare cheat Metiria Turei. How could the Nats join with any of them and retain an iota of credibility?

The closest fit is the Labour party, and given that they really govern the country anyway, whether in power or not, what is the problem? Jacinda and Bill could even be joint Prime Ministers, given both parties are so infatuated with feminism and “equality” for women.

Both National and Labour are pretty much politically aligned and only differ around the fringes. Why not have them both sitting around the table, thrashing out their nominal differences, and moving forward in joint agreement?

Maybe we could even do away with that farce they call Question Time in the house. With Labour and Nats on the same side, they would only be fielding idiot drivel from the Greens and what was left of NZ First. With Winston gone it will be even more of a bore anyway. (He”ll retire if Labour and Nats form a coalition)

The one downside to the agreement would probably be the retention of the Maori seats, but its probable Winston would have given that up anyway.

I like Bill English. I’m glad he did well. The tragedy is MMP, and that’s something the NZ people themselves will have to decide upon. Maybe next time its up for a decision (as it should be) the voters will show a bit more wisdom. Especially after this embarrassing debacle.

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  1. A good post. Very droll. The Nats over three terms have steadfastly refused to use up any of their political capital – apart from Keys flag change aided and abetted by Chinese plutocrats. The commies do, Klark pushed thru a raft of changes they never campaigned on – legal whoring, civil unions, dismantling the special status of marriage, privy council, Air Force strike wing the list goes on and on. Both Nat and labour are parties of political correctness, punitive taxation, mass immigration,globalism and pandering to foreign kleptocrats. The difference bewtween Nat and labour, we might as well discuss the differences between Pepsi and coke.


  2. For this tragic voter (who had to swallow a massive steaming rat voting Act because the other rodents were even more unpalatable) the 2017 election result will go down as undeniable proof that the conservative libertarian right of NZ politics has no fucken clue whatsoever.

    These people don’t know how to organize themselves, find a leader with balls who can motivate membership, attract donor funding, build a credible organization and develop a campaign strategy capable of hitting 5%.

    Even a rich fruit cake Marxist with embarrassing dress sense got 2%. How is it that an established party like Act with so called intelligent free marketeers only got 0.5%. Every board member of Act, starting with the president, should be handing in their resignation today and no debrief is necessary.

    The Conservatives capitulated and walked off the course before the race even began. I don’t think any FB post by Leighton Baker got likes above single figures. He got the poisoned chalice and should have bolted.

    What is abundantly clear is that anyone remotely libertarian or conservative should now put aside their petty political differences and form a closed group to plan saving NZ. Work has to start now to stop the country slipping into oblivion. The right must unite or its over.


    • KC, while I agree you’re right about both ACT and the Conservatives, I do have a couple of comments.

      ACT seems to have a knack of making the clever, stupid. It started with the reverse take-over by the Leftertarianz. Prior to that, ACT was the political wing of the Association of Consumers and Taxpayers. They focused on the economy, and at one point had 9 MPs. Then they were taken over and started with the “we’re the party of Classical Liberals” bullshit and it all disintegrated to the point where now, it’s basically just a death cult. They made Don Brash stupid (he brought the toxic Banks with him and immediately started banging on about marijuana). They made Whyte stupid (or maybe they just exposed the stupidity of intellectuals) when instead of talking about NZ’s dangerous lurch to the Left, he was discussing the morality or otherwise of incest. And now, the man-child David Seymour. Who has had some very good wins (e.g. charter schools) but just can’t help himself. He had to go and introduce a Bill that will lead to the killing of our elderly, and in a speech opened his stupid pie-hole and advocated enthusiastically for the murder of the unborn.

      Stick a fork in ’em, ACT is done.

      And as for the Conservatives, don’t even bother with a fork. Unless this round of negotiations end with what Redbaiter has recommended (a Nat/Lab coalition), which will inevitably lead to a wholesale revolt next time around, they the Conservatives should stop wasting their donors’ money.


      • Totally agree. There is a huge vacuum on the right. I refuse to believe there is no one out there, male or female, that is not strong enough, smart enough and patriotic enough to take up the challenge.

        FFS let’s face it, it’s not that hard to outsmart our retarded media either. You just need to be conservative, inspiring and tough to get 5%. Any takers?


  3. A very good post. Trouble is, there would be no effective opposition, and Nat/Lab together would turn into a monster dictatorship, taking us even further down the Marxist route with absolute lightening speed.
    MMP is indeed a tragedy, and it has delivered a slap in the face for the now voiceless voter. National had their chance and blew it re getting rid of MMP, so this result is in a way, poetic justice. I don’t really care who Winston goes with, Nat and Lab two sides of the same coin. A party with less than ten per cent of the vote and no electorate seat frigging gets to choose the govt. Not remotely funny, except if you are Winston Peters. It’s like Monty Python for real.

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  5. Agree with most of the comments above. Thanks for such lucid contributions. (Redneck- You’re right about the Chinese plutocracy. I think this is actually NZ’s biggest political problem. )

    Let’s face it. Whether you like Winston or you don’t, the Nats drove votes his way by their progressiveness.

    They blindly ignored, or showed disdain for those unhappy with out of control immigration for example, and therefore, there was always going to be that core of really pissed off people who would rather put their vote with NZ First.

    So in a way, if the Nats go with Winston, it will be the govt most NZers voted for, and the Govt the Nats themselves worked hard to produce.

    However, Winston has some scores to settle with the Nats, and it won’t be easy to come to any agreement. They took his seat off him. They released his WINZ information. These are pretty big deals.

    Winston knows his responsibility is to govern with the Nats, but both parties are going to have to swallow some really dead rotting stinking rats.

    With hopeless Key sycophant Wayne Eagleson gone maybe Bill will make a good fist of things. I’m sure he’s much more substantial than Key. Like a protein milkshake is more substantial than a glass of aerated mineral water.

    However, in the end, NZ is too far gone, and it will take a miracle to put it right. I still blame Key for almost every problem that besets us. For example pissing around with the flag change idea (at the behest of Chinese donors, what a betrayal) when he needed to put all his weight behind the move to get rid of MMP. Instead he worked hard on the former and did nothing to help the latter.

    Bill English will be a better PM IMHO, but there’s still such a long way to go to get back to where they should be, and the Nats are so politically corrupted, I don’t see him getting far. Especially while he is in a fractious relationship with Winston.


  6. I loathed Key, thought he was a true betrayer and took NZ more left than Labour ever did. Much prefer English at the helm, but he needs to pull National rightward still.

    MMP is a dog, and Key knew it, and made sure we kept it. Sigh. Wish Key had he poetic justice of dealing with WP. What a joke, the seven percent holding the forty six percent to ransom.


  7. New Zealand politics quite some time ago had arrived at the place MMP was always going to take it, with every election being a choice between villainy and gutlessness.



  8. The amazing thing is Jacinda believes she has done exceptionally well. The truth is she has failed because the people do not want her socialism and nor do I
    For example the government would not have to build a 100,000 houses if the economy functioned for the good of all. We do not need Jacinda pretending to be Robin Hood
    Jacinda is either very naïve, stupid or complicit and duplicit

    Bill, well he is a God damned globalist who will only ruin the economy further. Unbelievably He has studied economics and yet doesn’t have a clue. The alternative view is he knows exactly what he is doing and is selling out

    The Greens, what a pack of Wallys. The have to know Global warming is a scam. Electric cars yeah right

    NZ First. What a mess. In the 96 election WE helped HE get 14%. Immediately after the election HE shot himself in both feet and I think a round through the head. He not We then crashed the party to 4%. No further comment required

    John Key was a con man. Say no more it only gets worse

    What is wrong with the NZ economy? Simple really
    Roger Douglas threw a stick of dynamite into the NZ economy when he closed the factories (deliberately deindustrialised to destroy our self sufficiency) and said we had to do what we are good at, milk powder and promoted tourism as some kind of bonus. We now have over intensification of dairying and severe pollution. Not the farmers fault
    Ruth Richardson came along and threw in another stick for good measure. It is at this point it becomes obvious that National And labour are the one and NZ is governed/ruled by other forces
    As it stands now it will take eighty years to clean up the pollution which instead is set to get worse
    And now they want to strip the aquifers. God help us
    The privatisations and foreign ownership have looted and destroyed the NZ economy which in turn has had a dramatic and negative impact on the social side of society

    It is going to take some very clever people with some clever thinking to fix the mess
    It can be done, we really need to start now

    A comment. For NZ to function as a society, “No one should own someone else’s home”

    New Zealand desperately needs a patriotic party which will stand up for NZ and common sense


    • You were getting me all excited then you started bagging the Douglas era. Its easy being an expert from the armchair in 2017…do we really need to…yet again….yawn…explain how bad NZ was in reality in 1984?

      NZ was fucked and heading to Polish shipyard status. I remember carless days, margarine by prescription, government setting mortgage rates and how long it took to get a phone line.

      Many still worship our industrialised state owned uptopia but a manufacturing industry never really existed. We are far too small to have big manufacturing industry and to survive we have to produce something technical and light the world wants at a profit. You can’t create a strong economy and high incomes expanding the public sector like we are.

      Sir Roger Douglas removed the privilege of import licencing from the rich, removed subsidies from the farming sector, lowered tax rates and levelled the playing field. No, he didn’t get everything right, Prebble and Palmer gave us rampant separatism and billions in Treaty related bogus claims.

      The vision that Douglas wanted to implement has never been completed because of gutless visionless National, communist Labour, the media and outside globalist interferance. Act has also let us conservative libertarians down with its inept organisation and woeful leadership.

      NZ cannot continue being a country dependent on animal protein for its economic survival. The writing is on the wall for those that choose to open their eyes. We are looking at farming intensively because we don’t have the hectares for environmentally healthy primary producing. We are too small.

      Its not only about breeding more animals and processing more meat and dairy protein for the world anymore. The global consumption shift is away from animal protein to healthier plant protein. Its a massive growing marketplace and there is a huge awakening taking place through social media.

      The western world has never been sicker, people are dying from preventable lifestyle cancers, diabetes and heart disease in greater numbers than ever before. Healthcare budgets are politicicised and exploding. So far the only solution politicians can come up with is eat a balanced diet, exercise more and add more free pharmaceuticals to the Pharmac or PBS schedule. What amateur bullshit.

      Pharmaceuticals are third rate for treating chronic disease and the cost is unsustainable to boot. Drugs exist primarily because the pharmaceutical lobby is a monopoly and eliminates competition through regulation. The huge revenues they generate for the media and medical profession keep politicians deaf and blind to much better cheaper alternatives which have existed for fifty years or more.

      The medical profession is so corruptly conflicted with the pharmaceutical industry that nothing happens without big pharma input or influence. Its a toxic relationship that is killing us in huge numbers. No doctor can provide a treatment outside of cut, burn and poison or risk losiing their license. That has to change and it will.

      Thankfully, just like Donald Trump’s welcome arrival, the global shift to plant based protein is happening and coming from two directions – the global consumer and the internet.

      It doesn’t matter to me if you eat meat or drink milk. Its your choice. But also be aware that their are major dietary and financial consequences for the vast majority of us. With 1:2 males forecast to get cancer by 2020 you know its time to do something drastic.

      It takes thousands of litres more water and land to produce a kilo of animal protein. Water is becoming a highly precious commodity globally. When the global crash comes, and it will, people will not be able to afford meat but they can always grow vegetables. We used to do that and we will need to do it again.

      The sharp correction coming is going to be good news for NZ in my opinion. We still have a realtively green reputation to sell and we can diversify into highly profitable organic cropping. That strategy supports greater health, saves billions in healthcare funding and restores the polluted lakes and rivers at the same time.

      I’m no watermelon or leftist or anti meat protestor but I can see the wood from the trees when it comes to survival.

      NZ could limp on fooling itself “we are the worlds most efficient animal protein farmers” and relying on the Christchurch rebuild to keep us growing but we need to wake up. The sheeple are bound to let Labour and the Greens in sooner or later. Then NZ will really accelerate to the bottom.

      I hope a Labour/Greens/NZ First clusterfuck happens. Three years of that mess will accelerate the long overdue economic and social reforms we urgently need. We have so much potential but we are so poorly governed.


  9. Closing the factories and producing milk has not helped

    We used to build trains here. we still should. We bought shoddy trains from China

    It is all about doing as much as you can at home. Look at Ex Rhodesia. Just like us.

    You did not explain Douglas’s unfinished agenda. I have been hearing about it for years. Ziltch

    It is not ‘Sir’ Rog…. ……..

    Douglas deliberately closed the factories to turn NZ into an OECD approved Service Economy

    Get real

    The employer of yesterday screamed against a wage increase. He now pays an agency $20 per hour/every hour to find an employee. How and where did that money suddenly materialise?

    When the factories were closed, what was an unemployed Maori tyre maker supposed to do?

    Check mate


    • An unemployed Maori tyre maker can do more than work in a tyre factory surely?

      Kiwi Rail could make trains but they would be hugely expensive and the whole of life cost maintaining them uneconomic.

      What matters to you. The cost of moving people and freight at the lowest cost for the nation or subsidising a few jobs at any price?

      Sir Roger Douglas is one brave Kiwi that thoroughly deserves his knighthood. In contrast there are a long list of public servants like John Key and iwi leaders who are traitors to the people of this nation.


  10. So, now we have an essentially unelected comrade in charge, full blown. What says you, Redbaiter? Worse or the same as the Nats? So much for the majority will of the people huh. MMP. National win, but lose anyway. NZ truly is a basket case society.


  11. The point I am trying to make is New Zealand should not contract out what it is capable of doing itself. NZ buys an imported cheap train and pays the dole. The trains broke down and I understand NZ repaired them at NZ expense. The tyre maker was used as an example. Douglas gutted NZ’s industrial base. We are now an OECD approved service economy. PDL is now European owned and compared with Australia we pay a fortune for light switches.

    Yes we might pay a bit more for NZ made. At the present NZ is contributing to China’s growth

    Jacinda jumps onto the stage wearing a Red Dress. I hope it was just that, a red dress and no hidden socialist/communist/Marxist/Leninist/Trotskyite messages. I believe Mike Moore was a Trotskyite

    What worries and bothers me is these 100,000 houses Jacinda is to build. You see if everyone had a job and a decent income Jacinda would not need to build one single house.

    Jacinda also worked for Tony Blair and presumably played a part in the invasion of Iraq.


    • I agree with employing Kiwis to manufacture product local of course, however, its about basic economics. For every dollar we spend subsidising an uneconomic Kiwi job or product the taxpayer loses the ability to invest that dollar in something else for a better return.

      We don’t pay a bit more either, we pay a lot more and when do you draw the line? Who do we subsidise and who do we not?

      That was one of the unavoidable Sir Roger Douglas reforms. He needed to shift state subsidised workers from the public sector and other industries for retraining in the private sector or become Poland. The taxpayer is better off now and so is the retrained worker. Nothing stands still and we compete in a global marketplace. The pain was necessary.

      Chinese don’t manufacture two dollar shop crap all the time either, you can buy crap if you want but they also produce quality heavy industry stuff. Skoda used to build crap too.

      Of course Jacinda is a communist. Saying the word “comrade” 15 times in 8 minutes at a UN youth love sorta gives it away. She is chasing a fairy tale dream of a genderless society, death to global warming, no borders and handouts for all under the fake treaty.

      NZ is doomed without a strong right wing party. It was always going to be a Peters lolly scramble and the impending disaster is on its way.


  12. National is not a right wing party

    The National party has the Chinese Communist franchise in NZ

    NZ is not better off

    John Key the shyster hiked NZ’s debt and made a mess of the Christchurch rebuild

    We are sitting on a time bomb

    Peter’s could fix it. Look at the riff raff around him. Not a good look. Peter’s is likely doomed

    Because we import so much believing it is cheaper we borrow and borrow and borrow

    NZ needs to own her steel and cement works. Flogging assets off to foreign owners is idiotic

    The privatisation of electricity tripled the price of power

    For those that are interested
    Wind turbines do not produce 50Hz electricity. This is the first fraud
    Wind turbines do produce useless harmonics which through smart meters are fraudulently added to consumers power accounts. This is the second fraud and theft. They are aware.


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