You got to know when to fold ’em

Tony Abbott has to leave the Liberal Party and join Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives. Mr Abbott probably sees leaving the Liberals as a capitulation, and if so, he would be correct. However, as the song goes, you’ve got to know when to fold em, know when to hold em, know when to walk away and know when to run.

Mr Abbott is right out of aces, and even if he held a winning hand, the pool isn’t worth winning. He has to walk away.

Even the most compromising twisting switching twitching politician alive couldn’t make the Liberal Party work again after Turnbull’s disastrous leadership period. The front bench is mostly a collection of far left/ progressive infiltrators and they all need to go straight to political hell. The duplicitous queer porn watching “I was hacked” Pyne. The sly oily smiling personage of UN sycophant Julie Bishop. The pin head dancing Scott Morrison. The smug deceitful Brandis. The bat eared weasel Simon Birmingham. There’s not a winning hand in the deck, for Tony Abbott or anyone.

It would be entirely fruitless for anyone to try and mould this collection of miscreants and white ants into an effective political force, least of all Mr. Abbott whom they all hate with an apoplectic vengeance.

Its not just Tony Abbot who has to leave. Anyone who earnestly believes in Conservatism as a positive political force has to fold their hand and leave with Mr Abbott and go join Cory Bernardi, who has to be credited with having the foresight to see the Liberal Party as a spent political force.

Its a massive step, but its the only real and profitable option. Turnbull will not resign. Abbott doesn’t want the job anyway, and would be mad to take it on again. If the hapless Bishop succeeds Turnbull, as appears likely right now, its only going to get worse.

This recommendation might offend those pushing for Abbott’s return, and that is a matter for regret. There are many admirable people who want his return to happen, and work hard to make it happen, but the reality is, it will not happen. (As I said some time ago).

The time has come to do what has to be done, and its triggered by the knowledge that the narcissistic pretender Turnbull is too dishonourable to ever resign. He should but he won’t. However its too late now anyway. Bishop or Morrison it makes no difference. They’re all tainted with the same treasonous brush.

The only real solution is this- Tony Abbott and other core Conservatives have to leave right now and go to Cory Bernardi. Its all over for the Menzies Liberal Party.

On a warm summer’s evenin’ on a train bound for nowhere,
I met up with the gambler; we were both too tired to sleep.
So we took turns a starin’ out the window at the darkness
‘Til boredom overtook us, and he began to speak.
He said, “Son, I’ve made my life out of readin’ people’s faces,
And knowin’ what their cards were by the way they held their eyes.
So if you don’t mind my sayin’, I can see you’re out of aces.
For a taste of your whiskey I’ll give you some advice. “
So I handed him my bottle and he drank down my last swallow.
Then he bummed a cigarette and asked me for a light.
And the night got deathly quiet, and his face lost all expression.
Said, “If you’re gonna play the game, boy, ya gotta learn to play it right.
You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em,
Know when to walk away and know when to run.
You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table.
There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done.
Now Ev’ry gambler knows that the secret to survivin’
Is knowin’ what to throw away and knowing what to keep.
‘Cause ev’ry hand’s a winner and ev’ry hand’s a loser,
And the best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep.
“So when he’d finished speakin’, he turned back towards the window,
Crushed out his cigarette and faded off to sleep.
And somewhere in the darkness the gambler, he broke even.
But in his final words I found an ace that I could keep.
You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em,
Know when to walk away and know when to run.
You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table.
There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done.
Songwriter: Don Schlitz


6 thoughts on “You got to know when to fold ’em

  1. Abbott had the opportunity to expose the climate change scam and did nothing

    Abbott closed the auto industry

    Abbott is a spent force

    Bernardi is a free marketeer and a dead loss

    I think you will find Abbott and Bernardi are both globalists


    • Hi Brian,
      Most of the politicians in Canberra today are globalists. The only one I personally know is not a globalist is Pauline Hanson. In 1998 I was One Nation’s ‘shadow minister’ for Secondary Industry. We wanted to save Australian industries, automotive, steel, electronics, appliances, etc. Sadly, our party lost as the voters swallowed the lies spread by the two major parties who claimed that we were racist, and unfit for Parliament. To quote Gareth Evans, who was then a senior ALP man, and with whom I engaged in a debate one day, Gareth said, ‘once you break the eggs to cook scrambled eggs you cannot put the eggs back into their shells’. I quipped, no, but you can throw the mess out and buy new eggs. Of course it is now too late to do anything. Australia is now part of the mess I envisaged globalization would become. It could have been so different, but a Trump moment only happens to a Nation very rarely.


  2. No easy fix here. Abbott is unlikely to walk away from the Party he’s worked for all his life and which got him to be PM. Turnbull won’t resign, but he will be crushed politically at the next election and then quit politics. Those LP members who have betrayed the conservative voters who support their Party will fade away as they lose their seats in the ALP avalanche which is coming their way. Only then can the LP rebuild under a new leader who is faithful to the ideals of Sir Robert Menzies. This will take a long time, a full political generation in my opinion. Meantime Australia will suffer under an ALP government. As global warming proponents like to say, ‘it is inevitable’. Sadly Australians can no longer trust their government. The days when we could be called ‘the lucky Country’ are gone. New Zealand is in a not much better situation either.


  3. Billnix

    Have you ever worked out

    1) Why these people are globalist
    2) How can they believe globalism will improve things
    3) That they have to advance globalism
    And the worst part
    4) To do it all in secrecy

    And then you have the Andrew Robbs who I believe now earns about 800,000 per year somehow working for the Chinese and this is after signing the Free Trade agreement

    The whole thing is just sick and twisted

    I get the impression One Nation is either controlled or compromised

    Are you aware that wind turbines do not produce 50Hz electricity only useless harmonics which through smart meters are fraudulently added to consumers power accounts. One massive rort and scam

    I was a campaign manager for NZ First 1996.


    • 1. They are globalist because they believe globalization will create a one world government run by the leftie lunatics in the UN.
      2. They are either misguided, misinformed or don’t care about anything except their leftie ideologies.
      3. They advance globalism because often it serves their personal pecuniary interests. Like Andrew Robbs.
      4. If they told the truth the voters would never buy into globalization. Why would they, for most it is a loss of jobs and freedom. The voters in America and Britain finally learned the truth, the result, Trump and Brexit.
      I believe the World it sick and twisted. How could it be otherwise with the kind of leaders who run most Nations? But this is the history of the human race.
      I left ON not long after Pauline Hanson left her Party. It had been infiltrated by people who did not share her ideals and become compromised and useless. Some of the infiltrators were definitely put there by the ALP and the LP to cause disunity and destroy the nascent political party. Not sure about the situation today or who controls One Nation. In 1998 when some optimists in the Party even thought we could win the Federal election and make Pauline PM (I was not one of them, being a bit more realistic) we often wondered who would be the first person to phone PM Pauline and what he would say to her. Perhaps the POTUS warning her not to change the status quo, or a spokesperson on behalf of the Queen advising her who should be appointed Governor General. It was interesting to consider these possible outcomes.
      Certainly some of the candidates the Party picks at the moment are unsuitable and show little loyalty or commitment to the party. We had a few of these while I was in the party. One guy in my Branch just wanted to run as a candidate for parliament, he did not care which Party he represented or what they stood for. He only wanted to be a candidate, whether for local, state or federal elections it was all the same for him (and of course he never won).


  4. Moving to The Conservatives won’t work.
    The constitution of The Conservatives is no better than That of the Liberal Party at preventing a takeover by political staff.
    That takeover is the basic problem for both the Labor and Liberal parties.


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