Nats have to get some smarts, or its time for a split in the party.

It is a sad fact, but it has to be acknowledged. The NZ Labour Party actually outplayed the National Party when it surprisingly won last year’s election. They were smarter. More devious. More adept at political maneuvering. The Nats were naive, frightened, and devoid of a message.

I wrote some weeks before the election accurately predicting National’s loss, and eight months later, it is even clearer just how the Nats managed to be so incompetent as to hand the country to a bunch of classless communists.

The most easily recognised mistake they made was angering Winston Peters. NZFirst were always a backup option and the Nats should never have guillotined this option by releasing details on Peter’s pension over payments. Once this had been done, the Nats were committed to winning the election in their own right. Outnumbering the combined opposition which would, after this act, naturally include NZFirst.

This was a bridge too far, and thankfully, the bad gamblers who authored such a risky strategy have gone. No consolation to the people now suffering under the unbelievably incompetent rule of Cindy’s Commies.

However there were other mistakes, not so easily recognised but important to the Labour win. The biggest one, in the writers humble opinion, was allowing Labour to gain political traction on ideas the Nats themselves should have been promoting.

What were these ideas and why didn’t the Nats promote them themselves? The Nats didn’t promote them because the party is too left wing. too weak, infiltrated, indecisive, message-less, divided, and incompetent.  So although the ideas were out there, and in their appeal, ready to draw the votes of New Zealanders, the confused and impotent Nats let Labour step into the void.

NZ’s biggest political problem is the basic one party state that has arisen because of the Nat’s inept and willing surrender to Cultural Marxism. So we get massive overlap on the policy stage, with the Nats running what Labour should be running with, and Labour running with what the Nats should be running with. Today, 8 months after the election, it is clear that it is this confusion that won it for Labour and lost if for National.

Of all of the issues that added to the confusion, immigration was probably the most important. Then as a subset of this we had housing. Other issues that the Nats failed on and left open to Labour were relations with Communist China, Policing numbers, the TPP, (or CPTPP) foreign ownership, and overstayers to name just a few. On all of these issues, National took what should have been the Labour Party approach and made it their own.

This gave Labour the chance to step into the void, and with votes so acquired, and the back up of NZFirst, (who also benefited vote wise from Nationals lack of direction), they defeated National.

There’s more, and this is where Labour’s real duplicity and cunning comes to the fore. This is how and why they really outsmarted the Nats.

Since they were sworn in as NZ’s govt, the Labour Party has been backing away from all of these policies. The slow witted Nats are accusing Labour of “backflipping”, but of course, Labour was always going to do this. They never intended to implement the policies that won them the election, because they were National’s policies. Or at least they should have been if the Nats weren’t so disunited, weak, off message and politically confused.

So now Labour are in govt, they will implement the same old left wing policies they always do. They’re not really back tracking. They duped NZ voters and they duped the National Party. In the second case it was so easy it was ridiculous. Now they have govt, Labour will just go back to being Labour.

Let’s hope the Nats can salvage something positive from this absolute cock up. Before the next election they need to fix a few obvious problems. Firm up their message. Unite. Send all the lefties to the back of the room. (Bluegreens, pfft.. hopeless.) Promote policy positions that are right wing, not left wing. Don’t give Labour the chance to do it again.

Will they do this? Sadly its unlikely. The party is far too infiltrated by left wingers, unwitting Cultural Marxists, and a bunch of crossover politically confused loons who could easily stand for Labour.

Voters will be watching keenly for meaningful change. If it doesn’t happen, then forget the Nats as they are right now. Its time for a split along ideological grounds, and a new party. Or even a completely new party. TINA. Things cannot go on the way they are.

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  1. The article nailed a few good points. National is Left Wing and NZ has a one party socialist/communist/Marxist system. What was missed in the article is that the Nats may have lost deliberately. Not by the Nats themselves rather by the ‘puppet master’. You see in a one party state there is only one leader, behind the curtain. To lose? simple put Bill English in as leader. He has now failed twice. Both Labour and National are foolish Globalists selling out to a international privateers. NZ needs a new party of Patriots to drive a better deal for NZ and a better NZ for all NZer’s. Who knows we may even be able to close a gaol or two. NZ needs a new party starting NOW! NZ needs less cows and more industry. MMP has to go.


  2. Yes Red, very well said. More specifically as long as Amy Adams is in the National Party, it really has nothing or very little right wing to offer. Amy Adams is a feminist who has made changes to family law which make it very, very difficult for men. If a woman is unhappy, the law is on her side and she can make life very difficult for you.

    If these Nats want to include Amy Adams as an example of what the Nats are all about, then they are pretty left wing and I really don’t see the point in voting for the Nats. If Amy Adams were the leader of the Nats, then honestly they are no better than Labour.

    My point being the Nats are so far left, that it is not what it once was, and it needs to purge itself of certain people and policies.


    • Yes, when Amy Adams was competing for the leadership, her message was “the National party must move with the times”. This annoyed me no end, because its a brainless statement that signals her abject surrender to the forces of Cultural Marxism. Worse, it signifies she doesn’t have the faintest clue about how the left have weaponised our culture, AND SHE HAS NEVER HAD A CLUE ABOUT IT.

      Then we have their utterly weak and cowardly surrender to the Climate Change scam when they totally opposed it back in 2009. Electric cars and all that illogical uninformed BS.

      They just can’t seem to keep up and keep themselves informed. Political Troglodytes.

      I want to give Simon Bridges a go because he’s got some characteristics the party needs but he has to get more clued up on politics. His recent mention of “trickle down” was just embarrasing. He’s got a few years to get his act together, and by the time their term has ended Cindy’s commies will look a lot worse.

      Let’s hope the Nats can get it together, but they need ot make some major changes. if there is no improvement in another year, then there needs to be a split and a new party.

      if the left are going to be fought in NZ, we have to recognise the sad truth that they are a large part of the National party as it exists today.


  3. You had better get use to it Mr Red,because the next domino to fall will be the neo cons here in Aust,and Bill Shorten and Labor will reign supreme for a long time.
    The next to go will be the war criminal May in Britain to be replaced by Corybn and Labour,and Canada is now in safe hands so all is good in the world,or soon will be after they kick out that mental midget in the US out on his corrupt brain dead arse!


    • brickbob: Your note, you are raving, are you as thick as a brick? Those of us that can think and think for ourselves want nothing to do with the red left or the neo cons. Some of us just simply want a fair and just society. There is enough of everything in the world for everyone to have a reasonable standard of living. No poverty. I am not a Trump fan but criticise you for your derogative description. As one Aust. journo said “Bill Shorten is a dog of a man”. At least the Aust. trade union provide better wages and conditions than in NZ.


  4. Correct. The Nats are worse than stupid if they continue run as Labour but with less free stuff. They need to go right or go home. China (we’re not your fucking colony), Washington (we’re not your fucking colony either), overstayers (get out and stay out), refugees (see previous comment). In other words, hammer Cindy and her watermelon crew by making them answer 2 questions for every policy they they propose. “How is this in NZ’s direct interest?” and “How precisely do you plan to pay for it?”. Example, 1500 refugees at $60,000 apiece? “Cindy, please explain precisely where you plan to get that 90 million dollars and also what you are NOT going to do for Kiwis with it.

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