Hysteria and insanity in the aftermath of the Christchurch mosque killings

Is the ability to reason, that quality that puts man above all other animals, slowly leaving us? In the aftermath of the Christchurch mosque killings we have plunged into a realm of fantasy, delusion and hysteria which must resemble in many ways the madness that infected the citizens of Salem circa 1690 when they hung and crushed to death 19 people who were found guilty of witchcraft.

The events in Salem that year are a vivid cautionary tale about the dangers of isolationism, religious extremism, false accusations, and lapses in due process. Here we are 150 years later in New Zealand going through the same insane process.

The one salient fact known to the public is that a deranged individual, Brenton Tarrant, killed 50 Muslim worshippers at a Mosque in Christchurch. In the aftermath of this event, fake journalists, political activists, elected politicians, and other assorted political opportunists have created a whirlpool of hysteria that is utterly appalling to those apparently rare individuals who still possesses the ability to think rationally.

Predictably, in a way that should alert us as to the hapless black hole stupidity and incapacity of the people we have elected to represent us, the first reaction is to increase regulations regarding firearms ownership. There are roughly 300k licensed firearms owners in NZ who own around 1.5 million firearms. Not one of them, other than Tarrant, had anything to do with the Christchurch massacre. In fact, licensed gun owners at the club Tarrant joined were alarmed by his ideas and actions and reported them to the NZ Police. Who did nothing.

Advocates of tightening firearms legislation should ask themselves this question- What regulation would have stopped Tarrant’s murderous mission? There isn’t one of course, for if there was, it would be in use already, and there would be no such murders anywhere on the globe.

Its not ownership of guns that is the problem. Just like the ownership of knives or cars or trucks is not the problem when they are used in mass killings.

The next target for these vacuous imbeciles is the internet, or as they like to call it “social media”. Hundreds of millions of people use social media and are completely harmless. However, once again, the gormless organs of the state, who think they must at least be seen to be doing something, are advocating draconian and tyrannical measures to control the free exchange of ideas that the internet provides.

What did social media have to do with Brendon Tarrant’s murders? Next to nothing. In fact, it appears he wasn’t even much of a user, and apart from a few exchanges on 8chan, or 4chan, or some other obscure corners his internet presence was unremarkable. Sure, he uploaded live video of his attack, but by then it was too late to make a difference.

The govt’s threats to clamp down hard on the internet are just unreasoned Salem style hysteria. Sickening to the writer, in that so much is lost, for no gain at all, except to the egos of preening halfwits posturing as our moral guardians.

One prominent NZ so called journalist named the two mildly right wing NZ blogs Whaleoil and Kiwiblog as places where the likes of Brendan Tarrant might “hang out”. Hysteria again. Both blogs are harmless outlets for law abiding citizens to express their displeasure at a political events they disapprove of. You’d as like find Brendan Tarrant there as you’d find Homer Simpson at a Mensa convention.

In fact, if you can make any sense of Tarrant’s “manifesto”, where he stated Communist China was his favourite country, in the remote chance he was going to hang out at any NZ blogs he would more likely have chosen left wing outlets like The Standard and The Daily Blog. Especially given that Jacinda Ardern rode to power on an agreement with NZ First to cut immigration levels.

Finally there is Fraser Anning, the Australian Senator who has become the touchstone for anti-white supremacy. Most right of center politicians are today trembling in fear of the appellation of “white supremacist”. The quickest and easiest way to immunise themselves from this smear is to abuse and smear Mr. Anning.

See the exampled frantic tweet from NZ National Party’s Chris J Bishop, (5800 followers to Senator Anning’s 22,000) whose unnecessary profanity & lack of argument is as poor a reflection on today’s Nats as his willingness to run when he should stand.

Senator Anning is right in a sense. At the core of this whole issue is mass immigration that has been foisted upon an unwilling citizenry by the political class. Not so much mass immigration on its own, for this has happened in the past without too many problems and sometimes with a significant upside.

The issue is an incompatible culture. Most past immigration programs did not include cultures that might confront the existing Judeo-Christian political social system. In fact, Islam is a competing system, and the evidence of this is starkly apparent to anyone with two functioning eyes and a working brain, and who can observe events in France and the UK, for just two examples.

The problem is that due to mass immigration into the West by cultures that see our prevailing systems as inferior or inadequate, we are going to experience conflict, and that conflict will increase as numbers grow. For a US example see how mass immigration to Dearborn Michigan has resulted in the election to the Senate of an unrepentant anti-semite who despises the American Constitutional Republic.

Politicians will not confront this simple truth, of incompatible cultures, because they know well that they are the authors of this calamity. This insoluble mess.

So they whip up hysteria and hate and division, and target gun owners, and citizens who object to their own culture being downgraded, and attack the internet, and social media, and even Donald Trump, all to provide a smokescreen for their own grievous mistake, and to deflect from the blame that lies squarely at their own feet.

So what is the solution? If its not excessive gun control, or draconian regulations regarding speech and thought, kicking dissenting politicians out of parliament, prosecuting otherwise law abiding citizens for a misplaced word in a tweet, what can be done.

Sadly, there’s nothing to be done. The wheels are in motion, and the gape jawed morons who govern us can turn to whatever tyrannical “solutions” they choose, but its all too late. Enoch Powell warned us decades ago that this was coming, but we scorned his words. Now, we must reap what we have sowed.

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  1. What will happen now is we will bury our heads in the sand and pretend that it didn’t happen.

    This is completely wrong, we need to never forget, so history does not repeat itself.

    Any action we take should be thought out, not some knee jerk reaction, that would have made no difference.


      • Putting my tin hat on.

        You have to ask the question, who is going to benefit most from this tragedy.


  2. Well said, Red. In respect to Fraser Anning; he’s right. The only thing I didn’t like about his press release was the timing; he appeared to be trying to make political mileage out of terror. Having said that, so did Ardern with gun control, yet nothing is said about that. But if people actually read Anning’s press release they would see he was actually speaking the truth. I read it and I couldn’t find anything in it that was not factual.
    I really don’t understand what is happening today; when did truth suddenly become hate speech?


    • The media political class have the megaphone, and won’t give it up. They’re mostly all bubble living progressives who are completely out of touch with the people in the street, or you and me Terry. But they have that megaphone.

      That’s why we all feel as if a tyranny of lies and propaganda is being thrust upon us. And our feelings are correct.


  3. It is great that I can comment here not on moderation as on KB even though I use my real name. DPF is not thinking logically anymore than the 120 MPs in Parliament.


    • You’ve got that right, Chuck. I noticed that DPF really got paranoid after the attack; he put up all sorts of comment guidelines limiting speech. And now he’s into requiring people to use their real names. That is idiotic; most people rely on income to survive in this world, and if they have anti-left-wing views they no longer have income; it is that simple. If you work in education, the media, or at a government department, or at the Warehouse for example, you can only have left-wing views.


    • Yes, I can only think someone has put the wind up DPF’s backside. His writings seem uncharacteristic to me since last Friday. Or is that just my imagination…? Or been away too long…


  4. Red, does not allow the far left on his blog but he allows debate.

    Most responsible gun owners and clubs accept the need for change. However, that change should be logical and reasonable and submissions listened to.

    The way this Austrailan was allowed to get his gun licence legally was crazy and needed ungent action. Some born in NZ has to supply references to get even a class A licence.

    I will not resign from National but will make my views known at a couple of conferences in April and July.

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    • There is so much about this that disgusts me. First, how was this animal allowed to get/keep a firearms licence? No way he passed a background check if police spoke with the people at his gun club.

      Secondly, I’d like to know how Socialist Cindy and the Cabal of Clowns think the law changes announced today would have prevented the terrorist from (a) illegally modifying his semi-auto rifle for full-auto, and (b) planting IEDs?

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      • ISIS leader Abu Hassan al-Muhajir calls for revenge

        Quick disarm before he gets here.

        (still awaiting moderation at kiwiblog)

        “Ardern said the new rules would make New Zealand a safer place” How?

        “It is imperative in the national interest that we keep New Zealanders safe and secure given the risks to us from here and also internationally.” Again how, the only thing that would have protected those people would have been an armed guard at the mosque.

        But we have the Police.

        “Police error: Alleged Christchurch mosque terrorist charged with murdering live person”

        But want a real laugh, they wont answer or admit to it, since the shooting how many accidental fire arms discharges have the Police had, I spoke with a senior officer who said he did not feel safe with Police being armed, and would leave if they are.

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        • It’s deeply saddening how many of my fellow kiwis honestly believe it’s the role of the police to protect them from criminals.

          Those fools-in-blue carry firearms so infrequently it’s no surprise they panic when handed one and there are so many ‘accidental discharges’. They’re likely just as dangerous as the maniac they’re trying to stop!


          • Like any new toy, they want to have a play with it.

            The problem is they are still trying to figure out which end the bullet comes out of.


  5. Good piece, Red. I fear you are right it’s too late. But I don’t think the authors see a calamity, but rather success.


  6. Thank you for all of your kind words.

    If you want to know what will happen in NZ, just follow events in England, France, Sweden, or any country/ place that has large pockets of Islamic populations. You can’t get news on what is really happening there from the mainstream media, so read Breitbart, or follow citizen journalists on Twitter.

    The NZ Muslim population is relatively small compared to these places, but Tarrant was right about birth rates. The time will come when we will face the same problems as Europe.

    It’s a mistake to think Muslims don’t plan ahead. They think politically, and are already figuring out the best ways to get their people into our parliaments. (and other organs of the state).

    So we will drift on. Tarrant’s murderous attack was an aberration, but in its aftermath we can already see massive political improvements for Muslims.

    Eventually, maybe 30-50 years down the track, there will either be the reckoning Enoch Powell spoke of or NZ will be a Muslim country.

    These are the only two options those who favoured Muslim immigration have left us.

    Shame is, when the outcome is eventually known, the people who authored it won’t be around. We know who they are today though.


  7. Actually, its worth noting that Singapore has managed to live with a significant Muslim population with minimal issues. However, they have a series of laws/ measures that assist in this. Its doubtful that any existing NZ political party would have the guts to implement those measures here.

    However, even in Singapore, the population growth in the Muslim sector is fairly high, and therefore its difficult to see the current political/ social stability existing much longer.

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    • Well, Singapore is not really a democracy, so there’s that.

      Democracies ultimately are self-defeating; firstly because the system ultimately leads to an economic collapse when the majority realise they can vote themselves a pay rise at the expense of the minority (i.e. socialism – H/T Alexander Tytler) and secondly because the mob rule invariably leads to the lowest common denominator holding power (as we can see right now).

      Mohammedans are in open contempt of democracy, proclaiming that only Allah can make laws. At the same time, they use the above weakness against us until sharia can be brought in and the infidels (i.e. us) converted or turned into second class citizens. As the Q’uran commands.

      Democracies and Islam are thus totally and utterly incompatible.

      We ignore this at our peril. Our politicians proclaiming Islam to be ‘peaceful’ and a ‘religion of peace’ are liars.

      But you already know that.


  8. Ardern is like a pig in clover over this. How obvious and transparent she is in her flagrant virtue signalling. She has the luck of the devil, is in bed with our cultural enemy. Sickening! Is 2020 done and dusted for the yellow bellied Nats?

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  9. We all know what the gun grab is about. It is quite clear that it is about disarming people from any potential uprising against this radical socialist left. It is a clear sign that more radical controls are on the way; Venezuela here we come.


  10. In their hasty response to the terrible act of evil committed in Christchurch last Friday, the current government has decided, by decree, that all semi automatic “military style” weapons are to be confiscated. No process, no consultation, nothing. The gun grabbing has started even before all the bodies are buried.

    Nowhere in the mainstream media is it even hinted that there maybe a problem with this. That terrible crime that took place in Christchurch last week was always going to happen in this country because NZ is among the softest of targets. Multiple murderers always target areas where the people are defenceless.

    Whenever these brutal killings are carried out, the mainstream media can’t shut up about it for days, weeks and even months afterwards, labouring their own talking points to the exclusion of all others and giving the perpetrator what he so desperately craves, notoriety.

    If the government believes that disarming the people will discourage further incidents of multiple murder, they are sadly mistaken. The greatest number of people killed by a terrorist with a gun was 69 (as far as I know), by Anders Brevik in liberal Norway (plus another eight with a fertilizer bomb). That is fewer than the Nice attack which killed 86 people without the use of a gun. The 9/11 terrorists killed almost 3000 people without a single shot being fired. The Oklahoma bomber murdered 168 people, no gun.

    It is therefore quite plain that if someone is looking for the most efficient way to murder as many people as possible, guns and ammo would not be the first items on the shopping list.

    What the media never reports is those incidents when some evil bastard bent on mass murder is stopped by a good guy with a gun. The mainstream media will not be diverted from their own narrative in which they would have everyone believe that fewer guns make for a safer society.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Gun confiscation works only with compliant, law abiding people. Taking those guns won’t make a damn bit of difference. Criminals will not be surrendering their firearms to the authorities. The result will be that only the bad guys and the government (one and the same it could be argued) will be packing heat.

    “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right OF THE PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”.

    So reads the second amendment of the US Constitution. The constitution, being binding on the government, essentially codifies the principle that self defence is a fundamental human right and that the government has no business violating that right.

    Self defence is not the only reason for the second amendment. In fact it is not even the main reason. The constitutional right to keep and bear arms was primarily contrived to enable the people to defend themselves against their own government. The framers understood that a well armed citizenry would serve as a significant deterrent to any potential tyrant.

    It is also worth noting that every brutal dictator who has ever brutalized his way to absolute power kicked off his campaign of murder and torture by first promising to “help out the little guy” and then later taking steps to disarm the population. The current government is now moving into the second phase, all with the approval of a weak and gutless opposition.



    • While I agree with every single word of this comment, I cannot help but notice that you believe New Zealanders are a free people, such as those in the US. We do not have the protections afforded Americans by virtue of their Constitution. We are, in fact, nothing more than serfs. We are subject to the whims of those whom ‘we’ ‘elect’, and our only recourse against any of their multiple and manifest offenses against our freedom comes at the ballot box once every 3 years. The halfwits, tyrants, inbreds and fools who end up in our Parliament can pass whatever law they like, and there’s not a damned thing we can do about it. They’ve – and I mean both ‘sides’ of Parliament – proven they’re more than happy to launch all-out assault on our speech, and now on our right to defend ourselves. If they were of a mind and could garner 63 votes in the House, they could outlaw white bread. Heaven forfend someone wanted to brandish high-capacity, military-style assault white bread!

      I don’t begrudge this type of action from Labour and the Greens. They are tyrants and don’t try to hide it. They are children who know nothing of the world, who believe the keystone comedy in blue can protect the weak against aggressors, who think that because they believe it, it must be so. First-year university politics is the deepest level of their thought process, and ability to reason.

      What saddens me is there is nobody arguing the moot. Every single one of the fools in Wellington is enthusiastically applauding Socialist Cindy’s knee-jerk gun grab (as they did in Australia when John Howard made exactly the same mistake). The National Party are telling gun owners – a large part of their traditional constituency – to take a hike.

      Where is the man standing athwart history shouting ‘STOP’! The fact is that not one of the changes being proposed would have done a damned thing to stop what happened. It was previously, and will remain, illegal to modify a semi-auto to full automatic. Explosive devices were, and will remain, illegal. Brandishing a knife as a weapon was, and will remain, illegal. Murdering people was, and will remain, illegal yet the rate of murder will not budge one iota as a result of the proposed changes. We are ruled by children, dilettantes, tyrants, and fools.


      • Gantt- for a long time the Nats used to infuriate and disappoint me, but today, I just do not care for them. They’re useless, and with their willingness to buy into most left wing concepts, and be controlled by the left in what they do and say, they are never going to be the party that puts a halt to NZ’s decline.

        Their obtuseness, in failing to realise how their constant compromises make it impossible for them to stand for anything, borders on insanity.

        Why why why can’t they realise that until they develop their own rules they will continue to get wedged and ridiculed by every leftist media commentator. Said commentators are smart enough to see the Nats’ stark weaknesses, but they still remain blind.

        Every interview, the media latch on to their hypocrisy, the double talk, the six of one half a dozen of the other evasiveness, and the Nats just look like jokes. Because they are jokes.

        Say/ think what you like about Fraser Anning. He says what he believes and he doesn’t apologise. He’s straight and he is unafraid. You’ll never see him wedged the way the Nat party reps are. (Or the Aussie Liberals for that matter).

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        • It’s as plain as day, the Nats have capitulated. The damage from the Key years (and the Bolger, and Shipley years before them) has proven fatal. They are no different in kind to Labour. I used to think there were one or two bright spots, but one of the few remaining has proven herself just as craven as the rest. Collins’ virtue-signalling all over Twitter these past few days has been infuriating.

          Fraser Anning is a left-over from an earlier time. He won’t be wedged, and when he’s struck he will strike back. I hope that fool who egged him both (a) learns a lesson from the slapping he received and (b) gets charged with assault. I certainly hope Anning sticks to his guns and refuses to cowtow to the leftist mob.


          • Gantt, how is the constitution protecting Americans from the left-wing media? Right now Americans don’t have freedom either. You must have noticed over the past 2 years that the first amendment has not stopped any of the fake news coming out of the mainstream media. The constitution has done nothing about universities stopping conservative speech.


            • Mate, the Constitution isn’t intended to protect Americans from the left-wing media. It protects the right of the media to publish whatever biased claptrap they please (as they’ve been doing 24*7 since forever).

              The First Amendment is intended to ensure that – with a very few, limited exceptions – Americans can say and publish whatever the hell they damned well please. Eventually, the truth will always out.

              The universities have been a hive of scum and villainy since the 60s. Trump signing an EO threatening to pull their funding is a small, first step in the right direction. But it’s taken 60 years to get here, it will take 60 years to get back again.

              Compare if you will, the First Amendment to the US Constitution, with Section 14 of the NZ Bill of Rights Act 1990. The US Constitution declares negative rights – those things the government cannot do. It cannot make [any] law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…

              It presupposes that people are free, and have inherent Rights granted them by their creator.

              Section 14 of the NZBORA says “Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form”. It, on the other hand, presupposes that people have such rights as the government grants. And that which the government grants, it can take away. The existence of someone with the job title Chief Censor makes a lie of the wording of s14. The government arbitrarily determining that the Chch terrorist’s manifesto is too dangerous for We the Sheeple to view and thus making it illegal, quite obviously belies the wording of s14.

              In the US, the CItizen is sovereign. In New Zealand, Parliament is sovereign. Sure, there have been egregious crimes committed against the Constitution, but Americans are inherently a free people, whereas we are not.


  11. Red, the latest is that the terrorist’s manifesto has been banned in NZ. The lying left has claimed the terrorist is alt-right. Anyone who has read the manifesto will think he is more a communist like Ardern.


  12. If Kiwiblog is what passes for ‘right wing’ in NZ, then the place may as well adopt the red flag with a hammer and sickle already.

    Farrar’s recent verbal masturbation about ‘bringing in 5000 extra migrants’ just so as to ‘reject Tarrant’s hatred of non-Europeans’ was truly vomit-inducing.

    Add to that the utterly appalling posturing of Jacinda, the high priestess of virtue-signalling herself, and one cannot but gape at the degeneracy of our society.

    Mind you, the situation in Australia is no better. It’s not just guns; the crazy ‘outpourings of sympathy with our Muslim brothers and sisters’ make me want to emigrate to some deserted island. Crabs and fish are dumb, but at least they are not suicidal like our enlightened ‘leaders’.

    ‘We Are All Muslims Now’, as Greg Sheridan wrote in The Australian after the shootings. Amazingly enough, somehow we were not ‘All Christians’ when the ‘lone wolf’ (LOL!) Muslim killed several people in Melbourne last year, or after any of the dozens of murders this disgusting cult has been carrying out around the world for literally hundreds of years. Where was the support from Muslim leaders? How many of their women took off the headscarf for the day?

    And no, Islam cannot be reformed; just read the Q’uran. The ‘extremists’ are the true Muslims and the so-called ‘moderates’ only remain such until the reach a critical mass – as is happening in Europe now.

    Instead of telling the goat f*ckers to take a hike, we fall over ourselves to be the perfect dhimmis. What a joke we’ve become.


  13. Now this, folks, is completely off-topic. And Red if you delete it, I completely understand.
    But I received this message on my YouTube Channel and I am a little concerned about it:

    “thanks for your message terry. my people are aware that when trump leaves the office by 2025 the american civil war will begin however where not to sure about Australia only because they do have full control of us. my people have spoke about a race war heading our way in the near future which is very possible and we understand people are preparing for it now.”

    What do you think? Should I be concerned about it?


    • Going by the standard of English Terry, I wouldn’t give it any credibility. The internet is a very useful and informative thing, but one has to especially careful of hoaxes and disinformation and nutters. Not always easy to make these judgements, but I’d rate poor English as a pretty significant identifier.


      • Thanks, Red; you’re probably right. The main thing I was concerned about was his use of the term ‘my people’ which suggests to me he’s some kind of extremist. I replied to him once but not to that one; best I leave him alone from now on. I don’t want YouTube linking me to nutters.


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