Any display of “hostility” is now a crime in NZ?

There’s a question mark at the end of the title, because it just cannot be true that showing “hostility” is now regarded as a serious crime by NZ Police. They’ve stated so on their Facebook page, but that doesn’t mean its law. Here’s the text-

New Zealand Police, and people in New Zealand, do not tolerate offences motivated by hostility against a person because of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, political beliefs, age, the office they hold, or similar factors. These offences are also known as “hate” crimes or crimes of prejudice. Where such crimes are reported to Police they are vigorously investigated. Police works closely with representatives of communities and organisations like the Human Rights Commission to protect the rights and freedoms of all New Zealanders. If you are aware of racially motivated abuse or violence against members of your family or community you should report it.

Andrew Little, Labour’s Minister For Justice, once a blue collar guy, has gone over to the pink side and is now a fully fledged member of the woke left. He’s working on Hate Speech legislation, but it hasn’t yet been introduced into law. So what’s the origin of the text? Where did it come from?

Commissioner of Police Coster has been breaking the law by arresting NZers, blocking roads & invading private property without legislation authorising his actions.

If it came from the new Police Commissioner Andrew Coster, it wouldn’t be a surprise but surely even someone as woke as Mr Coster should know the above statement is a direct challenge to NZ’s Bill of Rights. Its more likely it came from some gender or race hire subordinate with little real skills and filling a position only because he or she is politically correct enough to win the hearts of those likewise woke cretins in charge of promotions in the force.

Whatever, it shouldn’t ever have been written, yet it has been standing now for two days. No outcry from NZ’s lamestream media, but who would expect that? No action from MPs of the National Party, or Act, but who would expect that?

The real issue is our education system, which produces graduates completely unaware of how fine our civilization is, and the ideas and principles and statutes that made it one of the greatest ever. The Police training system must be at fault too.

Tweets about this outrage generated a fairly lukewarm response. I guess NZ has degenerated to the point where no one cares about freedom of speech any more. If no one cares, we can’t expect to retain it. It will just be another of our valuable traditional ideas killed off by the relentless slowly increasing tyranny of socialism.