Twitter- A Guide For Conservatives

The power of the corporate left impacts on us in so many ways today, and Twitter is pretty much typical of what those leftists will do once they have the unbridled power they continually lust after. Its a minefield of bannings and censorship and suppression for Conservatives, so if you’re thinking of joining, or have just started out, here are a few things you should keep in mind if you want your Twitter experience to be bearable.

The first thing is don’t expect fairness. In joining Twitter you’ve jumped into the mouth of leftist tyranny, and you as a Conservative, should therefore not ever be so naive as to expect to be treated any better by Twitter support & administration than a dog with rabies. So when things happen to you, its just the way it is, and even though you agreed to terms when you joined up, those terms apparently don’t give you any of the rights you might expect.

In line with this first point, you must also understand that its a waste of time complaining to Twitter about the behaviour of leftists (Marxists, Progressives, Communists, Socialists whatever). A Conservative is punished for even an imagined transgression, but leftists have free reign to express hate and abuse and ignorance and bigotry as they wish. This is also just the way it is on Twitter.

So if you do decide to join, or are already joined but unsure of how things work, you must understand these two basic truths, accept them and keep calm about them. They’re what Twitter is, and if you don’t like it, then leaving is the only remedy apart from grinning and bearing it.

Twitter is expressly committed to Progressive ideology. This means emotion triumphs over logic and truth. No matter what the issue, if you intend to express any truth that runs counter to current Progressive ideas, be careful of how you do it, because if they ban you, logic will not matter in any discussions. They’ll ban you if they feel like it, and that is that. More on this later.

Twitter uses “algorithms”. This is a euphemism for censorship by robots. Your behaviour on the web (not only in Twitter) is monitored and if you collect enough demerits, your Twitter visibility is downgraded. Visiting Conservative websites, following certain Twitter accounts, liking certain tweets, and using trigger words in your tweets or in responses are all factors affecting your visibility.

This activity is all translated, presumably by the algorithm robots, into “inferred interests”, and these inferred interests are pretty much the basis of the success or failure of your Twitter presence.

“Inferred Interests” are words and phrases attached to your account by Twitter and they decide how much visibility you will have on the platform. Without visibility only very few people will see your Tweets and therefore you will have little impact and gain few followers. (this system has apparently replaced Twitter’s past practice of “shadow banning” which ended up causing it some political embarrassment)

Twitter would at one time allow you to see all of your “inferred interests”, but nowadays, with censorship increased, they are often secreted away from you. Some you can see. Some you cannot. So if you get to see some of your inferred interests, it shouldn’t be too hard to sort what it is that is keeping your profile low.

“MAGA. Trump. Ann Coulter.” Just three examples to give you the idea. If you view your inferred interests and find they include such terms, or terms like them, then you know your visibility has been “algorithmically” limited. (Names, particularly of politicians, are their favourites. Delete all political names, right or left) Twitter, in its current format gives you a huge list of your inferred interests, and it will help your visibility if you go through them two or three times a day and untick the triggering words and phrases.

It doesn’t include all interests though. You know this because the summary will tell you you have say two hundred inferred interests, but only one hundred are visible in the list they show you. This means there has to be a second list hidden by Twitter so you can’t see or change the interests they have allocated to you.

Also, some of the interests are weird, and appear to have no logical reason to be applied. These are probably coded trigger words. Uncheck if you come across such terms. Double or triple entries seem to have the same effect. Uncheck the second or third entry.

“Inferred Interests” are a pretty major part of surreptitious Twitter censorship, but there is also overt censorship. You’ll end up with a suspended or banned account for any number of reasons, and the most likely would be expressing criticisms of Progressive sacred cows. Islam, mass immigration, invading cultures, the LGBTI community, are all subjects that will get you into trouble very quickly.

If you tweet on these issues, stay away from personal engagement. Leftists have organised groups set up expressly to complain about accounts they do not like, and Twitter is eager to oblige them with your banning or suspension. If possible, make your criticism general, and if you must use words like (for example) Muslim or Sharia then disguise them by adding letters such as- xMuslimx ZShariaZ

Generally speaking, if you want your twitter experience to be pleasant and trouble free, then don’t say anything that will hurt leftist feelings or damage their political perspectives.. Stay nice, play along, and you’ll be fine. If you want to express your true feelings then follow the above guidelines and you might be OK.

Don’t count on it though. The left don’t tolerate dissent, and on Twitter, although they can block you, meaning they’ll never see your tweets, and you’ll never see theirs, this of course isn’t enough. They want to stop dissent altogether. You’ll always exist on Twitter at the whim of some petty ham-fisted barbaric leftist tyrant deep in bowels of the organisation, and there’s nothing at all we can do about that. Except leave.

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  1. Which is why I don’t post on Twitter (this is only for twits IMHO) and I also stay out of Facebook and LinkedIn.


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