Racist Otago University insults and embarrasses its minority students

Otago Medical school took in 202 students this year. 120 places went to “special” categories for students whose backgrounds are rural, Pacific, Māori, low socioeconomic, or refugee.

To be included in the remaining 82 non special places, students had to attain an exam score of 94%. The score for the special categories is not available to the public.

So, we have a number of students who couldn’t make the normal pass mark, but were given concessions because some academics, researchers & legal experts think this is the right thing to do.

It isn’t. It’s a humiliating display of prejudice that is supremely embarrassing to many people, especially those who are selected on race. The people advocating for these concessions are saying to Maori & Pacific Islanders (for example) that a low IQ or an inability to learn is a characteristic of their race.

What can we do other than cringe in the same embarrassment at such stark patronizing ignorance and ill mannered racism.

Its surprising this insulting practice is accepted, but apparently plenty of students are shamelessly ready to wear the symbols of low intellect these do-gooders offer to them.

There is no good to come of this. People practicing medicine are dealing with issues of life & death & must be fully qualified in what they are doing, and if anyone is worried about the race of their doctor rather than their abilities in medicine, then they’re not really sick.