Polls schmolls, right now they don’t matter a damn

Jacinda is printing money, driving NZ’s economic future into the abyss, in an attempt to keep the economy going until election day

Polling to be released today or tomorrow is predicted to be bad news for the National Party and its leader Simon Bridges. Labour can be as joyful as they wish. The reality is that today’s poll doesn’t matter. Its the one held on election day that matters, and if Jacinda Ardern & Labour are still popular by the time that day arrives, it will indeed be an amazing outcome.

Let’s not be confused about what Jacinda and her comrade Grant Robertson are doing. They’ve run out of sources to borrow from and are now printing money to pump into the virus hit system & give it an artificial lift. The artificiality is the key. Its not real money.

NZ is in serious debt. The productive sector has been killed off. The fake money offers only a temporary respite. Comrades Jacinda and Grant know the country is looking down the barrel of unprecedented economic disaster. Their mission now is to try and postpone that disaster until after the election.

So that’s their big gamble. Can the govt print enough fake money to stave off NZ’s economic collapse until after the election? Will the fake money ruse last long enough to fool citizens up to the day they have to enter the voting booth?

Or will the gambit fail, with voters shocked out of their Jacinda worshiping TV One inspired complacency by crashing house prices, domino style business collapse and as a result, massive unemployment? 

Of course one way Jacinda and Grant can reduce the risk of a backlash caused by economic failure is to call an early election. They’ll make that announcement as soon as they realise their fake money gambit is running out of time.

Its commonplace to say the poll that happens on election day is the only one that counts, but this election the old cliché is far more applicable than it has been in a long time.