Nat Rats, who stabbed Simon Bridges in the back?

The Covid19 crisis has in many cases brought bad polling figures for all opposition parties across the globe, as incumbent political leaders make the most of their chance to get their faces in front of the public.

Take Australia & New Zealand for example. Scott Morrison’s Liberal Party has received a big boost. Anthony Albenesi’s popularity has subsided. Morrison leads Albenesi 56 to 29 in the preferred PM stakes. In New Zealand Labour has rocketed to 56.5% with a 20 point increase over the result a month ago. The National Party has slumped 13 points, from 43 to 30.

So Ardern’s daily posturing on almost every TV station as she gives her Covid19 briefings has delivered the results. Helped along by an obsequious craven media worried that any severe criticism will reduce the rescue package the govt is intending to send their way. Those so called journalists- their jobs are at stake, who can really blame them for putting journalism second to self preservation?

In the midst of this anomalous political period, National Party MPs Todd Muller and Nikki Kaye have taken the opportunity offered by the expected low polling to launch a leadership bid against Simon Bridges. Both have been leaking like a sieve to the mainstream media, who are mostly hostile to Simon Bridges, given the media are largely pro-abortion Feminists and Bridges voted against late term abortion.

The leaks are not just a recent event. Kaye has been leaking to Newshub activist Tova O’Brien for almost the entire two years of Bridge’s leadership. Now she thinks the party will reward her and her media friends by back stabbing Bridges, making Muller leader and herself deputy leader.

Kaye’s and Muller’s wishes could come true. The National party has been poisoned for years and drifted far from its founding principles as it has been gradually infiltrated by progressive or leftist MPs. Founded as a conservative party, John key announced before departing that it was today a “progressive party”. The party has shown this to be indeed the case with its opposition to Labour weakened by a clique of leftists who really should have joined that party.

They’ve supported Labour in murderous late term abortion laws, utterly brainless firearms laws that cost millions and achieved zero, and even in attempts to restrict the rights of people to protest against abortion. The group have also supported Labour in submitting NZ to UN Immigration and Climate Change doctrine/ charters.

This same clique is now going to play into the hands of gleeful leftist media, and reward Muller and Kaye and that media by voting to oust Bridges. The writer believes this is an opportunistic act underpinned by cowardice, treachery and also foolishness.

Whatever the polls are right now, it doesn’t matter a damn, as the fast collapsing economy will seal Ardern’s fate by election day. Unless the Nats commit suicide by installing the unknown Muller and unbearably wet Kaye as leaders.

The point of this post is to repeat the success of an earlier post dealing with a similar betrayal of Australian PM Tony Abbott. Despite their efforts to remain hidden from the voters, the betrayers of Mr Abbott were identified and exposed on this website. Hundreds of thousands of hits later, almost every one of the named traitors has been dispatched by Liberal Party voters.

The treacherous MPs who vote for Mr Bridge’s removal will likewise be named here as their identities become known, and any reader who has inside knowledge is welcome to email to rebaiternz at with that information.

For a start, those most likely to betray Bridges will be listed here. Names for now only, as they could well be incorrect. Photos and electorate information will follow. Any incorrectly named will be removed as the information becomes known. Here (for now) are the nineteen names most likely to be at the head of the line of Simon Bridge’s backstabbers-

Amy Adams, Maggie Barry, David Bennett, Dan Bidois, Chris Bishop, David Carter, Matthew Doocey, Andrew Fallon, Nikki Kaye, Barbara Kuriger, Todd Muller, Scott Simpson, Nick Smith, Stuart Smith, Erica Stanford, Nicky Wagner, Hamish Walker, Nicola Willis, Jian Yang.


As specified above, any name incorrectly listed will be taken down immediately the advice is received.

There are nineteen names listed. The backstabbers need 28 for their coup to be successful. Any opinion on any of those named welcomed in the comments section, or on my Twitter account @Redbaiternz

Update 1600 hrs 21/05/20- According to the NZ Herald, Mr Brett Hudson has declared himself a supporter of Simon Bridges. Name removed from above list.

Update 1700 hrs 21/05/20- Advised Anne Tolley is supporting Mr Bridges. Name removed.

Update 1900 hrs 21/05/20- Advised Hamish Walker has joined the backstabbers. Name added.

Update 1100 hrs 22/05/20- Maggie Barry publicly declares intention to vote for Muller/Kaye ticket.

Update 1730 hrs 23/05/20- Intend to work further on this . will update as soon as some substantial information is available. I think we the people need to know who our politicians are, and saying this is a caucus matter does not cut it with me. I want to know who voted for whom, and I’ll do the best I can to find out and post it here for others with the same curiosity.

13 thoughts on “Nat Rats, who stabbed Simon Bridges in the back?

  1. 13 Feb this year had Nats on 46% and Labour on 41% and NZF on 3.3%. National and ACT could have governed with ACT.


  2. Hamish Walker Clutha Southland been working the phones all day for Muller. Been promised Primary Industries by Muller, that would be the ultimate insult to farmers


  3. The thing that throws a shadow over all future events is the certain fact that NZ is about to plunge into one serious recession. Not necessarily right now, as Jacinda’s fake money will keep the show going for a while, but when it does come it will be vicious. By 2021 this country will be hurting bad, and its difficult to say that it would be a good thing for the Nats to be in govt at that time. Probably not. Maybe its all for the best. Just batten down & look forward to a change in 2022 might be all we can do. One thing we can really hope for, in the interests of democracy, is that most fake media outlets go broke and most fake newsers get fired. If it happens, we might have a truly democratic election in 2022.


  4. The aged whisky drinkers are running this. Bolger and Boag and its plays to Winston’s greatest wet dream. He has been running around telling us that Simon would not lead National into the election.

    Bolger and Peter’s were great mates a time back. Both frigging useless.
    From the press its been Bolger and Boag running the news.
    Oh and don’t forget Hotton having his say.
    Simon has done the right thing. Stamp it out quick.

    And don’t forget that it was Boag who enticed Key. Possibly also Luxton.


  5. So Simon Bridges has to go. I am not surprised.
    Todd Muller as a replacement. I am shocked.
    Muller is not a leader, he just wants to be in charge. There is a difference.
    He thinks he has all the answers, is egoistical and listens to himself.
    He believes in the AGW scam. What else does he have wrong.
    Has he made any attempt to prevent any of the foreign ownership deals?
    Does he support new industries?
    Which master will he serve? The people?


  6. Good grief national are going through exactly what labour went through in 2016/2017, what an absolute farce NZ politics are,


  7. Mathew Hooton is to be Chief of staff, long serving experienced MPs furious as they blamed Muller and Hooton for some of the worst disasters in the 2002 campaign when they were both staffers.


  8. Expect another leadership race in October as Kaye and Muller have the personalities and charisma of frozen fish. Muller will struggle in debates


    • Yes, sure Nikki Kaye and Amy Adams have been leaking stuff to the media (Tova) in a deliberate plan to destabilize Mr Bridge’s leadership, and they’ve been doing it for a long time. They should not be high in the rankings they should be fired from the party for such arrant disloyalty.


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