Win For Antifa, Warning For The Free West

Alinsky’s strategy is to turn every event to a political advantage, & that is what Antifa did with the death of George Floyd. Whereas the Black Lives Matter group exists as an organisation rooted in Cultural Marxism and Critical theory, there were people at their demonstrations who felt genuinely aggrieved by the circumstances of Floyd’s death. Antifa on the other hand merely saw it as an opportunity.

Of course the whole “unfair treatment of blacks by police” narrative is a hoax, as are most examples of critical theory that are given currency and faux legitimacy by the corrupt fake news media. The facts on why it is a hoax are well covered elsewhere. What is more important here is the success of Antifa, in using the Floyd death so effectively. The riots, the looting, arson & destruction instigated by this group were merely a muscle flexing exercise. A dry run, driven by leaders within the organisation who wanted to evaluate the true strength of their group, scattered and fractured as it is throughout the US.

They must have been impressed, for it was indeed a mighty show of power. Just a few more years of beavering away, indoctrinating university kids (especially young impressionable girls) and infiltrating our institutions and our media, and the power to overturn the Republic will be within their grasp.

There seems to be little in their way. Their sympathizers in state governments and bureaucracies did as required, and left the rioters & looters to do as they wish. Minneapolis for example has been a Democrat stronghold for decades and is today part of a state virtually run by closet communists. Trump nearly won Minnesota in 2016, but its has been ruled by Democrats since 1976. Officialdom in Minnesota is firmly on Antifa’s side.

Its not just Minnesota though that has been taken over by closet Antifa sympathizers, and not just other parts of the US. (Portland for example) They’re actually present in most Western governments, bureaucracies and media outlets. And that’s one of the few benefits we can draw from this disastrous turn of events. Whereas Antifa now have a good idea of their true strength, political observers have also been alerted as to how deeply they have infiltrated our democracies.

Take New Zealand for example. Almost without exception, so called journalists in this country have been sympathetic to Antifa’s operation. Persisting in calling the riots “protests” and the rioters “protesters” long after this was shown to be false. Persisting with downplaying Antifa’s leading role. Persisting with Antifa’s anti-capitalist narrative. University lecturers wrote sympathetic opinion pieces the media were eager to publish. Most politicians voiced tacit approval, with disapproval only being token and sparse. The NZ National party remained virtually mute. Firmly in the hands of the left since the Muller takeover, what could one expect from them anyway?

So this is where the revolutionary left overplayed their hands, perhaps waking citizens from their disinterest in politics by the sheer brutality cowardice and viciousness of their destructive behaviour. People saw them in groups beating a single man to his death, and beating others to near death. These are the people you want ruling over you?

Anyone with any knowledge of history knows the left have always been murdering cruel, cowardly and self righteous bastards, and that is what Antifa is today. Along with its closet sympathizers who have worked their way into most of our public institutions. Antifa knows now how strong they are, but we do too, and we also know who sympathizes with them.

People in the West should remember what they have seen over the last ten days and be very careful of who they vote for at the ballot box. The last thing anyone who values Western freedoms should do is give more power to Antifa by voting for those impostors who are cloaking their sympathies for that radical organisation in center left or even center right disguises.



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