Media Bias? Yawn..

Sure, there is a problem with media bias in New Zealand. They’re mostly all a bunch of left wing/ progressive stooges. Have been for decades, as I’ve pointed out interminably myself. So what’s with all the recent whinging?

National’s not getting a “fair go”? So what, they’ve never had a fair go. Worse, they’ve never had a strategy to deal with the problem. Every election National get beaten up by the media, and every election the Nats come back with the same lack of any plan to deal with it.

The NZ media is practically wall to wall left/ progressive. There’s no one with a view even remotely close to Alan Jones & Andrew Bolt (in Australia) or Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin or Tucker Carlson or Ann Coulter in the US. Not on NewstalkZB or anywhere.

Those who are perceived as right in NZ are in fact closer to the liberal wing of US Democrats than any real right. Hooton, Farrar, Hosking for example. Even Karl du Fresne & Bob Jones admit to being habitual Labour supporters.

So sure, the media is left wing, its not news. We all know this. We know it to the point we’re bored hearing about it.

Apparently there’s nothing to be done..

Wrong. There is something that can be done. National themselves can stop feeding bullets into the machine gun that flattens them.

Take Judith Collins for example. She white anted Simon Bridges for years. She’s hardly in a position to expect undying loyalty from the party today, and of course she’s not getting it.

The truth is National themselves gave Tova O”Brien the ammunition to attack Simon Bridges over a two year period. They gave her the ammunition to attack Muller, and today, they’re giving her the ammunition to attack Judith Collins.

The media might be a collection of left wing nitwits but I blame the Nats in the main, for allowing that media to exploit their problems.

The real issue here, underlying the whole scenario, is that under the “broad tent” scenario the Nats are too divided politically, and until this problem is sorted, they will continue to be disunited, and the media will continue to exploit that disunity.

My advice to the Nats? Simple. Get united politically. First kick out all the progressive leftists’s who have infiltrated, and then return to Mr Holland’s excellent founding principles. Then you can take on Jacinda and her $50 million media allies safe in the knowledge you’re not going to be white anted by a bunch of progressives who should be in the Labour party.

Do it after this election, so you’re all fitted out for the next one, when hopefully, you won’t then give the biased media the ammunition they need to gun you down.