New Zealand as a one party state

No citizen with the ability to think rationally (there are some remaining) should be surprised at the New Zealand election outcome. The left have gradually, over the years, managed to shift the country’s political center far to their side of the spectrum. Jacinda Ardern’s party would be seen as extreme left some decades ago, but today NZ voters see it as moderate and the best choice in terms of leading the country through the economic and social turmoil that will undoubtedly eventuate over the next few years.

This shift has been achieved merely by following the same old global socialist handbook used in every other country with the same political trajectory, namely the slow but sure elimination of all ideas that challenge those held by the left.

Wanticore’s map of virtual one party socialist states

In fact, NZ’s left have been seen on social media celebrating that there is no “Murdoch” owned media in the country, & their consensus is New Zealand would be worse off if there was. “Look at Australia” they say, “and look at the diversity of political ideas there. We certainly cannot have that in New Zealand!’.

Its not even that other points of view are “wrong”. Its that they shouldn’t exist at all, and no debate should be entered into. Ever.

Which is in fact pretty much how it is in New Zealand. Sure, there is debate of course, but its severely limited in scope.

Taking the lead in shaping political opinions is the heritage broadcaster TV One, which is watched by about 75% of the population. For its election night broadcast it attracted a record number of viewers, and most of them had no idea the two anchors are long time hard left activist broadcasters. Politically inexperienced & innocent viewers thought they were watching objective commentary.

The left’s gradual takeover of NZ’s cultural institutions means diverse opinion is a rarity in most walks of life. Academia is almost fully under their control, along with media & the government bureaucracy.

A subset of this bureaucracy is the subsidy industry. Already well established in NZ culture, its where leftists pass out taxpayer money to buy the support of corporates. Company directors know the deal. Toe the political line, or no subsidies.

Those who understand small government can see all of these changes quite clearly, but if you’ve never happened upon such a radical view, the uniformity all seems quite normal.

So the chance of the country changing direction is pretty slim. Sure there’s an “opposition” party, but it too is basically a controlled opposition. Infiltrators have dragged it so far from its founding principles that it today would rather fight against those principles than defend them. Sadly, with a far left progressive newly elected as leader, it is not in the short term going to deliver anything but more of the same.

We also have the charade of “discussion” in the media with columnists and pundits vigorously debating ideas, except those ideas are severely limited, and no discussion outside the parameters set by left wing corporate and government media barons is permitted.

Some readers might remember Professor Steve Elers who appeared fleetingly in one of our mainstream publications, but disappeared after only a few columns because he actually did write real stuff. That he lasted such a short time proves without question the thesis of this article is correct.

Most existing pundits are lame compromisers chosen specifically for their willingness to go along to get along. Even Bob Jones and Karl du Fresne admit to mostly voting Labour but even so you only rarely (if ever) see them in the mainstream media today.

Most visible radio and television presenters seen as right wing are only relatively so, and in fact mostly tied to the same progressive social policies as the govt, and differing only slightly on economic management.

Where is NZ’s Alan Jones? Ann Coulter? Rush Limbaugh? Andrew Bolt? Mark Levin? Tucker Carlson? They don’t exist, and if by chance they came here looking for a job, in spite of their success overseas, they wouldn’t be hired by NZ’s media managers/ owners.

Even if by some remote chance a manager did want to hire them, he couldn’t do so without putting all those govt subsidies at risk.

The whole idea of socialism rests upon a collective of citizens that are all in agreement. Socialism cannot exist in tandem with a politically pluralistic society. It is totalitarianism with a sugar coating. Its objective is always a one party state.

Last weekend’s election, and the country’s sausage factory cultural condition, signals the left have pretty much achieved that objective in New Zealand.

13 thoughts on “New Zealand as a one party state

  1. New Zealanders are like the proverbial frog being slowly boiled alive. Most do not realize the water is getting hotter day by day. Very sad, but by the time they realize their situation is critical it will be too late. Australia is not far behind unfortunately. Unless an outsider like Trump in America can rally the patriotic, freedom loving citizens, the Communist Devil has won.


  2. NZ has been a one party state for a long time. Labour, Roger Douglas, Rogernomics and National, Ruth Richardson, Ruthenasia which were the same disruptive Free Market policies that we suffer from today. The ACT party is a continuation of those policies. The only person who could have made a difference was so obsessed with his own ego he failed to deliver – Winston Peters, he will not be missed for he did nothing in 20 years. I was there in 1996.
    It all comes back to the satire of the Punch and Judy show which I recollect watching as a child at primary school in the mid 50’s. He and She arguing, screaming, a voice from somewhere and a curtain moving. National and Labour scraping it out, yelling at each other and someone somewhere, a controller, unknown to us and quite possibly a Fabian socialist. The show become obvious to me as I matured. I never forgot.
    That NZers could vote for Comrade Ardern says a lot.
    Labour are and always have been, socialist/globalists
    The problem is, so have National and pro China.
    I am not even sure Jacinda intended or wished to be PM.
    If a stranger had ridden into town to observe the elections he would surely have formulated the view that National did not want to win. Did not even try to win. National supported the confiscation of the guns and supported the knee jerk reaction to Covid in fact even suggested that Labour did not go hard enough soon enough. Why would anyone change parties when it does not make a difference.
    NZ has a choice, continue with Labour or one of two options, create a new party and rebuild or hijack the National party and rebuild. Rebuild NZ that is. Either option will be difficult. Hijacking National would require a complete cleanout. All the old guard would have to go. National does not have a patriotic bone. The rebuild would have to be extensive. The Left Wing bias in the media would have to be re-set.
    The media pro fluoride is an example of just where they are at. Stupid enough to poison themselves.
    The first thing would be a fair dinkum constitution followed by genuine referenda, veto and recall.
    Though there is a lot of work to do I believe the economy could be repaired though not with the existing model.
    If Trump wins that could put a whole new slant on things here. We should not need him, we should be doing it ourselves. Trump supports the Nation State, so should we. Globalism is not for us it is for the benefit of the monopolists.
    To rebuild we do need a front man, a leader. Any suggestions?
    Maybe we just get started and that person will just happen.


  3. A wonderful victory for Ardern and Labour and i congratulate them and am hoping it will be repeated here in Australia in a couple of years by our own glorious Labor Party. And what about the left victory in Bolivia? they finally managed to oust the evil Imperial Yankee war machine and their goon squads and now all the proceeds from industry ,especially Lithium will go to the people.

    The left is finally on the move world wide ,and soon our brave warriors will rise up and crush the evil wicked Neo-Con oppressors!


    • To John O’C: You cant be serious. You got quite a bit of that wrong. The inglorious Labor Party was led by the inglorious Shorten and failed miserably. The media referred to him as Dog Shorten. The ‘Labor’ Party Australia uses the American spelling because they support the US economic model. Go figure. You have Labor in Victoria, what a nasty dictatorship that is. Go figure that. Face masks/dust masks. A joke.
      The Neo-cons are NOT the Right Wing. It is the Right Wing which is on the rise. We oppose the Neo-cons, the Lefty, Globalism, capitalism, any form of World Order, Free Trade and the fiat monetary system.
      We the Right Wing support, the Nation State, Free Enterprise, trade, and a fair and just society. We are more about community and more decision making at local level.
      The Lefty wants one head office for the world, jam it.
      In fact you have got the whole lot wrong.


  4. Interesting article, as someone came from socialism country I totally agree with your opinion. Socialism could not tolerate different voices as long as they got relatively power.


  5. Hey, my friend. I see your “My Tweets” dashlet is empty, and I am unable to find you on Twitter. Have you, like me, decided to get out of the sewer, or have you become but one more victim of the Great Purge?


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