NZ public denied climate truth by politically partisan media and scientists

New Zealand’s media is pretty much fully captured by the progressive left. Most political comment especially is delivered from this perspective, and as such political ideas have also infiltrated our science institutions, there exists a coalition between media and science that keeps the NZ public completely in the dark as to alternative views on scientific matters.

Members of NZ’s supposedly non-partisan Climate Change Commission pose with the the co-leaders of NZ’s Green Party

If one wants such alternative views, one must read overseas newspapers. Today’s Australian for example contains an especially informative piece on the Great Barrier Reef and addresses claims the reef is losing coral because of global warming. The article is useful because unlike NZ media, it not only scrutinizes the accuracy of these claims, it also explores the political sympathies of the scientist pushing them.

This might strike readers as what you might expect from any real journalist, but it just does not happen in New Zealand, where the claims of scientists are presented as gospel, and it is never suggested for one minute there could be any political influence at play.

The Australian article is written by Dr Jennifer Marohasy, a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs and the editor of Climate Change: The Facts 2020. To quote-

A new scientific paper, received with great fanfare among inter­national media and Australia’s public broadcaster, the ABC, claims half the corals of the Great Barrier Reef are dead. The paper is by academics at James Cook University’s ARC Centre for Excellence for Coral Reef Studies. It is a scary headline. But is it true?

This finding is not based on any tried and proven method. Rather, the researchers from James Cook University have come up with a new method of statistical analysis based on a complicated “proxy” to estimate “colony size”.

The study itself was undertaken in 2016 and 2017, just after a coral bleaching event at cyclone-damaged reefs. If they had used traditional methods and longer time frames, it would likely be found that there is actually nothing wrong with the Great Barrier Reef.

The article then proceeds to challenge the claim the coral is dying with science & facts. However, the real point is it also puts the scientists who wrote the report under scrutiny as to their political sympathies. Professor Terry Hughes co-authored the research. Quote-

One quick glance at Hughes’s Twitter account and you will find he is critical of the Morrison government’s gas-led recovery, cheerleading for a royal commission into the Murdoch media and constantly criticises the Adani Coal mine.

So he’s obviously fairly well committed to current progressive/ green policies including the myth that the “Murdoch media” is the devil incarnate. This last measure (to me anyway) throws his whole integrity as a scientist into question. Its a politically partisan claim easily proven to be left wing garbage.

There is a similar scientist to Professor Hughes in New Zealand. A man who the media treat with reverence exceeding that with which the Catholics treat their Pope. He’s fond of saying no living scientist in new Zealand disputes his theory that mankind’s CO2 production is significantly changing the climate. He throws the word “living” in because there is one great NZ scientist who hotly disputed it. He died in March last year. (2019) quote-

Dr David Kear has a background in geology and engineering, becoming the Director General of the DSIR (New Zealand’s Department of Scientific and Industrial Research) in 1980. He is a Fellow and Past Vice-President of the Royal Society of New Zealand, and Past President of the New Zealand Geological Society. Dr Kear has over 100 publications on New Zealand and Pacific geology, vulcanology and mineral resources. He has been publishing on sea-levels since the 1950s.

You can read Dr Kears brilliant debunking of man caused climate change at the link below.

Don’t believe anything you read in the NZ media on man caused climate change, and if you do read anything then check it carefully with overseas sources. What you read in New Zealand is most likely going to be politically partisan alarmist propaganda.

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