Once conservative National Party now controlled by Progressives

Not going to waste too many words on the defeat of the National Party. They were running a close second to Labour until the Covid19 crisis gave Jacinda Ardern the opportunity to pose every day in front of the television cameras as the saviour of the nation. Or until the same crisis was used to justify a monstrously corrupt bribe of NZ’s media.

These were the two main factors in their defeat, but they were not the only ones. An estimated thirty percent of the blame goes to another factor, and that is the rank disunity that has weakened the party for decades, and culminated in the Muller/ Collins takeover weeks before the election.

For a decade or more, liberals (or to be more accurate progressives) have infiltrated the party under the false premise it is a “big tent” party. This is a lie. The National Party was never meant to be anything but a standard conservative political force, and this is shown to be true by its founding principles. These would never have been written by any progressive. In fact they’re clearly opposed to progressivism.

To promote good citizenship and self-reliance
To combat communism and socialism
To maintain freedom of contract
To encourage private enterprise
To safeguard individual rights and the privilege of ownership
To oppose interference by the State in business, and State control of industry

Six excellent principles that directly confront progressivism, which is in fact a modern form of communism/ socialism. It undermines good citizenship and self reliance by its focus on welfarism, soft justice, and attacks on the traditional values of the West.

It opposes freedom of contract with busybody commercial legislation on a thousand fronts. It strangles private enterprise with similar legislation and the establishment of government owned or majority shareholdings that make true competition difficult to the point of impossibility. 

Its attacks on private ownership have eroded our rights to our own property. We can’t cut down trees or drain swamps. Burglary theft, vandalism and other property offences are treated as mere misdemeanors. If they are acted on at all.

The tragedy is that in many cases the National Party has been a prime mover in attacking these principles, or has combined with the Labour party in attacking them.

It is difficult to identify exactly when the rot started. Some would say around the Bolger Shipley era. However it definitely peaked under John Key’s leadership. In his own words, he described the Nationals as a “progressive party”.

Just imagine if the Nats had stuck to their founding principles. Sure they may have lost an election or two, but they would have been back in power sooner or later and have the backing of an electorate who would have appreciated and understood the principle of choice and a pluralist democracy. New Zealand would today be heading in a completely different direction.

Now, thanks to National’s weakness and willingness to compromise (caused by its infiltration by progressives) those concepts are lost in the mists of political time. New Zealand today is virtually a one party state.

For the sake of its own existence and the saving of New Zealand from Venezuelan style collapse, the party must be reformed. They must start believing in their principles, fighting for them, and most important of all, start selling them to the New Zealand voter.

This won’t happen while the party is full of progressives who openly oppose those principles. Judith Collins, (just for one example) is a committed feminist with considerable progressive tendencies and she has been destabilising the National Party for more than a decade.

Collins, along with similar infiltrators such as Amy Adams, Nikki Kaye, Chris Bishop and Nicola Willis had been white-anting the more Conservative Simon Bridges for two years at least. Due to Collin’s takeover, and her manipulation of the party list prior to the election, progressives are now in full control of the party.

Its difficult to know how to resolve this situation. Could the progressive power bloc be challenged and defeated and forever banished from the party? That would mean the removal of its present self-interested heirarchy and most of the long time members who have failed in their duty to defend Sid Holland’s ideas. Not a likely outcome.

Frankly, its hard to say who among the Nats would stand for their founding principles today. If it is impossible to free it from the progressives’ grip, perhaps the best solution is to let it the party wither on the vine and vote New Conservative.

The National Party itself attracted very few voters when first formed, but became one of the two long lasting parties. Its quite possible the New Conservatives could follow this path.

28 thoughts on “Once conservative National Party now controlled by Progressives

  1. If Conquest’s 2nd Law is true, then the National Party could never really have been dedicated to conservative views, only it’s platform was. When it comes to politics, all it takes is a dedicated Prog to gain some foothold in any institution and it is only a matter of time before he finds ways to edge out the Right and replace them with fellow travelers. We’ve seen this throughout the West. Nobody is permitted to rise without them known to have handles of one sort or another, and then extortion does most of the rest.


  2. I am a voting delegate and am going to Wellington for the AGM. National got just over 20% of the vote in 2002. In 2005 National got to 39%. National can only recover for 2005 if the infighting stops. Bridges should never have been rolled. However, to roll Collins now would mean another Labour win in 2005.

    The NC has some good people but there is no way they will make 5%.

    The reason Labour won was Stockholm syndrome just like in Victoria. There was no election in Victoria but Labor under Andrew was polling 62% a few weeks ago.


    • Agreed. Covid saved Jacinda from very likely being a one term PM. It was that also that caused National’s polling to go South, which was when all the trouble started. Prior to that, often National were polling to win. What a lucky PM, she really is eh!


    • Good for you Chuck. I’m pleased you’re taking an active role in the National Party.

      However disagree with Collins staying in power. What that means is she gets a reward for years of white anting. Nope, she has to go along with many others who stood by and let the party go down the tube. Nick Smith. Brownlee. All the old timers/boomers who did not do much other than surrender to the progressive left. Time for them to slide out graciously over the next year or so. The organisation needs a shakeup too. Goodfellow in particular has allowed a horde of soaking wet liberals into the party. He has to go. All IMHO of course.


      • I have little say about Collins but I may about Goodfellow. I believe he is one of the two standing for re-election to the Board. There are 5 candidates standing for 3 positions. I will look very closely what the new ones have to say.

        In regards Collins like everyone she has her good points and bad points. I have known her for a long time.
        Almost everyone especially MPs and members believes another change of leader now would be a bad thing. There may be a few disgruntled MPs who are still leaking to the media. Sadly, there are some who did not make it back who have leaked. In the new year, those will have moved on.

        Collins, was asked to stand by the majority of MPs hen it was clear she had little chance of succeeding. I am not sure what was said but it appears that it was agreed she would not be rolled just after the election. We have Bridges supporting her so therefore so am I.

        National needs unity of it well lose in 2023.


        • Let me get this off my chest. I appreciate that these people are at least out there & trying to make a difference, but that said, the performance of the Nationals over the last few decades has been pitiful. Here’s something Donald Trump said the other day-

          “Over the next four years, we will stop the radical indoctrination of our students, and restore PATRIOTIC EDUCATION to our schools. We will teach our children to love our Country, honor our history, and always respect our great American Flag”

          No Nat party MP has ever said anything like this, and in fact you can’t even say they’ve turned a blind eye to indoctrination in schools. The truth is they have actually encouraged it.

          Then you have damn lamers like Amy Adams saying things like

          “Oooh aaah, we have to keep up with the times…”

          FGS, yeah right, encourage left wing teachers to indoctrinate prospective voters and then throw away our fine founding principles so we can win the votes of those indoctrinated children as they grow to adults. Such a brilliant strategy!

          This has been the National party’s biggest failure, and it is the one I resent them for above all else.


          • I am glad to see the end of Adams. She was happy to pay one NZ’s worse mass murderers nearly $1 million.


            • Mass murderer? Name people. I hope you are not referring to Bain. Bain did not slay the family. he did not receive his inheritance it went to another family I believe.
              Watson and Lundy innocent. McDonald did not shoot Guy so who did. Too many innocents in gaol and Adams did nothing.


                • The Canadian Justice Binnie who interviewed Bain and who was commissioned to write a report believed Bain was innocent which upset NZ govt. including Judith Collins who was particularly put out by the report. As you are aware Collins a lawyer by training acted as minister of justice, police and corrections. Neither Collins nor Adams did anything to help innocent people in gaol which is a travesty in itself.


  3. When you are stuck in a rut, the progressive illusion is actually a circle. Not too different than a ring of hell. The dumbest idea is the ‘right side of history’, that linear progress is inevitable. It’s like the corporate “going forward” prayer. BS

    I think it was Augustine, in his “confessions”, who broke mankind out of the asiatic loop and introduced linear Time. With a beginning middle end, and a divine will imposing a direction. Without the guiding principles (morality) and grace, people are trapped in hellish loops.

    We are stuck, worshipping money, debt, rate of return, porn, sexual depravities. National should look to it roots, and create something new. We can’t go back, but we can improve the best of the past. The left (and prog right) want to burn it down. Use NZs great farming tradition, and build a movement. Get out of the urban utopian hell. Encourage a new rural frontier. There’s too much fear at the moment. I wish I had better words.


  4. I agree with Redbaiter the National Party needs a complete rout from the top down. They should also apologise for all their wrongs. Goodfellow, Collins, Brownlee they all have to go. Candidates should not be ‘chosen’, they should be elected by the electorate. Referenda, veto and recall would be essential. We could then using recall oust a poor performing MP. The titles and the Right Honourable nonsense has to stop. Compared with the rest of NZ, the high remuneration will have to be reviewed, downwards.


  5. I find the use of the word progressive to describe left wing, communist, or socialist supporters is both wrong and abhorrent. These individuals are anything but ‘progressive’ (which describes improving or making things better). They are in fact the opposite, and it is time for conservatives to stop describing these enemies of society as progressives as it can lead to misleading the uniformed or ignorant in our community. I prefer the moniker ‘regressive’ for these enemies of society. It is time we call a spade a spade!


    • Hi Bill, understand your sentiment perfectly. They are not progressive, and its just another example of the left’s common strategy of using words in an opposite context.

      However as I am sure you know, the word has been associated with the communist movement ever since Marx first started writing about it. So in my mind, its just another word for communist, and I don’t ever see it in any other context.

      Interestingly, I retweeted this tweet from an American follower just a day ago-

      The 1st time I ever heard the word Progressive,It was at an isolated Anti-Communist milita RF/PF outpost in the An Hoa Basin of Vietnam 1969. Often at nights VC/NLF Propaganda teams would broadcast from speakers in English & Vietnames. Progressive was used often by the Communists.


  6. Brian, thanks for clearing the issue of Notsofast up. It should be rare that a Minister of Justice gets involved with deciding who is innocent. The case of Thomas is one case where it was justified.

    However, both governments over many years did nothing about Peter Ellis. Hopefully, his family name will still be cleared even though he is dead.


    • Chuck. It is not about the minister of justice getting involved and ‘deciding’ who is innocent. The MOJ has to know innocent people are going to gaol and thus should be acting to clean out and clean up the system. Certain parts of our democracy still maintain that Thomas is guilty.
      I have heard a story about the Thomas case though the case is so old these people are passing away.
      The ketch existed. Watson was surely framed. There is so much info about this case. It was the fabricated two trip ‘theory’ of the prosecution which convinced the jury. Shocking.
      I certainly would not state on this link or any other link what appears to have happened in the Bain case.
      The Lundy case incompetence or cover up? Christine was found with hair in the grasp of both hands (and possibly DNA under her finger nails) of 2 unidentified DNA. If it was Marks it would be strong evidence against him, why not use it. Amber was found with 2 DNA under her nails. Something terribly wrong in this case.
      Scott Guy’s killer still out there?
      The media have helped to convict innocent people. That has to change.
      Our whole justice system needs a complete overhaul and I stand by what I have said. Collins and Adams have done nothing except look the other way.


  7. Brian, let us just stick with Bain for the moment. Have you heard about his rape alibi? Have you read the reports of Binnie and the judge from Oz?

    There are innocent people in jail in NZ like everywhere but Bain is not one of them.


  8. Chuck I don’t know who you are. I recall Bain saying it would be possible to rape a women and get away with it on a paper round. I take it as a crazy comment. An offhand comment. I would need evidence if there is more to it. I recall Binnie saying he interviewed Bain and believes him to be innocent. Collins tried to make Binnie look a fool. I am not a Collins fan. The judge from Oz is to far back in my memory bank.
    I suspect there is more to the Bain case. I guess Joe Karam knows something, why else would he put so much into it. I spoke to someone in the court system who believes Bain is guilty.
    Was it the father, was it the son. Why not a third party. Laniet was I believe shot three times like she was the target. There was fabric found in one of her wounds. A bullet passed through fabric. Now that raises serious questions. I believe the item with the hole was never found and never used as evidence. A comment on Postman Productions said a .45 shell was found at the scene. The house was burnt to the ground too quickly.
    If Bain is innocent he should get his inheritance which I believe went to another family.
    Not straight forward. The prosecution presented a case/scenario. The media who have a lot to answer for run with it. No investigative journalism.
    The police use a method called the nominative approach. They form a view before the evidence is in. They then chase evidence to support that view. Bret Christian wrote an excellent book on the subject,
    ‘Presumed Guilty’, Western Australia, Perth setting. Worth reading.
    I don’t like what Paul Davison did to Scott Watson with his two trip theory. I consider it was invented, a complete fabrication. Why didn’t Watson’s lawyer rip him up. I have spoken to people who saw the ketch.
    Lindy Chamberlain innocent. They know which dingo.
    There are too many. It was the Scott Watson case that piqued my interest. I have over 40 titles on true crime, not a lot but enough to cause one to reflect and ask what is going wrong, can we do better.
    Gun Alley Murder in Victoria is interesting, 1920’s. They hanged an innocent man.
    The whole subject of innocents in gaol is not pleasant and often sad, negative.
    Collins and Adams did nothing. Andrew Little the same.


  9. Brian I do not know who you are either. I have read Justice Binnie’s report and Justice Callinan’s report. Joe Karam thinks he can look someone in the eye and tell if they are telling the truth. No one can. Once he got started he acted like he claims the police are and would not accept he could be wrong.

    The fact that you talk about the possibility of someone other than David Bain or his father being the murderer shows you view on the Bain case is not credible.

    Little has stated something like the innocent project or is going to soon. Although I am a National supporter I think that is a good idea. However, I am not confident it will be done that well.

    There is no doubt that innocent people are convicted but not near as many as you and others believe.


  10. Chuck. Look someone in the eye… No one can? Maybe not. Some – albeit intuitively – are very good at it,
    research and training can help though it is doubtful anyone can be right every time.
    There are more innocents in gaol than you realise. Here, the US, UK everywhere. The Thomas case should have cleaned up the NZ justice system, it didn’t.
    I receive information from the Montana Innocence project. The Barry Beach story is a shocker.
    The NZ universities have attempted to get an IP off the ground. Fell flat.
    Little may be looking at a Criminal Cases Review Commission which falls short. One first has to go to gaol before receiving assistance. We have to stop the innocents going to gaol. Change the system.
    My view of the Bain case is no less credible than yours. I have not stated my view and will not.

    You are National. Do you have clout. Can you influence change. National used to fly the flag and support NZ businesses and farmers. National have gone progressive that is socialist and too close to China, Communist China. Evidence everywhere. Both National & Labour are globalist socialists
    Bolger’s referenda bill was a sham.
    The privatisation of electricity – illegal – has seen electricity rise 300%.
    Water is next.
    Neither Bridges nor Collins is patriotic.
    The Muller matter? There is a story there for sure.

    Possibly the largest items that need reform are
    1. Taxation. The multinationals should be paying their taxes here. There is a way.
    2. Housing and investment. Home ownership has dropped from 80% to 60%. The govt. subsidises landlords to the tune of $2 billion per year. While foreigners were buying into the real NZ economy, NZ’ers were busy buying someone else’s house. We have wrecked our economy. The politicians did nothing. The politicians caused it. NZ’ers should have been investing into the real economy and shutting out foreign ownership.
    Crafer Farms went to China?
    Westland Milk. China investment.
    It will take a complete rout of National to correct matters.
    Key attempted to change the flag for nefarious reasons.
    China gets our aquifer water for nothing? for a reason.
    Roger Douglas, Ruth Richardson, opposing parties, same policies. Those policies cannot be defended.
    Douglas destroyed 220,000 jobs. 60% were Maori. Richardson continued.


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