How to Buy an Election

NZ’s politically corrupt mainstream media were in financial trouble well before the Covid19 crisis struck the country. There are numerous reports of meetings with Labour’s Broadcasting Minister Chris Faafoi and media representatives far before the virus reached our shores.

The virus’s arrival exacerbated their position initially. Later they were saved by the public’s piqued interest in Covid19, and of course Jacinda Ardern’s generous contributions of our money. Or to be more accurate, money she borrowed but we have to pay back.

A big part of Ardern’s financial support was how to dole out so much money to the media without causing a public outcry? So it became necessary for the  media themselves to justify it, put about the idea that they were a critical part of the democratic process, and therefore they should receive special treatment and special government support.

Ardern knows they are her soul mates, she always wanted to keep them alive, and she just wanted the cover that they of course were happy to provide. To douse the flames of taxpayer outrage.So “preserving democracy” was, without a shred of obvious irony, accepted as the reason for this corrupt destruction of NZ’s election process.

So some months prior to the election the NZ media received $50 million in payouts, advertising revenue and other favours equal to monetary injection. This made sure the corporates didn’t fire as many staff, and those that kept their jobs knew they owed it to the Labour Party leader, the corrupt little life time socialist “commie chick” who paid their bosses the money.

Soon after that, the National Party’s polling figures began to fall. The media gave maximum exposure to otherwise insignificant social media disapproval of National’s leader Simon Bridges. They attacked him on this bogus point every time they could.

Opportunists in the party, mostly associated with the left/progressive wing and who had been undermining Bridges for two years anyway, saw their chance in the falling poll numbers, and as the media cheered them on, they replaced Bridges with Todd Muller.

Muller’s leadership made no difference. The media still piled on, with charges of instability in the party. They also attacked Muller on a raft of “woke” issues that mostly had no bearing on NZ’s precipitous economic position. Unsurprisingly, National’s poll figures stayed low.

The attacks on Muller grew in intensity. The blood crazed media know they had a weak and fumbling candidate, and they took pleasure in putting so much pressure on Muller he retired from the leadership citing a mental breakdown as the reason.

In fact he was just henpecked almost to death by Jacinda’s $50 million media army.

In the meantime, Ardern was receiving kid glove treatment from the same army. While real journalists overseas were reporting a raft of different views on the best remedy for the virus, the PM declared herself the one source of truth on the issue, and the media happily complied with this instruction. Viciously attacking anyone who dared suggest there were other measure besides lock downs and isolation.

Judith Collins took over the National party leadership from the broken Todd Muller, and the hounding continued at the same or perhaps an even increased rate. New Zealanders eventually went to the election thinking Jacinda Ardern had handled every aspect of her Prime Ministership, but the Covid19 crisis especially, like only the best leader in the world could have handled it. At the same time, the voters were convinced the National Party was a disunited incompetent bunch of losers led by a nasty unpopular and ugly old woman. Funnily enough exactly the outcome Jacinda would have wanted the media to deliver.

The Labour Party won the election with almost 50% of the vote. The Nats collected just over half that amount. Objective observers are meant to believe that Jacinda’s financial support for the industry had no bearing whatsoever on this outcome.

There’s more though. What the voters did not know until only a few days before the election, was that during Ardern’s campaign, her Broadcasting Minister had, in his own words, “visited many newsrooms across the country and that there was an appetite for financial support to happen as soon as possible”. In other words, just prior to the election, Faafoi went to all the journos in the country and told them that as long as Labour was re-elected, they’d be getting another $75 million on top of the $50 million they’d all ready received.

This outrageous event was unsurprising reported as totally unremarkable by the media, who of course all stood to gain substantially from Faafoi’s generosity with taxpayer’s money. Put succinctly- they wanted the money, and they wanted it now, and they weren’t going to do anything to rock that boat.

The deal Faafoi worked out with New Zealand’s media just prior to the election is as bad as the $50 million they collected before the campaign started. He’s going to give them $25 million per year for the three years it is expected Ardern will govern. That’s $75 million all up.

So even if out of disgust at their blatant corruption we don’t buy their product, they’ll still get our money via Jacinda/ Chris Faafoi’s handouts.

Of course the piecemeal allocation also ensures the media will stay in line. Right up to the next election. where no doubt there will be another “crisis” in this special industry, and we will once again need to give them money in the interests of “supporting NZ’s flourishing Westminster democracy.”

What an absolute crock. The irony is that if the media had been left to go broke, we’d probably have had a much more democratic election.

2 thoughts on “How to Buy an Election

  1. Hi RB, love your work, please write more if you can.
    Yes, Bolt, the Outsiders, Jones – they will probably be banned soon from NZ TV screens lest we continue to be corrupted by their wrong kind of thinking.
    Stuart L


  2. My thoughts exactly. Having spent 30 years in radio ending in 2005 I am well aware of the financial plight of media and in particular the press as newspaper subscriptions plummeted. The Govt handout was a lifesaver and ensured the media control would belong to comrade Jacinda and her minions.


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