The law and truth are on Trump’s side

If you’re undecided about the Trump issue, here are some simple questions that should help you make your mind up. Are you comfortable being in the mainstream media camp? That’s in summary CNN, MSNBC, etc in the States, the ABC & CBC in Australia and Canada, the BBC in the UK, and RNZ, Newshub, and TV One in New Zealand.

Are you happy being in the same camp as those who brought you the Hillary Clinton “Russia interfered with the election” lie? The same camp who have failed to report on Obama’s spying on the 2016 Trump campaign? The same camp that failed to report on the Biden corruption in the final weeks of the 2020 election campaign?

The same camp as those who took $125 million of taxpayer funds from Jacinda Ardern and did all they could to help her win the election? The same camp as those who fail to investigate the Man Caused Climate Change scam? The same camp as those who give tacit support to Marxist/communists subversives like Antifa and BLM?

Maybe you are in that camp. Maybe you’re not. Frankly anyone who cares about truth and honesty and the law wouldn’t be. There are scores of blatant voting irregularities to be decided, and until we know the full total of legal votes received, nobody knows what the result of the election truly is.

Those rushing to decide, and telling you it has already been finalized by a count based on millions of illegal votes are making themselves part of the fraud.

Reasoning people should be able to see the obvious here, which is that Democrats have been systematically cheating the voting system for decades. Nobody, least of all the spinless Republican party, who have made a career out of surrendering to the left also for decades, has had the guts to confront this systematic cheating until Donald Trump came along.

The Democrats intensified their efforts with Trump, because they knew he had massive support. This intensification has made the fraud easier to spot. They’ve been rumbled good and proper. Trump will prove this if the law is allowed to run its course, and the Democrats and their corrupt media army do not stop it.

Of course for their own sake, and for the purpose of concealing their fraud, they must stop it, and the only strategy they have is to conduct a massive propaganda campaign, claiming Biden won legally. A campaign they have already started and that will intensify exponentially as the days go by.

Don’t believe it. Just as they lied about the issues listed above, so are they lying on this issue. Avoid their lies. Move to independent media sources and leave the lying corrupt old left dominated media behind.

It is vitally important that honest people stick with Trump. Help him overcome the cheating Democrats through the courts, and help him defeat their lying fake media operatives at the same time. Again. It is vitally important. A win here will be the biggest setback for the corrupt global left in their recent history, and possibly ever.

Note: Its clear now that the Democrat’s pre-election prognostication that Trump would need to be “dragged from the White House” was designed to be cover in case of their fraud being found out. Now their cheating has been found out, they’ll return to it like a dog returning to its vomit.

5 thoughts on “The law and truth are on Trump’s side

  1. If Trump can rise from the dead (politically speaking), like the Lord Jesus did, it would strike the final blow to the socialists who would impose globalization on the people of all Nations.


  2. The courts will decide if the was cheating on a large scale. Until then there is no reason Trump should concede. Gore did not concede till 13 Dec 2004 when the Supreme Court ruled against him.


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  4. I also believe Trump has set a trap for the Democrats with a sophisticated computer system staffed by patriots who recorded the fraud in the voting system.
    My latest info confirming this is from a very sober Australian precious metals/mining investment advisor.
    We shall see over the next few weeks. But if this does comes to pass, and Trump remains, can you imagine the fireworks to come?
    Stuart L


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