Amnesty International Aotearoa Award Nominations

Amnesty International Aotearoa New Zealand. Would this be a politically partisan group or what? Here are the nominees for Amnesty’s Annual Human Rights Defender Award-

Fijian human rights lawyer Imrana Jalal; Contemporary artist Shahriar Asdollah-Zadeh; Singapore opposition leader Chee Soon Juan; New Zealand civil liberties lawyer Tony Ellis; No Right Turn blogger Idiot/Savant; Defence lawyer for the ‘Waihopai three’ Michael Knowles; Maire Leadbetter of the Indonesian Human Rights Committee; TVNZ’s Sunday correspondent Janet McIntyre; Burmese activist and refugee Naing Ko Ko; NZ peace and disarmament campaigner Alyn Ware; West Papuan activist Yan Christian Warinussy and AIANZ local activists Dolores Flynn-Edge and Elena Wrelton.

Defence lawyer for the ‘Waihopai three’ Michael Knowles…??? Good grief…!! Those treasonist bastards should have got twenty years minimum. And what does sabotaging our defenses and advocating (to our enemies) the existence of a fifth column do for human rights anyway? What a pathetic farce.

3 thoughts on “Amnesty International Aotearoa Award Nominations

  1. A motley array of left-wingers, fellow travellers, and losers. A true list of people I would love to see deported from our shores.


  2. People give money to this organisation thinking it is politically neutral. Most of those nominated above are far left in their political perspectives. (I don’t know about Janet McIntyre but if she works for TVNZ that’s enough).

    This is just another way the left inveigle themselves into our culture, by taking over such organisations and making sure their political favourites win any awards that might be handed out.

    The Nobel Peace Prize has been similarly contaminated, with recent awards to complete phonys like Gore and Obama.


  3. If Amnesty International is poisoned to this degree, then one must ask the question of pretty much any and all aid type and related agencies who advocate on behalf of so-called human rights issues.

    And I include many so-called ‘Christian’ organisations; who while they may have been motivated originally by Christian principles, seem to be far removed from their founding ideals. Often the degree to which any organisation is genuinely concerned about the rights of the oppressed can be measured by where they stand regarding the nation of Israel and the Jewish people: If they generally condemn everything Israel does, but ignore the atrocities perpetrated against Israel by the Palestinians [sic], then I believe they are nothing but a front for Leftist interests, and are anything but politically neutral.


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