General Debate Saturday 04/12/10

“The impact of the Kyoto Protocol, even if one believes in global warming, and I am somewhat suspicious of it, is that we will see billions and billions of dollars poured into fixing something that we are not even sure is a problem. Even if it is a problem, it will be delayed for about 6 years. Then it will hit the world in 2096 instead of 2102, or something like that. It will not work,” John Key 2005

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  1. The words of a lying traitor have come back to haunt him.


  2. John KKKey is the most traiterous prick who has ever been PM of NZ.
    He is WORSE than Helen KKKlarKKK.


  3. This is where i find John Key a curious enigma.

    He seems to be anti world system in some areas, yet pursues globalist agendas like a greyhound in a lot of other areas. Very double minded man and looking unstable.


  4. Funny ain’t it. He’s pretty much liked by mainstream NZ, but on the net, he’s despised perhaps even more so than Helen Klark. As he should be in IMHO. At least Klark followed through on her own political ideology and not that of the so called opposition.

    BTW, be interesting to see what comes out about Helen Klark in any future Wikileaks documents. We might get the truths the suckholing NZ media conspired to keep under wraps.


  5. He definitely got orders from the top globalists to change his stance on this or face expulsion from the boys club methinks. He was on an overseas trip when he ‘changed his mind’. Now he’s a good boy he gets invited to all the partys with the rest of the western world leaders selling out their countries’ sovereignty.


  6. At the end of the day and considering all things and weather conditions, it will be many games of two halves and rugby will be the winner.

    If in fact it transpires the AB’s are the winners, National will romp back in with bells on. With a little help from their friend Phil.


  7. Good article on home schooling.

    When asked to comment about the recent political impact of homeschooled adults nationwide, Paul and Gena Suarez, homeschooling family of six children and publishers of the premier quarterly magazine for homeschoolers, responded that homeschoolers’ success “only confirms what numerous stats and studies have already indicated — that ‘homeschooling’ is about so much more than merely educating our children. It’s about instilling in the next generation the conviction that if good is to prevail, then it must be advanced, and it can be advanced only by those who embrace it.”


  8. “He’s a twerp.”

    Best damn argument for a Republic you could ever ask for.


  9. Don’t forget to email that wanka Farrar to get this blog registered on his Blogroll page.


  10. Kris K- have you received that DVD yet?


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