General Debate Wednesday 08/12/10

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘press on’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.” – Calvin Coolidge

10 thoughts on “General Debate Wednesday 08/12/10

  1. Wow, wonderful advice.

    There’s no such thing as a magic wand or over night success. The saying used to be its not what you know but who you know. But widening your opportunities is always advantageous with education. That takes high persistence and focus. The advice I was given by a tutor was two fold. Firstly complete assignments. That will usually produce a pass. Secondly, don’t study to learn to be good at something. Study at what you’re already natural with. That’s 50% of the battle won already. Then when you get your degree, be persistent in using it for a job.

    My personal maxim is never listen to uneducated or untravelled people. They are usually stuck in a rut they can’t get out of.


  2. Fantastic advice.
    Funny too Red in that I did not use that word persistence when I wrote today Why Don’t You Just Give Up Crusader? of my response to an ass. (You and I are almost always on the same wave length at the same time — it can’t last can it?)

    He chided me for not calling CPS when I spotted the young kid who was marked up by tattoos.

    Note that the question of my commentary is purely rhetorical. “Never, never, never give up. ”

    I view it as my duty to listen to the uneducated so that I know where it is I must try to educate them, wikiriwhi.
    I also must do so in self defense.
    They, sadly, get to vote — and often do — while ignorant.


  3. Fair enough Pascal

    I’ve been amongstt he uneducated all my life and all I’ve learnt from them is that they think they know all the answers without looking at themselves. But they very fast to point the finger.


  4. “What I want is for people to hear that I disapprove. What I want is for others to begin airing disapproval where and when it is appropriate. Like on a blog.”

    Wells aid Pascal. Reporting people to “the authorities” is an acknowledgment that we need them. “Dobbing in”, as it is sometimes called here, was frowned upon for good reasons. Unfortunately many people have forgotten what those good reasons are.



    In an article entitled ’10 Ways to Beat our Snowballing Debt’, Fran O’Sullivan shows how to drive us futher into the Socialist quagmire of tax and spend.

    introduce a high-earner surtax coming at around $250,000.


    Savagely increase excise taxes for alcohol and tobacco


    She does mention axing one Ministry – The Ministry for Economic Development- and cutting ‘some’ public sector wages, rolling back election bribes and telling Len Brown to fund his own railway.

    ….and I thought she was one of our better journalists.


  6. mawm, if that’s what passes for quality finance journalism in New Zealand, the country is more fucked than even I thought.


  7. Yeah I thought Fran was one of the better journalists too. Then again, being “better” at the Herald doesn’t amount to much.

    Wonder if she read the post about leaving Kalifornia.


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