New Internet To Foil Government Shutdowns

Even though they’ve put some good stuff out there, I’m no fan of Wikileaks. That said, they’ve apparently helped initiate a great plan to counter government control of the internet as threatened by Obama’s jack booted goons in recent months. According to New Scientist, the internet basically relies on 13 DNS root servers scattered across the globe that carry the web addresses of every page. In simple terms, if global net regulator ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) decides a site is illegal, it just takes down the address on which ever of the 13 main servers it is stored on, and that’s the end of it.

The alternative web idea kicked off with a tweet on 28 November: “Hello all ISPs of the world. We’re going to add a new competing root-server since we’re tired of ICANN. Please contact me to help.” The message was from Peter Sunde, an anti-copyright activist based in Sweden and one of the founders of The Pirate Bay website.

Basically the idea is to allow a huge number of personal computers rather than the thirteen servers to store the net addresses. Much in the way peer to peer file sharing works. There won’t be central servers. Each personal computer will hold a number of addresses, and they will therefore be beyond the control of the authorities.

Sounds like a good plan in view of ever increasing threats by authoritarian governments to control web content.

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6 thoughts on “New Internet To Foil Government Shutdowns

  1. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

    I bet Obama’s goon squad will be hating this suggestion and are presently looking for ways to circumvent it where such a system set up.


  2. If this idea gains traction, individual governments will instead take full control of ISP’s located on their territory and it’ll only take a few high-profile prosecutions (under “hate speech” laws for example) to bring the peasants into line.


  3. The only way this will end is if governments regulate who can own a personal computer. Even if they take control of every piece of cable they will still have people running their own networks.

    They will have to beat quite few peasants around the head with truncheons to pull off complete net censorship, partial censorship just won’t do.


  4. You can see them doing it the way they always do it (incrementally) and with same false justifications.(to protect the children). All they’re really trying to do is protect their own power structures. Just like they have gained control of society, they will gradually gain control of the net. Leftists are like rust. They never sleep. Always out there thinking of ways to control people.


  5. The world is delicately poised on a razor edge at the moment, we could fall either way. Any ideas that stick it to the totalitarian scum should be embraced. I can just imagine the reaction if the powers that be in the US make a move on the net or media companies, I’m picking civil war. But as Beck would say this is what the uber left want, I’m sure they will get more then they bargained for.


  6. Mark Levin was saying on his radio show that if the FCC succeeded in or even looked like shutting down Rush Limbaugh he would organise a 200,000 person march of very angry people on the FCC headquarters. He’s right. The bureaucrats have assumed so much power, and the politicians who should be protecting us from these jackals are either in league with them or seemingly powerless to stop them. This fascist MF threatening the action should be fired from his damn job immediately.


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