Nth Koreans Jailed For watching Sth Korean TV

Just in case there are still a few people out there who are yet to understand just what the left would do if they have the power, here’s a little reminder from Labour’s ideological buddies in Nth Korea. While in the US, leftists have to plead with the FCC to try and get Rush Limbaugh and FOX shut down, its all so much easier in the land of the long red shroud. If you’re caught watching non-sanctioned TV, (that’s TV the ruling class disapproves of) they jail you.

Some 1200 people are imprisoned in the northwestern city of Kaechon for the offence. Pyongyang created a special police unit in January to crack down on those with “rotten spirit”. Those who are caught are usually jailed for between two and five years and face harsher treatment in prison than other offenders. Speech and mind control, the left’s favourite pastime. Now you know what those commies at Red Alert would do to you if they ever had the power. I’d guess it would be a minimum fifteen years for watching FOX.

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3 thoughts on “Nth Koreans Jailed For watching Sth Korean TV

  1. Max Hastings, great author,in his foreword to his 1987 book The Korean War,explaining his research methods states;
    “It seems impossible to gain any worthwhile insights into the North Korean view of the war as long as Kim Il Sung presides over a society in which the private possession of a bicycle is considered a threat to national security.”

    It’s good read as all his books are.


  2. I read an article yesterday that made the point that if the humans in Nth Korea being so mistreated by their government were Panda bears, there would be international outcry.


  3. Pyongyang created a special police unit in January to crack down on those with “rotten spirit”.

    Well on that basis I can absolutely guarantee that this same police unit would regard the Spirit who dwells in me to be a “completely vile and putrid Spirit”.

    I bet vocal Christians in North Korea are viewed as the worst of the worst.

    And I agree; given the chance the communist traitors in out midst would institute similar penalties for daring to step outside the accepted and state-sanctioned speech and thought patterns.


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