13 weeks Dole Standby For Quitting Job Obviously Too Short

Like heroin will eventually kill off a drug addict, so New Zealand’s addiction to living off taxpayer money is killing it. It doesn’t help that we’re led by a couple of knock kneed bunnies in the economics department who apparently have no idea what to do to stop the slide. A NZ Herald report makes a couple of changes that should be made starkly evident. Can English and Key latch on to it, or will we just get the same blank stare or gormless smile?

Casual labourers are quitting $15-an-hour jobs claiming they can make almost the same on the dole. Alpha Recruitment managing director Colin Mathieson said three staff had walked out in recent weeks, saying they would receive just $20 less each week on benefits. The three, fathers from south Auckland, said they would receive family tax credits and accommodation supplements on top of their benefits. Tradestaff owner Kevin Eder said travel costs involved with getting to and from work could also be factored in.

Work and Income calculations didn’t support the fathers’ claims. The agency said a three-child family living in Mangere with two parents on benefits would receive $750 a week. If one of the parents worked 30 hours in a casual $15-an-hour job, they would receive $826, and $923 for working 40 hours. Employees who voluntarily left a job would be stood down from benefits for 13 weeks.

How disgraceful that these men, when times are so tough, would prefer to go on the dole rather than work. An example of the entitlement mentality encouraged by the left, who always want to bankrupt the country anyway. OK, the remedy is just simple logic and simple arithmetic and two changes are crying out to be made.

First, reduce all welfare payments by at least 25%. Second, increase the stand down period to 12 months. If these people don’t have the moral fibre to be shamed about accepting the dole when a job is available, then they should be made to pay a penalty commensurate with their lack of regard for NZ taxpayers, who do work in jobs so that these spineless amoebas can collect the dole.

Nurses for example work damn hard doing a responsible and valuable job for a take home of around $700-$800 a week. They have tax taken from what they earn so that bludgers like these men can sit at home on their arse saying work is not worth the effort. These are men raising families and yet they are so devoid of morality they will not even work when jobs are available. And they’re not exceptions. It is an attitude that is widespread.

Sickening how morality has been incrementally destroyed by the socialists. All for the sake of political power. NZers once were so far away from this despicable state of mind. Signing up for the dole was an utterly last resort. Working and being independent of others and government was seen as its own reward. It was a way of thinking that was underpinned by basic human morality, and one we desperately need to get back to. We won’t while the despicable ideology of socialism remains ascendant.

13 thoughts on “13 weeks Dole Standby For Quitting Job Obviously Too Short

  1. Hilarious, I was just having an argument over on the Standard on a thread that claimed child poverty was primarily caused by a lack of money…

    I said no it’s primarily a employment issue as those that work and earn a low income have children with better child poverty stats than those on the benefit with a comparable level of income…

    Lo and behold a Herald story demonstrating that these “people who don’t exist” (as I was told) do in fact exist…

    Is it any suprise that those who take responsibility for their lives, take better care of their children…


  2. some would have us raise the minimum wage…

    a good start would be setting some reducing time limits, say over a 5 year period, to get us to something simple and affordable like:

    a 4 mth emergency benefit.
    and a 2 year DPB, for the first child only.

    nothing else.


  3. If they quit a job, the useless arseholes should be made aware that there is NO handout for them.
    Oxygen thiefs – that’s all they are.


  4. Leftrightout’s mind doesn’t stretch to much beyond trolling other’s sites, Caleb. Should Redbaiter tolerate this piece of shit for much longer than it takes to hit the “delete” button, that much will become obvious.


  5. “some would have us raise the minimum wage…”

    Yep, that’s right. The same idiots who will call for the dole to be raised because everything has gone up in price.


  6. The minimum wage is the most descriminatory piece of legislation in NZ, it descriminates against those with low skills, the long term unemployed, the recently released from prison… Stats show that is Maori and PI in higher percentages than Asian and European-NZers…

    What they need to do is eliminate minimum wages, introduce a negative income tax, i.e. a tax free threshold and top up… Watch the economy grow then…


  7. Note for LRO- You need to read my comments policy. I might actually be prepared to let a comment from a leftist stand if I feel so inclined. However, you will never experience that magnanimity. You are a despicable dishonest blight on the blogosphere. That you commonly use multiple nicks and worse, impersonate other commenters (use their nicks, the absolutely lowest act out there) means you will never be welcome here. Don’t post here again. Stay away from my site. There is nothing here for cowardly lowlife like you.

    (The above comment remains only because it has been responded to. Do not comment here again.)


  8. >>>And so the woman with 3 littlies, whose husband was killed at Pike River mine can what? Prostitute herself<<<
    It is sad that some consider prostitution an unworthy activity. However …. Less restriction of child care qualifications would mean she could possibly earn an income looking after children whose parents who have jobs. I think there should be a cradle for those who cannot support their families but penalties on those who cannot be bothered as this thread started with.


  9. >>>JH … a negative income tax, i.e. a tax free threshold and top up…<<<
    Definitely … as you may have read me advocating elsewhere. It is also, not mentioned by you, stupid that kids out of school be paid adult wages when they have no skills. If they are of value to the employer they will be paid what they are worth.


  10. Labour and the Greens are right when they said it is unfair that there was two different wages one for adults and one for “youth” but as usual, on the rare occasion they are right, they were right for the wrong reasons…

    It is unfair for anyone to be discriminated against because they don’t have the skills to justify the minimum wage, it is unfair to discriminate against employers because politicians think they should pay more for skills than those skills justify, it is unfair to consumers to ensure higher prices for goods and services than otherwise would be the case if low skilled employees were paid what their skills justified, it is unfair to taxpayers for them to shoulder a higher rate and larger share of the tax burden because people capable of work are sitting around because their skills don’t match the minimum wage threshold…


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