National Have No Code

“code” -a conventionalized set of principles, rules, or expectations (Collins English Dictionary)

Its not too much of a presumption to say that most Conservatives understand that the state has some responsibilities and that security of the realm and protecting its citizens from crime are two that are the most fundamental. So when the going gets a bit tough, why are these two functions the first to be put under budget scrutiny by National? So many other areas that should go under the knife yet National is first attacking the two primary functions of government?

NZ Herald- “Police Minister Judith Collins hit the beat last week at the same time her Beehive colleagues were scrutinising police budgets. Finance Minister Bill English confirmed there was “an appetite” for a spending review. The department’s budget had blown out to $1.5 billion in the past year. Beehive insiders said consultant Rod Deane – tagged Dr Death and Razor Rod for his public sector cost-cutting – was being lined up to conduct a review. English said Deane had not been approached but had done “a very good job” of a defence review this year that identified $400 million in savings.”

OK, I’ll accept that the Police Dept is poorly managed, but the real issue is its complete failure to deal with real crime. The solution is not to cut back its budget, but to put people in charge who can manage and understand the real functions of the Police. There are three National Party Ministers directly involved in this, (Simon Power, Judith Colllins and Stephen Joyce) with Key and English off to the side. Apparently none of these five key players have a clue about what this country should be. Have no vision. Have no plan. If you asked them “what are you working towards?” I’m sure you would be met with a blank stare.

They operate on a day to day knee jerk management policy without any long term ideological plan and apparently ignorant of the fact that for NZ to return to a country we can be proud of, there needs to be many fundamental changes made. What is it? Why are they so hesitant in striking at the root of the problems that infest NZ? I often put their implacable dullness down to a lack of ability to articulate their ideas, but its starting to look more and more like they just do not have an idea to articulate. Hopeless.

7 thoughts on “National Have No Code

  1. The Nats only objective is the acquistion and the retention of power, the aren’t even trying to make a moral case for positive change, then implementing it…

    Quite often when I’m posting on NZ left wing blogs I feel like asking, “what are moaning about? You’ve beaten the Nats, it people like me who are wondering where their right wing option is who should be annoyed”…


  2. Gotta pay for the increase in teacher’s salaries somehow. State indoctrination centres and welfare are the closest thing to sacred NZ has nowadays. πŸ˜‰


  3. Shrinking the Police budget, no problem. Cutting back on the Families Commission, Womens Affairs, Maori Affairs budget? Hang on a minute, gotta think about this.


  4. And the Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs…

    I’m still waiting for the Ministry of Men’s Affairs and the Ministry of Wealthy White Guys Affairs…


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