General Debate Monday 20/12/10

“Theirs (the Liberal’s) is a fragile house of cards; a vacuous, toxic brew of political intolerance, insulated by the vernacular of progressiveness, diversity, and moral relativism. They are in essence defending a Potemkin village, and are taken aback by Savage, and others, who are guiding America on a tour of their back yard.” -Michael Savage

Categories: Culture, General Debate

4 replies

  1. Sad to hear that Chris Carter (The ZB talkback host) passed away over the weekend. I consider him a hero. He read out so many of my faxes. Rest in peace Chris.


  2. New Zealand wooed China to curb US influence

    Given the troubling flakiness in and of my country, I can understand the desire for governments to hedge their bets. But really!

    Maybe I’m the wrong one to pose this. Still, it seems the right question to ask:

    How does it make sense to appeal to the wolf the save you from your old friend, the now ailing dog?


  3. Helen Klark was a lefist extremist who (as usual) posed as a moderate and was permitted to do so by a fawning and despicable politically partisan mainstream media. Most people who knew what Klark was really about also knew what she was up to. I’m going to post some old stuff on Klark later today that needs exposure due to these recent stories.


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