Michael Moore’s Propaganda- Embraced By The West, Banned In Cuba

Michael Moore postures as a bringer of truth and light. His films are publicised as a triumph of good over bad. He is the common man’s crusader slaying the evil capitalist dragon. Well, that’s what he and his contemptible media cronies would have you believe. I’ve always known he was a deceitful liar. Especially after someone gave me the book “Michael Moore Is A Big Fat Stupid White Man”.

From Amazon- Authors David T. Hardy and Jason Clarke say this populist, muckraker image is pure whitewash. Believing that this charade has gone on for too long, and done too much damage to the U.S., they have written this book to expose Moore as narcissistic and irresponsible and his body of work “as manipulative as totalitarian propaganda.” To prove their point, they pick apart Moore’s books and movies to illustrate how he is consistently manipulative, dishonest, and, at times, simply absurd. They show how he altered the timeline of Roger and Me in order to unfairly blame things on General Motors that happened before their layoffs, not as a result of them.

Regarding Bowling for Columbine, the authors explain how he took quotes out of context and reassembled them to give the impression that people made speeches they did not make—most famously his interview with Charlton Heston, then president of the NRA. They also illustrate how Moore manipulated statistics in his books Dude, Where’s My Country and Stupid White Men to fit his theories, making some truly outrageous claims in the process.

Now Moore has been caught out in more blatant dishonesty and rank misrepresentation. His movie Sicko was meant to be a exposé on how good the Cuban health system was compared to the American system. Myths abound about Cuba. Propagated by deliberate leftist liars, or stupid dupes too gullible to understand that a Communist government will never tell the truth. Cuba has the best health system and the best education system. Total lies, but propagated the world over by Comrade Castro’s slavish socialist admirers.

Now it is revealed that Cuba banned Moore’s 2007 documentary, Sicko, because it painted such a mythically favourable picture of Cuba’s health care system that the authorities feared it could lead to a popular backlash. The revelation, contained in a confidential US embassy cable released by WikiLeaks , is surprising, given that the film attempted to discredit the US healthcare system by highlighting what it claimed was the excellence of the Cuban system. But the memo reveals that when the film was shown to a group of Cuban doctors, some became so “disturbed at the blatant misrepresentation of healthcare in Cuba that they left the room”.

The cable describes a visit to the Hermanos Ameijeiras hospital in October 2007. Built in 1982, the newly renovated hospital was used in Michael Moore’s film as evidence of the high-quality of healthcare available to all Cubans. In fact, the only way a Cuban can get access to the hospital is through a bribe or contacts inside the hospital administration. “Cubans are reportedly very resentful that the best hospital in Havana is ‘off-limits’ to them,” the memo reveals.

A more “accurate” view of the healthcare experience of Cubans can be seen at the Calixto Garcia Hospital. ” if Michael Moore really wanted the ‘same care as local Cubans’, this is where he should have gone,” the cable states. A 2007 visit by to this “dilapidated” hospital, built in the 1800s, was “reminiscent of a scene from some of the poorest countries in the world,” the cable adds.

The memo points out that even the Cuban ruling elite leave Cuba when they need medical care. Fidel Castro, for example, brought in a Spanish doctor during his health crisis in 2006. The vice-minister of health, Abelardo Ramirez, went to France for gastric cancer surgery. The neurosurgeon who heads CIMEQ [Centro de Investigaciones Médico-Quirúrgicas] hospital – widely regarded as one of the best in Cuba – came to England for eye surgery, returning periodically for checkups.

Michael Moore is revealed once again to be a cheap left wing liar. Doing Castro’s propaganda for him, so blatantly that even Castro was ashamed to allow his citizens to see the movie. Yet I’ll bet Moore will continue to write open letters on his moral high horse on current issues, appear in sanctimonious mode on liberal talk shows like Letterman and the View, and generally still enjoy the respect of the glitterati and the mainstream media. They don’t care if he’s a liar. They’re all part of the same cheap left wing scam.

Read more in The Guardian

20 thoughts on “Michael Moore’s Propaganda- Embraced By The West, Banned In Cuba

  1. The movie “Mike Moore Hates America” woke me up to his rubbish. Made me feel duped, having bought two of his books.


  2. “Michael Moore hates America” was a great, simple doco refuting his myopic nonsense… On youtube watch John Stossel’s “What Great About America” to get the other (and I’d argue more accurate) side of the coin…

    If this story is running in that most Commie of rags, The Guardian, then Michael Moore is just the confirmed liar many already knew he was…


  3. I find this article wholly suspect. I found the responce to Michael Moore from the right wing highly suspicious. Mostly because they are men who have never known a hard days work and have never ben of any practical use to their country. Bean counters who don’t like opposing views. you can’t listen to men who live a life aof luxury and privilige and expect to take them seriously. I’d rather listen to Michael Moore all day and night. why hasn’t he been sued. All they can do is breath hot air against him even in all their wealth.

    Sick, sick, sick.


  4. “Mostly because they are men who have never known a hard days work and have never ben of any practical use to their country. ”
    And Moore has? Bawaaahahaha!


  5. KG,

    That’s not the point. They’ve had their way for far too long being unoppposed.

    and that is the point. The American people needed someone in a position to publicly decry what these limp wristed seat warmers will never address. America needed and still needs a mouth. America and the world needed a Michael Moore and also Rand Paul. Nott hat they are perfect by any stretch of the imagination. Butt hey represent alternatives and the system hates alternatives. Exactly why our limp wrists are crusading against MMP.

    Bring on 500 Michael Moores and a couple more Rand Paul’s would be great.

    Bring on freedom of speech and revolt against mouths of unachievers in high places.


  6. And Red, that book you mention to me has its place. so odes everyone else. Because everyone else is becoming innappropriate.


  7. To compare Michael Moore to Rand Paul is a bit of a stretch Wikiriwhi. Rand is strongly pro-capitalist free enterprise, Moore is just as strongly against it.

    BTW, I’m happy to send you a text (.rtf) copy of the book if you would like.


  8. Understood Red. Obviously they are from different political spectrums but they both rage against the machine and that’s the point. And as you pointedly identify, the first aspect the left makes is to destroy credibility. But they are both icons in the public eye. Sincere ideology determines they are both credible and valid commentators in the struggle.

    I now see former FBI and CIA analysts protesting in snow outside the White House and being arrested as if they were rabble. Far from the truth. They were the insiders and know the truth. for them to protest publicly speaks volumes and more than that, qualify the need for Michael Moores in the public arena. My only concern is that Moore wasn’t in the snow with them. I hope he understands the day he becomes handcuffed is the day he becomes ideologically martyred and will be more powerful than ever.


  9. Moore is a fraud. Anybody who has the slightest knowledge of the US and Canada (and not a dull shit lefty who buys anything presented to them) can make their own minds up.


  10. “Sincere ideology determines they are both credible and valid commentators in the struggle.”
    What kind of fucked gobbledegook is that?

    By that definition, Pol Pot was also a “credible valid commentator in the struggle”, since he murdered a few million in the name of “sincere ideology”.
    Sincerity killed about 150 million last century.


  11. @KG

    Obviously, Pol Pot did not espouse sincere ideology.

    Your semantics are what the system loves. They want us all twiddling around with little arguments and getting lost in twaddle. Give me one man with one word that counts and the revolution is on.


  12. “Obviously, Pol Pot did not espouse sincere ideology.”
    and then you go on to say: “Your semantics are what the system loves.”

    So, anything which doesn’t suit your utterly fucked worldview is “twiddling around with little arguments”? Pointing out that your vaunted “sincerity” killed 150 million is somewhat more than twiddling around with little arguments.


  13. “Give me one man with one word that counts and the revolution is on.”
    Oh, horse shit. There have been plenty of men (and women) with a lot more than “one word that counts” and they haven’t sparked revolutions.
    Do you really believe the tripe you write or is it just a keyboard exercise?


  14. “Me please…”

    Ok, I’ll email you one later today. The copy I have really needs the formatting cleaned up and to be converted to PDF or the like, but its still readable. Not that long.


  15. I’ve wondered why their wasn’t a massive demo on the streets after CERRA…

    I said more than one word about it, no revolution…

    Thanks Baiter…


  16. As always, it takes the right man. How many times have you said something that nobody listens to but someone with weight to his name says the same thing and he’s quoted for it. The govt is adding straws to the back of the camel on purpose. The electorate is the camel. They are purposely burdening the people. I stand by everything I said. And what I said won’t need to be substantiated by me in the next decade.


  17. GST for the US….what does that say. They not even trying to give the tax another name for Americans.

    No confusion here.


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