Spotted Owl Die Out- Billions lost when logging falsely blamed

The spotted owl was listed as an endangered species in 1990 after Oregon environmentalists declared it was dying out due to environmental damage caused by logging. The listing sharply curtailed harvests on federal forests. That put more logging pressure on Oregon’s limited state forests, caused mills to shut down all across the state and cut the state’s total harvest in half. In 1988, Oregon loggers cut 4.9 billion board feet of timber on federal land. The 2009 federal harvest was 240 million board feet.

So for all this sacrifice, loss of jobs and economic downturn, what happened to the spotted owl? It continued to die out at the same rate. About 2.9% a year. 20 years later, we know it was not the logging that was the cause of the decline.

The Oregonian Nothing’s worked. Not the clamp on federal timber sales that hammered Oregon’s mill towns. Not the lawsuits or the listing as an endangered species. The belated work to retain and restore its favored old-growth habitat will take decades to unfold. Twenty plus years of trying to save the northern spotted owl and it’s still slipping away.

So what was the cause? Nature. All on its own. Another species of owl, the barred owl, bigger and more aggressive is taking the spotted owls place, even breeding with the spotted females. From east of the Rockies, barred owls are more aggressive than spotted owls and less finicky, eating everything from rodents to crayfish to snails. Those traits help them thrive in a smaller range, quickly build their populations and win the competition for territory and food. Spotted owls prefer old-growth to nest in and flying squirrels to eat. Natural selection was at work. The logging was shut down for no good reeason.

Now environmentalists are suggesting that Barred Owls should be shot en masse to save the Spotted owl from extinction. But hang on. Isn’t that interfering with nature? I say to hell with the spotted and the barred owl. Let’s just shoot the damn environmentalists and problem solved. Either that or sue them for the billions of dollars and the lost jobs and businesses over the last 20 years. Irresponsible damn fools.


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  1. You gotta love these environmentalists, and all their useful idiots who also worship at Darwin’s altar. So it wasn’t the timber industry, and now they want to interfere with their beloved evolutionary “natural selection” to preserve the spotted owl.
    These idiots aren’t even consistent in their reasoning! Of course this comes as no surprise to those of us on the Conservative Right: we know ALL Environmentalists and Leftists are brain damaged (and/or possessed) – and that they are totally unprincipled and amoral goes without saying!


  2. “sue them for the billions of dollars and the lost jobs and businesses over the last 20 years.”

    You obviously are unaware of this. It’s a beaut. Bill Clinton signed EO12986 in 1996:

    By virtue of the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, including sections 1 and 14 of the International Organizations Immunities Act (22 U.S.C. 288 et seq., as amended by section 426 of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 1994 and 1995, Public Law 103-236), I hereby extend to the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources the privileges and immunities that provide or pertain to immunity from suit…. There’s much more.

    This means that Clinton made the Greens a “protected class.” What was that line you ended with? “Irresponsible damn fools.” I think that must be us, cuz the envirils got themselves lawyered up before we did. Does that make us irresponsible, hornswaggled, or does it simply prove how politically cowered we’ve allowed ourselves to become?

    This reminds me that I overlooked these bastards in the list that I drew up when I composed my 3 part series last week. It was about how protected classes became the super-successful tool of the Statists. You should read it and see if you can devise some countermeasures. Us shedding the harsh reality of daylight is the only countermeasure that I can think of right now.

    Here’s a partial list of the classes “protected” by PC.
    Black Leftists, Feminist Leftists, Gay Leftists, Leftists of any color but white and Northeast Asian descent, any Judas-goat who will deliver their naive and/or ignorant tribes to the abattoirs of Communism (like some Soros-like Jews did for Hitler), and all Leftoid and SKUNCs members of governments.


  3. If only these lost jobs were the worst casualties of the watermelons:

    Anyway, watching Channel 4’s What The Green Movement Got Wrong last night I felt very much like the Other Son. The documentary was a celebration of the fact that two notable green campaigners – Mark Lynas and Stewart Brand (creator of the Whole Earth Catalog) had finally come round to appreciating that some of the key tenets of their Green religion were flawed and had in fact done more harm than good.

    GM crops such as “golden rice” and vitamin-enhanced millet, they cheerily conceded, were not evil “Frankenfoods” after all but a vital way of averting malnutrition in the Third World.

    Nuclear power, they agreed, was way more efficient at producing clean energy than the coal alternative. Furthermore, the fuss about Chernobyl had been horribly overdone.

    The near global ban on DDT – inspired by Rachel Carson’s junk science bestseller Silent Spring – had caused millions to die of malaria.

    And so on.

    Well bully for Lynas and Brand. But why, pray, do they deserve any credit for reaching conclusions that those of us who aren’t blinkered eco-zealots reached years ago?

    What about the hundreds – perhaps thousands – of starving Zambians who died in the 2002 famine when, thanks to the misinformed campaigning of green activists like Lynas, the Zambian government refused to distribute US foreign aid packages of GM food?

    What about all the honest, decent scientists and agricultural engineers and nuclear workers whose career path was stymied as a result of green hysteria?

    What about the brown-outs and power shortages and energy insecurity this country is going to suffer as a direct result of the Greenie anti-nuclear hysteria which prevented us replacing our old nuclear power stations?

    What ABOUT those millions and millions that Rachel Carson inadvertently massacred with her entirely unfounded claims about the effects of DDT on birdlife?

    Green campaigners like Brand and Lynas have not only caused massive damage to the global economy – the biotech and nuclear industry, especially – but they have also almost certainly contributed to numerous deaths in the Third World. And we’re – what? – supposed to cosy up to them now and go: “Well done, lads! You’ve seen the light! Here’s a bung and a nice promo video from your mates at Channel 4?”

    What sticks in my craw still further is that neither Brand nor Lynas actually HAS seen the light. As the programme went on to demonstrate, both men remain wedded to the equally wrong-headed theory of Man Made Climate Change.

    So we can chalk up 40 million dead from DDT bans, 2 million dead from stopping GM crop famine relief and millions of jobs lost in the Foresty, Mining, Nuclear and GM crop industries…

    For… what again..?


  4. “For… what again..?”

    Oh, wasn’t that mentioned in your civiks classes? Negative Population Growth. As I overheard last week, an MD to a top investment advisor: “There is no problem that couldn’t be solved were there less people.” I bet there are a whole bunch reading this who are secretly nodding agreement, thinking “It’s not exactly murder you know.”

    And your exit interview, take it up with Him.


  5. Any chance spotted owls could be tempted to eat protected NZ snails. We should import a few owls to west coast, perhaps they might develop a taste for snails and when both spices die out the bulldozers can move in.


  6. Another that pisses me off is that more trees are good, and opposing logging means we have less of them… When we have fast growing commercial forests that have a value we encourage land use to tend toward forestry and have more renewable (doesn’t get much more renewable than a commercial tree) building supplies…

    If it really was about the environment, the pinkos would support private commercial forestry and privatisation of fisheries, etc, but it ain’t…


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