Arrogant Hollywood Liberals Cast Merryl Streep As Margaret Thatcher

I have come to almost completely detest the American film industry as centered in Hollywood. I regard those who have over the last thirty years pumped out the most sickening revisions of history and claimed them to be true, or the most amoral and pornographic rubbish aimed at our youth, or disgusting anti-American anti-Western propaganda deliberately undermining our cultural identity, to be a collection of traitors and cowards and lowlife.

Their latest insult to my moderate intelligence is their assumption that they have the wherewithal to make a film about Margaret Thatcher. Just to really flip the bird to people like me, they choose the shallow political liberal Merryl Streep to play Thatcher. There is no way I can ever accept that the people who make up Hollywood today, and brought us such fifth rate rubbish as Oliver Stone’s “W.”, could ever make a film about a courageous and principled lady like Margaret Thatcher. The gulf in political understanding between Progressives/ Liberals and Conservatives is great enough under normal circumstances, but the distance between Hollywood liberals and Margaret Thatcher would be beyond estimate. There is no way they could ever get Thatcher.

There is no doubt this movie will be the usual sickening revisionist pap the left pump out when they take on such issues. I was pleased to see where Lady Thatcher refused to discuss the film with Merryl Streep when she requested a meeting. This could be because Lady Thatcher is ill, but for now, I’ll believe it was because she had more sense than to enter into dialogue with a gang of slimy liberals out to undermine her legacy.

In the same article I read where British taxpayers had been obliged by their government to invest £1 million in the film. Mrs Thatcher’s friends are nervous about the way Streep plays her as a confused octogenarian who looks back on decisions she made with sadness, accompanied by the ghost of her late husband, Sir Denis Thatcher. Using the Freedom of Information Act, which covers all public bodies, they asked for full details of the request to the Film Council for public funds.

But virtually the entire ten-page application which approved the handout was redacted, similar to the way MPs tried to cover up their expenses. The only information that is disclosed is Miss Streep’s name and the £1 million grant.

Even details which are in the public domain, such as the names of the producer, writer and director, are blacked out. The section in which the makers are asked to describe the film in ‘a couple of sentences’ is left blank, adding to worries among Lady Thatcher’s circle about the tone and content of the movie.

[..] A friend of Lady Thatcher said: ‘You would think this was some kind of top-secret MI6 document, not a movie. I fail to see why this level of secrecy should be applied to a film. ‘The taxpayer is paying for it and is entitled to know who is behind it and what it is all about. You cannot blame people for questioning the motives behind this film when this level of secrecy is applied to it.’

[..] The original script is understood to have suggested that Lady Thatcher questioned some of the key moments of her years in power, including the Falklands War. In another scene she appears to admit that her economic policies may have caused misery to millions of Britons. However, it is understood that there have been major revisions of the script following protests from Lady Thatcher’s family and friends.

Just the same old Hollywood liberal duplicity. I managed to watch about 30 minutes of W. This film will no doubt be the same kind of cowardly propaganda. I’m not going to give it even one minute of my time.


9 thoughts on “Arrogant Hollywood Liberals Cast Merryl Streep As Margaret Thatcher

  1. More interestingly is why the British film industry choose to overlook a similar project.

    Obviously, Hollywood was beyond the reach of the Thatcherites. The Thatchers were also favourites of the royal family. A well balanced portrayal of the Iron Maiden may have been impossible in England. But we now know Hollywood has huge influence in sovereign nations.


  2. They better not smear my beloved Thatcher…

    She made her mistakes, for sure, but she stood up and publicly the made the case for Individualism and Freedom better than any Englishman since perhaps John Locke himself…

    Meryl Streep..?! Next they’ll anounce Spike Lee is playing Reagan…


  3. Guys. She’s an ACTOR. Duh.

    Also, Thatcher isn’t in any fit state to discuss anything with Meryl Streep. The poor woman is very unwell and, apparently, still miserable after Dennis popped his clogs. After all she has achieved in her life, she deserves a bit of peace and quiet.

    Having lived in the UK for well over a decade now, I’m by now used to the unmitigated hatred of Margaret Thatcher which rears its head everywhere I go. People despise her. The only people who I’ve met who have any respect for her at all are wealthy property owners, bankers and businessmen. Not the most representative bunch, and even these arrogant, avaricious dickwads are invariably forced to admit that she committed some shocking errors which have left lasting scars on British society.

    She is reviled. They have a security guard protecting her statue at the House of Commons as it keeps getting attacked.

    But of a bummer for such a monumental political figure.


  4. It will be interesting to see what the film is like. I agree that scepticism is probably the right approach unless proved otherwise. I thought Margaret Thatcher was a great prime minister.

    She is probably reviled now, if the above comments are true, because the nation has endured decades of left-wing socialism. Because Great Britain has gone very much to the left, there would be a reaction against Thatcher. Hopefully in years to come a more balanced view will emerge.

    Regarding Meryl Streep — despite whatever her political leanings may be — she is an excellent actress and given a good script would make a great job of Margaret Thatcher. However the key will be in the script. If it is another left-wing polemic — Margaret Thatcher was a very very very bad person — then another stupefyingly dull and commercially unsuccessful movie will emerge.

    However maybe a more balanced movie will emerge?


  5. Scott, there *is* no more Great Britain, only Little Britain. And the world is a worse place because of it.

    As to the movie, it’s being produced by Hollywood. They cannot produce a movie that does just to one of the heroes of Conservatism, simply because they don’t have a correct frame of reference on which to base it. Hollywood is a left-wing rat’s nest (I assume everyone here knows the movie Team America – World Police is a documentary?) that can only apply a leftist lens to Baroness Thatcher. It will likely be a complete left-wash, where Baroness Thatcher is shown actually eating babies and clubbing seals (or clubbing babies and eating seals?). It would be like Robyn Malcolm and Lucy Lawless making a movie about Saint Ruth Richardson!


  6. we dont care about anything you said all we care is meryl streep is working again and we get to see her again on the big screen. so if you dont like it just dont watch it, no nobody cares, what is you’re problem? stop wasting your time of writing about anything regarding this issue. if you dont want to spend any of your minute to this film.


  7. When Thatcher took office in 1979 she faced an economic malaise in which the country was in hock to the IMF, inflation was at 30% or thereabouts, strikes, electricity outages, piles of trash accumulated in the streets and where bodies were piled high and unburied in hospital morgues. Let’s see if that reality is depicted in the movie . . Streep as the leading protagonist, or otherwise.


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