The Dumb Dumb Dumb Left- United Against Fascism But Being Fascist Themselves

TrueblueNZ’s default view of leftists is that they are dumb. Mainly poorly educated, and usually deprived of the ability to reason, its mostly a complete waste of time trying to make them see sense. Not much happens to challenge that view. Rather, there’s the occasional event that makes you wonder just how completely and helplessly dumb the left can actually get, and whether by viewing them as dumb, one is being far too generous. Often they do things that make them seem not just double dumb, but triple dumb.

In the UK, there is a group of leftists (United Against Fascism or the UAF) strongly backed by the Communist Guardian newspaper who vehemently oppose the English Defence League (the EDL). For reasons that can only be explained by the usual inability of the left to reason, this group labels the EDL as “fascists”. I guess the idea is that if there is one thing that unites leftists in a cause its any slight suspicion of “fascism”, even when most leftists are so damn dumb they don’t even know what fascism is anyway.

In fact one of the greatest threats to our civilisation today comes from leftist fascism and these idiots at the UDF provide one of the best examples to date of this danger. They have agitated for a long time for the government to ban marches by the EDL. Crazy right? A group supposedly against fascism wanting the government to ban protest marches. But wait, it gets far worse.

The government have done as the UAF has demanded. Of course. PM David Cameron and his “Conservative” Party cronies are fascists, but only because they are big government socialists who have, like the NZ National Party, been infiltrated and conquered by the far left. The Guardian reports

The home secretary has agreed to a police request to ban the far-right English Defence League from staging a march through one of the UK’s biggest Muslim communities in east London. Theresa May said she would outlaw any marches in Tower Hamlets and four neighbouring boroughs – whether by the EDL or any other groups – for the next 30 days, having “balanced rights to protest against the need to ensure local communities and property are protected”.

Read the fine print. Theresa May has banned ALL MARCHES. The UAF is outraged. Here are some excerpts from a press release they have issued explaining their “right” to march.

We, the undersigned, welcome the banning of the racist English Defence League’s march through Tower Hamlets. …We are also appalled to discover that the home secretary, Theresa May, has agreed to the Metropolitan Police’s application for a blanket ban on ALL marches across five London boroughs… This is a huge attack on everyone’s civil liberties… Our legal advice says there is no law that says if one march has been banned, all marches in that area must be banned. It is our human right to peacefully march in Tower Hamlets.

Now really, I know this group of leftist totalitarians is a growing danger to liberty and a serious threat to our civilisation, and they should be more widely recognised as such, but I just could not stop myself from laughing out loud at such a crass and stupid absurdity as this. The UAF has a “human right” to march, but the EDL doesn’t? Why not? Because they are not human? FFS..!!! Who could really be so damn blindly stupid as to write something so logically contradictory.

What’s even worse is that these damn monkeys view themselves as an educated elite guiding all us lost souls on the path to socialist Nirvana. The truth is they’re brainwashed knuckle dragging dumbos without any of the skills they need to argue a case competently and logically. Just damn fools dragging our civilisation into the socialist morass.

It all starts with education. We have to fix this component of our society or we’re doomed. We just cannot go on producing millions of these jackbooted goons and telling them they’ve been educated when they’ve only been brainwashed into the utter vulgarity of socialist fascism. We’re truly on the road to the utter destruction of our culture if we can’t repair this problem.

6 thoughts on “The Dumb Dumb Dumb Left- United Against Fascism But Being Fascist Themselves

  1. The evidence points to the fact that fascists, socialists & communists are brothers & sisters, if not cousins. All are descended from the same mongrel brood. Certainly, they are family.


  2. The race card trumps all.

    English men no longer have the freedom to express themselves on the streets of their own capital!Their fathers and grandfathers died defending those rights in the ’40’s.

    This is because the UK govt is afraid of the immigrants that they have allowed to swamp England despite all the warnings. Enoch was right.

    And yet they can mount a massively expensive operation so certain “communities” can have a party.


  3. One of the steps to becoming a 3rd world country, is to convince the ignorant that fascism is everything that is NOT left thinking (because the left is so altruistically caring.) This will justify the millions that you’re about to exploit and/or kill.


  4. I find it strange that today’s supposed anti-fascists have the same views about the role of government in the lives of individuals past fascists. It truly is 1984, good is bad, up is down.


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