National Under John Key Drifts Even Further Left- Considers Expanding Partnership With Watermelons

The Watermelons have done marvelously well in the propaganda department. With their media lackies backing them all the way, they’ve managed to shrug off their extreme left image and fool many NZers that they’re something more than a collection of past their use by date communist sleeper agents.

They’re also reaping the benefit of years of brainwashing school children, as silly little Hitler jugends pass from our dysfunctional public education system in numbers greater than ever before, and sternly and faithfully join the long march for collectivism.

Then there are the far left, mainstream Labour voters frustrated at Goff’s lack of traction. The fact that this seriously communist sector of the vote is swinging to the Watermelons should show any rational person what they really stand for.

As usual, the National Party, as thick and reactionary as two short planks, and governed by the wide yellow streak that runs up the back of every one of them, has had no answer to the Watermelon’s propaganda. As usual National remains mute on the perversion of the media and the school system. As usual, National seeks surrender rather than an offensive. As usual Key and Smith and English and Brownlee betray everything the National Party professes to stand for, and they reach out to these stinking poseurs and deceivers and power seekers posturing as environmentalists.

Natonal signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Watermelons back in 2009. Now there’s talk of a Confidence and Supply agreement if the numbers warrant it after the coming election. This is not co-operation. This is rank capitulation. A capitulation National may have to yield to because they are by nature a bunch of useless surrender monkeys who have failed completely to fight for what they say they believe in.

There is not a cogent thinker or a coherent debater amongst the lot of them. Worse, they harbour in their ranks so many ideological traitors as to make them useless as any kind of anti-left political force, with the worst of these traitors being Nick Smith, flat out again today distributing millions of taxpayer dollars to cronyist “environmental” schemes.

On NZ’s political battleground there is not anyone firing shots for the right. Rather we have the pathetic National Party huddling in no man’s land and waving a white flag as they give up more and more ground and allow more and more of their ideological position to be cast to the wind, to be never spoken of again.

There is hope this nauseating alliance will not go ahead. It not a hope driven by National though. Conversely its a hope that the Watermelon’s extreme left faction, especially those driven to the party by their recent disaffection with Labour, might cause the leadership to reconsider.

Its a measure of what a completely ineffective political force National has become, that when their founding principles state they are to combat communism and socialism, and to maintain freedom of contract, and to encourage private enterprise, and to safeguard individual rights and the privilege of ownership, and to oppose interference by the State in business, and State control of industry, these vapid dolts now shamelessly prepare themselves for an alliance with a party that stands for exactly the opposite of all those ideals.

5 thoughts on “National Under John Key Drifts Even Further Left- Considers Expanding Partnership With Watermelons

  1. Trouble is, National’s supporters are just as awful. There’s two over at No Minister who were quite unaware that the National Party has a set of founding principles, let alone knew what they were.


  2. Knee jerk reactionaries without an idea between the lot of them. Milt is bad enough, but once they took that droning loser Barnesly Bill on board they were finished as a serious source of comment.

    Not to mention their flirtation with that other complete dickwad Bryan “Blog Producer” Spondre, who they at least had the sense to fire, but who still posts comments there as “Anonymous”.

    (You can always tell Spondre’s comments. They’re the ones that reek the most of cowardice.)

    No Minister is like National. No political idea.


  3. A coalition between (the current) National and the watermelons makes complete sense, Red. After all, take a look at the National Party List released yesterday. There isn’t a single one of them who wouldn’t feel right at home at a Green Party conference.


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