Warren Buffet owes $1 Billion In Back Taxes

Obama’s pet billionaire Warren Buffet reckons “rich” Americans should pay more tax. He recently wrote an article in the New York Times that finished with the following paragraph-

My friends and I have been coddled long enough by a billionaire-friendly Congress. It’s time for our government to get serious about shared sacrifice.

Turns out that Mr. Buffett really doesn’t want to pay any more tax himself. He just wants everyone else to pay more.

You see, he’s been fighting the IRD for years over his tax bill and according to recently released company records, he’s $1 billion in arrears.

That’s $1 billion he’s had a highly paid army of lawyers and accountants fighting to protect since 2002.

That’s not all Buffet has done to worm his way out of paying the tax he professes to want to pay. The same army of lawyers and accountants have spent 14 years fighting another IRD assessment that was finally resolved in 2005.

So Buffet is exposed as a two faced charlatan, and he is due the same response as everybody else who thinks they pay too little. He should be told just to write out a cheque.

That Buffet instead chooses to fight long and bitter and expensive battles over his tax bills makes him one of the most slimy and stellar hypocrites you will ever see.

Categories: American Politics

4 replies

  1. I wonder how much tax Gareth Morgan pays. He has very similar views to Buffett. I understand his son avoids tax with the use of trusts.


  2. Something about those who scream the loudest…..!


  3. Capitalists give capitalism a bad name.



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