Why Was TV One Banned From Waka Opening? Grounds For Key To Resign?

ONE News reporter Ruth Wynn-Williams has reported that she was barred entry into the giant waka today. Attempting to cover the opening ceremony, she says she was told she was not welcome because One News had frequently raised questions over the cost and timing of the waka.

I looked for further news in the NZ media on this “barring”. I thought it would be a pretty major event. A news provider has been barred from covering a controversial event because they asked questions? Unbelievable…!!! What kind of damn country has NZ turned into?

At the time I wrote this post, I could not find any other references to the barring. TV One did not give full details either.

Who “barred” them? The government? John Key? Murray McCully? The National Party? The Maori Party? Ngati Whatua o Orakei?

Why didn’t TV One just show up any way and film away? Would they have been stopped at the entry? Why didn’t they try and enter anyway and film that too? Were they intimidated in some way?

This is scandalous, and if John Key had a heavy hand in it, then he should be forced to resign as Prime Minister. NZ’s most watched news service, and they are refused entry to a ceremony marking the opening of a structure that was built with $2 million of taxpayer’s money?

One would think that $2 million taken from our pockets would have at least earned us the right to see it on TV…!!

Even if Key (who was at the ceremony) only connived at this banning its grounds for a serious consideration as to his resignation. This is New Zealand. Its not a damn soviet union satellite just yet. If Key wasn’t responsible, then whoever was should face serious recrimination.

The waka is taxpayer owned, public property and I’ll bet the taxpayer paid for the opening ceremony as well. Its all the most disgusting waste of money of course but damn, if we paid for it, we’ve got a damn right to see it.

This kind of censorship just should not happen in Western democracies.

10 thoughts on “Why Was TV One Banned From Waka Opening? Grounds For Key To Resign?

  1. It leaves us guessing as to the real reason for the banning.

    Could it be that Key is at long last starting to feel some heat on his gutless kow-towing to Maori separatists?


  2. The MSM will not ever stand silent when there is a suggestion that they are being censored. It is a news story in itself and (true of not) is a headline too good to miss. Given the whining about media accuracy (or rather innaccuracy and naievity), I’m surprised this “reporter’s” story is being accepted so readily.


  3. Just heard on Leighton’s show,(9:15 – ish) caller said he and wife saw sign outside Waka entrance last night saying “NZ maori only”


  4. Apparently Trever Mallard is the only one outraged by this.

    The Herald journalists, who squealed about being banned by Lockwood Smith, are completely silent.

    The Dom Post same.

    So much for the watchdogs of democracy.

    What a joke the neo-communists have made of journalism.


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  6. “To symbolise unity” “all over the world”. This will be even more expensive! I’m reminded of that French Reformation trick- sinking b… no, I can’t say that.
    Instead, all those in favour- Unite, and start paddling.


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