Watermelons Want To Control Media

Is this hard to imagine or what? In the game of liars that is politics today, one team stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of lies misinformation and propaganda, and now they want to have the last say on what is permitted in the news.

These are the same bunch of extreme left perverts who ruthlessly feed our impressionable and naive children their poisonous propaganda in our school system. And now this same dishonorable bunch of intellectual cowards, unable to make their case in the adult world, want to start controlling the media?

It stands as testimony to the weakness of our other parliamentary parties that such a group of liars and frauds is able to generate 10% support in the electorate. That they, the worst propagandists of all, should actually possess the arrogance to suggest they should be given some kind of hold over the media is incredible.

This country appears to be in an uncontrollable spiral of decay, with those who should be doing something to stop it apparently as bent on our destruction as anyone else. National are apparently ready to consider a coalition with these disgusting charlatans. Showing its not just the watermelons who are the problem here.

Greens call for state monitoring of the media.

4 thoughts on “Watermelons Want To Control Media

  1. This is the worst kind of me-tooism. It’s a fit of never-had-an-original-idea copying of the Australian watermelons, who have scammed their own inquiry into “media ownership”. Off the back of the News Ltd scandal in England, the watermelons (who are incandescant with rage that the Australian newspaper dares question their hate-filled ideology and their propaganda) have managed to set up an inquiry here.



  2. Redbaiter, I don’t know if you have children or grandchildren, but if you do, please tell me they’re educated at home, or at least in a very good private school!?


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