Rena Oil Kills Birds- How Many Birds Killed By Windmills?

I read a story on the Blaze this morning about an oil company being prosecuted for 28 bird deaths, but windmill power companies, responsible for about 400,000 bird deaths a year, not facing any charges at all.

Here in NZ we’re seeing considerable hysteria whipped up by the watermelons over bird deaths caused by the Rena grounding. What information exists about bird deaths at current NZ windfarms and proposed wind farms?

The Watermelons of course do not show the same outrage in the case of bird deaths from windmills. Showing that bird deaths are not the real concern. The dead birds are being used as propaganda.

The real intent of the watermelons is to cripple our industry and commerce and thereby make us easy pickings for the Chicoms and other countries competing for world trade. Countries that get a free pass from the “environmentalists”, and just happen to be communist at the same time.

Wind Companies Not Prosecuted for Killing Birds |

2 thoughts on “Rena Oil Kills Birds- How Many Birds Killed By Windmills?

  1. It is stories like this, with the inconsistencies screaming at you as you have laid out, that prompts me to repeat one of my observations.

    The challenge for you, mankind, is to argue your case. Say it loud and say it strong. You are seeking mercy from those who are positioned to enforce misanthropic beliefs.

    Mankind’s strongest case is his brain. Those who have been employing Critical Theory to undermine the West have been doing everything in their power to fill that brain with nonsense. The suits brought for bird deaths in some cases and not others is precisely the sort of inequalities that our institutions were designed to prevent. Now that brains have been denied the teaching of sound logic, this sort of outrage will be the norm unless you can sway a handful of the powerful to radically abandon their bleak outlook.


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