John Key’s Ideological Betrayal- NZers Leaving In Droves

I’d be untruthful if I said I didn’t experience a faint lifting of hope on National’s election. After all, prior to the election, John Key did signify that there would be changes.

That hope, as faint as it was, soon dissipated to be replaced by a growing contempt for a party that stood for nothing. With no core principles, and propped up by blinkered urban liberals/ socialists, John Key’s Nationals just continued down the same road as Helen Klark’s Labour.

In today’s Herald we see the result of this country’s continuing infatuation with the corrosive and destructive ideology of socialism. Their addiction to the mind destroying drug of progressivism.

Almost 113,000 people moved to Australia on a permanent or long-term basis between the end of November 2008, when Mr Key was elected, to the end of September this year.

The number is offset by the 43,000 people who moved back to New Zealand. The result is a net loss of 70,130 people – or 24,752 a year.

In 2006 the NZ Herald reported this statement from John Key-

National’s finance spokesman, John Key, said number of New Zealanders voting with their feet and moving to Australia was alarming.

” Government continues to be in a state of denial about increasing competitiveness of Australian economy,” he said.

“Quite clearly massive tax reductions that (Australian Treasurer) Peter Costello has been signalling in Australia are continuing to attract more and more skilled Kiwis.”

When elected as Prime Minister, John Key said this, as reported in the Australian newspaper

The country’s new conservative (Hah hah) leader, John Key, makes no secret of his plans to plug New Zealand’s so-called brain drain, and Australia is the first target in his sights.

“The risk is that New Zealand becomes a giant educational facility for Australia, which is not my ambition for the future of New Zealand,” Key told AAP.

“We’d really like to draw them back,” he said.

“In the end New Zealand has, I believe, a real problem it needs to address, and quickly.

“If we don’t do that then, in my view, it is under-delivering on its opportunities because, while we’re a very blessed country, we can be a lot stronger economically than we currently are.”

In the report, John Key appealed to NZers living in Australia thus-

“We hope you’ll consider whether New Zealand presents a credible long term option for you.

“We believe it does.

“There are tremendous lifestyle options, it’s a great place to raise a family and we’re a very proud little country.

“Come (back) and join us.”

So what has Key done. He’s betrayed those NZers who thought he might implement the changes necessary. At the top of my list of contemptible actions by Key is his cowardly sucking up to the Maori separatists, a disgusting betrayal of principle and position that threatens to lead NZ into a racist ghetto. This matter, along with a list of similar betrayals was addressed in a public letter Don Brash sent to John Key back in May of this year. I’ll publish it below.

NZers are leaving because John Key has not done what he said he would do, because John Key is a blatant racist, and because John Key is a socialist who has betrayed almost every principle the National Party once stood for.

Funny thing is that as more and more thinking and active and independent people leave, so does Key’s popularity increase, as on a percentage basis, his support amongst the masses of urban socialists and liberals grows.

No one is coming home Key, least of all in response to your pleading. Its your deceit and betrayal that is at the root of the problem, and nothing will change until the National Party gets some core values and returns to its founding principles.

Don Brash letter to John Key

Rt Hon John Key
Prime Minister
Parliament Buildings

12 May 2011

Dear John

It was with a very heavy heart that I felt obliged to resign my membership of the National Party and to seek the leadership of the ACT Party.

I reached my decision after watching with mounting dismay the performance of your Government.

You made great play of your ambition for New Zealand, and your determination to close the trans-Tasman wage gap and staunch the flow of our best young minds to more successful countries.

Yet you have done almost nothing to fulfill that ambition, and now appear to have given up on that goal.

I have not.

Why are you continuing Labour’s wasteful spending?

In Opposition, we both railed against the Clark Government’s squandering of our people’s hard-earned resources:

– the waiving of interest on student loans, which Bill English rightly called “an election year bribe on an unprecedented scale”
– the way the high marginal tax rates of Working for Families create an incentive not to work harder
– the exorbitant cost of KiwiSaver subsidies
– the unaffordable move from subsidizing doctors’ visits for the poor and chronically ill to subsidizing higher earners’ visits as well.

Yet your Government has done almost nothing to wind back this spending. Two and a half years on, the ratio of government spending to the size of the economy is higher now than it ever was under Labour.

As a result, the Government is borrowing over $300 million a week. That’s $300 added to the debt of every New Zealand family, every week.

That is totally irresponsible. It’s what Labour voters voted for, not National voters.

Why are you stopping young people from working?

In Opposition, National opposed getting rid of the minimum youth wage. One member, I recall, went so far as to suggest this was the route to communism.

You knew the worldwide pattern, as I did – that most employers will not hire teenagers if they’re forced to pay them the same as adults.

Yet in Government, you actually voted against a bill to bring back youth rates. You deprived another 12,000 young people of the chance to get a foot on the job ladder. Instead of allowing them to work for $10 an hour, you consigned them to the dole for $4.50.

That’s what Labour voters voted for, not National voters.

Why did you change your position so completely on the Emissions Trading Scheme?

In Opposition, we both hammered Labour for seeking to be world leaders in combating greenhouse gas emissions. We argued on behalf of our farmers – the lifeblood of this nation – that instead we should be fast followers.

Yet in Government, you’ve introduced the world’s first all-sectors, all-gases Emissions Trading Scheme, sending farmers the message to turn wealth-generating farm land into idle forests.

That’s what Green voters voted for, not National voters.

Why are you ignoring reality on superannuation?

In Opposition, I argued the crucial need to gradually raise the age of eligibility for New Zealand Superannuation, so that it will still be there when people need it.

Every informed observer agrees with me on this. Many other developed countries, including Australia, have already bitten the bullet and announced plans to raise the age of eligibility.

Yet you have promised to resign as Prime Minister rather than face up to this need to secure New Zealanders’ future.

This is just as irresponsible as Labour’s interest-free student loans or middle-class welfare. You are condemning older workers to a sudden shock, or younger workers to intolerably high taxes.

That’s what New Zealand First voters voted for, not National voters.

Why are you widening, not closing, the trans-Tasman wage gap?

In Opposition, we both expressed grave concern about the widening wage gap between New Zealand and Australia.

You gave an excellent speech just before the 2008 election committing any government which you led to bridging that gap.

After the election, you agreed to set up a Taskforce to advise how best to achieve that goal by 2025. You appointed me as chairman of that Taskforce.

Yet to date, you’ve dismissed virtually every recommendation the Taskforce has made. I’ve asked several times if we could meet and discuss our two reports. Each time you’ve declined to meet me.

From time to time, you’ve reaffirmed your commitment to the goal. But there’s not the slightest sign that you’re taking it seriously.

Now you’ve abolished the Taskforce. And of course, the gap continues to grow.

Nobody voted for that – certainly not National voters.

Why did you abandon National’s commitment to equal citizenship?

In Opposition, successive leaders of the National Party have argued for treating all New Zealanders as equal before the law, and for abolishing separate Maori electorates.

Most of your voters would have assumed that a National Government would take those policies seriously.

Yet in Government, you have:

– retained the privileged position of Maori under various statutes
– ratified the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People (which even Helen Clark refused to do)
– created an unelected Maori Advisory Board for Auckland
– created a special Maori advisory committee for the Environmental Protection Authority
– made no moves to abolish separate Maori electorates
– pushed through the Marine and Coastal Area Bill, despite having pledged to pull the Bill if it did not have broad public support – which it certainly did not.

That’s what Maori Party voters voted for – certainly not National voters.

Why are you running New Zealand for our opponents?

And so John, I’m forced to agree with those who say you are not running the country for the benefit of all New Zealanders, but for the former Labour and Green voters who crossed over to you in 2008 for, effectively, a three year trial.

And, of course, for the Maori Party MPs, for whose support you seem prepared to trade away a vast treasure chest of our nation’s coastal mineral wealth.

Needless to say, honouring some of your commitments would have required courage. Reversing Labour’s immoral election bribes would not have been easy.

But you have spent the last three years building up probably the greatest reserves of prime ministerial popularity in New Zealand history. What’s the point of cultivating such influence unless you plan to use it to help our country?

And if you won’t use it now, in this time of crisis, when will you?

So many people hold you in high esteem. Surely you should easily be able to convince them of the urgent need for responsible economic management. After all, every New Zealand household is having to tighten its belt at the moment.

I’m sure they’d support the need to cut wasteful spending, given that we’ve suffered the worst international economic crisis in three generations and two devastating earthquakes.

To be borrowing more than $300 million every week – most of it from foreign lenders – is unconscionable right now. New Zealand’s total overseas debt is already up there with that of Spain and Portugal, and continues to rise.

The electorate gave you a mandate to reverse the excesses of the Labour Government. You had an international environment which demanded firm action.

With ACT’s five MPs, you had a comfortable majority in Parliament. You could have implemented all your pre-election policies.

And so, with deep regret, I felt I had no alternative than to resign my membership of the National Party.


Don Brash

9 thoughts on “John Key’s Ideological Betrayal- NZers Leaving In Droves

  1. I expected the Nats to be pussies, but not like this. John key and his advisers must genuinely believe in all this soft-left / progressive bullshit. . . watch this space for new social engineering legislation aimed to co-opt a few freak voters away from Labour.


  2. ‘$300 million every week – most of it from foreign lenders – is unconscionable right now. New Zealand’s total overseas debt is already up there with that of Spain and Portugal, and continues to rise.”
    There’s the crux.
    Nats might have a cunning plan to run the debt to GDP to unfixable levels then ask the IMF in.
    That way you get all the needed reforms unacceptable to the consumers of taxpayer’s money and the political parties that represent them, with plausible deniability.

    You might even suspect that the Nats have a plan to force adoption of the AU$.
    “No, no…don’t thrown me into the briar patch…..”


  3. Labour is finding it difficult because National is parked in its spot.
    Sinner works 60 hours per week, pays crap loads of tax and has three teenage daughters..


  4. “Funny thing is that as more and more thinking and active and independent people leave, so does Key’s popularity increase, as on a percentage basis, his support amongst the masses of urban socialists and liberals grows.”
    Isn’t it odd, how none of Key’s cheerleaders and nobody in the media have ever pointed that out when commenting on the poll numbers?
    NZ merely exchanged an ugly commie cow for a slippery socialist prick.


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  6. My sympathy.
    Sinner is a high earner bouncing off the walls?….. this can often be fixed.
    Sinner’s in need of much better structuring advice from specialist accountants, I predict.
    There’s always a way.


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