Screw The Communist Mainstream Media- Send Money To Herman Cain

Comment by Second Division Vet on Free Republic

We have a very viable front runner in Herman Cain. I just sent him another $100 today. Don’t let the enemy with false charges take that away from the Country. Help Herman Cain by sending him your patriotic best check at:

Herman Cain, Inc.
Friends of Herman Cain, Inc.
P.O. Box 2158
Stockbridge, Georgia 30281

And God bless America!

Sarah can be in charge of the Energy Dept.!

10 thoughts on “Screw The Communist Mainstream Media- Send Money To Herman Cain

  1. You’re on to it mawm. The blatant and shameless double standards of the mainstream media prove once again that they’re not what most people think they are.

    Some of them (journalists etc) in a brainwashed state, do not even know it themselves, but the left have (through control of university journalism courses) worked for decades to get their agents into positions of control in the mainstream media, and now we are seeing the results of that plan.

    Obama was elected without an iota of scrutiny. Rather the media concealed his shady past and cheered for him with exceptional enthusiasm.

    Now they have Obama there, they protect him, and come after anyone who might threaten their cultural hegemony.

    Romney is acceptable to the left to a point, because no matter what conservative clothes he might don, underneath he’s basically still a cultural Marxist,

    Cain must be assassinated because he is not.


  2. “Perry’s gone.”

    You shouldn’t be so quick to repeat mainstream media gossip. Obama’s been guilty of numerous gaffes that far exceed Perry’s temporary lapse.

    Not to mention Joe Biden’s frequent idiocies.

    We need to fight back against left wing memes, not repeat them.


  3. No gossip involved, check out the vid.
    Supporting incompetents because they’re Conservative incompetents has no future.


  4. Why else would you be so willing to weakly repeat mainstream media meme’s and not defend against them. You’re either with them or duped by them. If I’m wrong about the first option, then you can take the blame for the second.

    The fact is that Rick Perry’s momentary memory lapse pales into insignificance against the many gaffes and blunders of Obama (inhalator) and Biden (stand up Chuck) .

    Do I need to provide examples? If I do, then its more evidence you just don’t get it.


  5. Maybe not entirely gone, but the recent gaffe leaves Perry in a precarious position. On the other hand, gives new impetus to the RINO Gingrich.

    I hope Cain beats them all.


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