Cultural Marxism for Beginners (It Ain’t Too Hard)

Marxism will only work in a totalitarian or one party state. This is always the Marxist’s objective.

How to obtain this one party state in a democracy? Seems impossible right?

Marxists have proved it is not. They have done it by means of cultural Marxism. All across the West as the Marxism that was primarily introduced through politically corrupt universities takes greater and greater effect, we have virtually no choice in our elections. We can either vote for Marxist Party A or Marxist Party B.

The Marxists have (successfully) attacked democracy through our culture.

The plan is simple. First step is to destroy the existing culture. Older people are appalled at the changes they see. Wake up Grandma and Grandad. Its all part of the Marxist plan.

The Marxist policy of “Critical Theory” has been extremely successful. The outcome of this policy has been a rejection (by indoctrinated young) of everything that was once native to Western democracies, and that bound us culturally.

Our cultural mores and customs and our history (especially that) has been blackened in the minds of our children for the last fifty years or more. Our traditional culture has been attacked, derided, sneered at and slandered and distorted and all with the idea of tearing down the old model and replacing it with the Marxist model.

Bewildered by the incoherent morons you see at the OWS protests? They personify the outcomes of cultural Marxism. They are the half-educated well-indoctrinated mindless rootless degenerate products of a socio-political system that has destroyed its heritage, and now seeks to rebuild from another base.

Marxists criticise everything that once was. This is what “Critical Theory” is about. There are three main parts to “Critical Theory” but in reality they all blend together into the one poisonous brew.

1) They seek to demoralise, for a culture without morals is easy to reform with Marxist “morals”.

2) They seek to destroy the family, and primarily to remove offspring from the influence of their less Marxist parents.

3) They seek to destroy the Christian religion, for it too (like the family) represents opportunity for an alternative thinking pattern that often challenges the doctrines of Marx, and helps bolster the defence of items 1 & 2.

So think about this simple but highly effective plan the Marxists have used, and that now allows them to dominate our societies. Every time you are attacking traditional moral standards, or attacking the family (and there are so many of those attacks out there today, from all directions) or attacking Christianity, you are acting in a manner that the Marxists have slyly co-opted you to act.

The message is simple. Don’t help the cultural Marxists.

If we do not fight them off, democracy is lost. If we lose the battle, totalitarianism has won.

Think about whose side you’re on.

13 thoughts on “Cultural Marxism for Beginners (It Ain’t Too Hard)

  1. Points 1 & 2 are strongest.
    Never go with even a benevolent a lie, no matter how beneficial to the anti marxist argument.

    The past cultural benefits of religion are mocked by the Churches themselves…..the Anglicans are socialist to the core.
    The Archbishop of Canterbury is a defeated forelock tugger, a man with no shame. The Catholic Church seems infiltrated by the devil it fears, producing more kiddie fiddlers that can be dismissed as generalisation. Mormons anyone? Scientologists?

    Demons and Angels?…….better you go fishing


  2. You can attack liberal christians without attacking Christianity. You insults on this blog are IMHO banal and infantile. I suggest you take your comments elsewhere.


  3. Three is strongest as 1 and 2 follow on from that as the cultural and historical foundation of western culture.

    In that connection Joseph Ratzingers memoir ” Milestones” is very interesting.
    Chapter 11,Munster and Tubingen.

    In 1967 he is teaching at theological college in Tubingen,in 1967 they celebrate 150 th anniversary of catholic theology there. He says that was the last year in the old style.
    ” At almost a moments notice there was a change in the ideological “paradigm” by which the students and a part of the teachers thought…………..almost overnight the existentialist model collapsed and was replaced by the Marxist………..the Marxist revolution kindled the whole university with its fervour,shaking it to its very foundations.A few years before ,one could still have expected the theological faculties to represent a bulwark against the Marxist temptation. Now the opposite was the case: they became its ideological center.”
    And he goes on. It’s worth a read. Of course the left hate both him and his Polish predesesor as they were both staunchly anti communist. So much so a soviet satelite tried to have the Pole murdered.


  4. Hi RB , Point 1) Homo saturatred streets like Coronation and Shortland destroys healthy male , female relationships among many of our young folks , but the parents can’t do a damn thing about it , it’s encouraged at skool.
    Point 2)Destroying families are what liberals , commies and anarchists do best , green policies are designed to make the youth feel hate against their elders and parents , it’s encouraged at skool.
    Point 3)The youth is praying to a new gohd and i’ts called Global Warming and Gimmie Free Stuff and the teenage hipsters are determined to have a good time smoking dope and drinking piss till it all comes crashing down , and islam is growing faster than ever in New Zealand , it’s encouraged at skool.
    Hmmm , i wonder what we could do to turn around the likley outcomes of these problems.


  5. It works, because as each generation is slowly born into a new culture, they are oblivious of what went before, so they only see the changes in their own time, which appear slight.

    Only those who remember the “old” culture see the full change.

    NZers were once moral, self reliant and independent.

    Now they are largely the opposite. Hooked on moral relativity, welfarism and dependency.

    Its easy to see the plan. Kind of mystifying that that more do not resist it, but I guess its as I said in my first paragraph, they just do not see all of the change, only a small part of it.


  6. Sika said:
    “The Catholic Church seems infiltrated by the devil it fears, producing more kiddie fiddlers that can be dismissed as generalisation..”
    Better to look at teachers, Sika–far, far more teachers are kiddie fiddlers. But that fact goes unmentioned by the anti-Catholics out there. (and no, I’m not a Catholic)


  7. Yep, Mr Sika had some OK things to say for a while, until it became obvious that he’s just another mind-meltingly boring Kool Aid drinking progressive.


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