Conservative Party- 55,000 Votes Not Wasted But Sending A Powerful Message

There’s much panic among the fake right at the realization that the NZ Conservative Party is much more popular than any other minor party.

In fact some smearing cowards and losers are so panicked they’re actually issuing false allegations of electoral fraud.

The claim is that the 55,000 people who voted for the Conservative Party “wasted” their vote.

Of course the votes were not wasted. They sent a powerful message, and that is that 55000 New Zealanders would rather use their vote this way than vote for the National Party.

In an election with a record low turnout, its clear there is substantial disillusionment with the National Party. They have badly failed to protect us from the predations of the left. Rather, they have amalgamated with them, in the cowardly strategy known widely and historically as “if you cannot beat them, then join them”.

National have in their sad weakness and inability to articulate an idea, rejected their founding principles and become just another broad church socialist party who have failed to protect our property and our individual rights and our traditional NZ culture.

Notwithstanding their partial success in this election, their star will wane as the borrowings they have entered into to protect the life style of urban liberal voters become too much of a burden for the country to sustain.

Those who voted National this election are in for a rude shock as their misinformed perceptions, underpinned by a lying and partisan mainstream media, are swept from beneath their feet in the face of an oncoming tidle wave of economic reality. They’ll lose their jobs, and if they’ve got heavy mortgages, they’ll lose their houses. For that, they can thank John Key and their vote for him yesterday.

Colin Craig’s political strategy emulates that of the Canadian Conservative Party, now the most powerful political movement in that country.

The Canadian Conservative party came to power in the 2006 federal election as a minority government, a position it maintained after the 2008 election, before winning its first majority government in 2011. The current party leader is Stephen Harper, who has been the Prime Minister of Canada since 2006.

The Conservative Party is only just starting in New Zealand.

This is the message sent, and its not wasted. It says we don’t want the cultural Marxism of National or Labour, and we’re coming after both of you.

From the fright on display today, I reckon that message has been directly enough sent. The 55,000 votes have done their job well.

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  1. No Minister descends further into the gutter of smears, lies and muckraking.

    What a disgrace to any party (even National) they have become.


  2. Left a comment on that post but it has gone into the aether, maybe to appear in the fullness of time maybe not, we will see.

    But if you live in a safe Labour seat and vote for the National candidate have you “wasted” your vote? Or vice versa.

    That was a silly post and one that assumes that people should only vote for “approved” options – approved by whom you may well ask.

    I vote according to my conscience, usually holding my nose if truth be known, but there is no point in voting a certain way because it is the most likely to win and you only want to vote for winners.


  3. Amen, Red – preach it!!!


  4. I thought Cresswell made a good point this morning:

    . . . . it makes you wonder about the supposed political acumen of Mr Key and his strategists. This election sees his party at a historic high water mark of support, yet under MMP it is still struggling to pull together a government. And when National’s high tide goes out, as it inevitably will, under MMP it might struggle to form a government ever again.

    Yet John Key did not bother to spend even a cent of his enormous political capital to campaign against MMP.

    So this election’s winners are few indeed.


  5. Voting National in a “safe” Labour seat is not a waste either.It sends a message if nothing else. Wasted votes are those that don’t ballot. Every vote counts.
    In Dunedin South,the Nat party vote topped Labour.I’d be interested to see the commentary on that.
    Likewise Dunedin North,another safe Labour seat.h heret he Nat candidate appears to have gone quite close on the electorate vote, and similarly closed the gap with the party vote.

    Here’s hoping this marks the rise of something new. A true conservative party. National will need a partner in 2014.
    By then I predict Act will be finished,as will UF and the Maori Party will return to it’s Labour roots when the protest element,Turia resigns . It’s already fationalising with the other chap gone Mana.
    NZF will also be a last gasp this term. Now there’s a wasted vote .


  6. Ah well–looking at the clown making that claim, I’d expect nothing more. The man is a buffoon with delusions of relevance. Only in a blog such as No Minister would he be given space to spout his inanities and garbage.


  7. Key dismissed the Conservatives saying Colin Craig didn’t have a “dog’s show” of winning Rodney. Slater has been campaigning against the Conservatives almost since the day they launched. Farrar suggesting they’re “losers” because they didn’t snatch Parliamentary representation (despite only having existed for 2 months prior to the election, and being the 5th most popular Party in the race). And now the muppets at NoMinister.

    I’m very, very heartened by this. It all points to the faux-Right being scared witless about the appearance on the landscape of a Party of Principle.

    I wonder if Key isn’t now kicking himself for his attitude towards Colin Craig. The ROI on a cup of coffee in Whangaparaoa would have been many times higher than the one he had in Newmarket, non?

    My prediction: the hopeless social liberals (Heine and his buddies) will follow Perigo and fuck off to the Leftertarianz, raising their Party vote from 1,402 to 1,409. Banks and Craig will sit down to a nice cup of tea of their own and there will be some form of merger, even if not a formal one, between the conservative ACT faction and the Conservative Party.


  8. I voted for them.
    I hope they’ll build up and be a major force next time.


  9. Key should not have run a candidate in Rodney.

    Imagine if Craig had won that seat.


  10. Speaking for myself, I know it wasn’t a wasted vote, even if it’s only value was in helping “surprise” so-called experts in how well the party did. It wasn’t a surprise to me at all, so what do I know that “experts” like Chris Trotter don’t know? Their “surprise” is a really reflection of their attempts to ignore the party all along, since the prospects of a new and truly conservative party will always be a non-story to these bozos. They’ll continue sticking to the template and learn nothing from being wrong (ironically, these people have no capacity for SELF-analysis) because they simply don’t need to do otherwise.

    Absent of this, my vote would surely be wasted on Labour, or National, etc,… ! Three more years of the same, most likely. Hoo-rah. A wasted opportunity for the country is what it is.

    The MMP issue is mostly irrelevent, though I voted against it, as to me, the power to choose who are the List candidates is too much to put in the hands of the party leaders. There will never be a systemic “fix” of democracy by altering the system; that would be self-delusion. Whatever the system, the ignorance of voters is always guaranteed to shine through the strongest.

    John Banks was the other good thing about all this. Spinning that his presence will be as “just another National MP” is absurd since the National Party is no longer the party of its supposed principles (and even further removed now from ACT’s). The National Party of this election success should be an utter embarrassment to those members still loyal to these principles. “Are there any real National MPs left *besides* John Banks, or only carbon copies of the vacuous Key?” – that’s a more valid question, should we insist on calling Banks that!


  11. “There will never be a systemic “fix” of democracy by altering the system; that would be self-delusion. Whatever the system, the ignorance of voters is always guaranteed to shine through the strongest.”
    Amen! to that.


  12. As Reddy made good mention of Stephen Harper, here is a good piece on him by Mel Phillips.


  13. Excellent article, Angus.
    Should be compulsory reading for the David Farrars of the world, not to mention all the clingons who regularly read and comment at KB.

    Of course the following from Melanie’s article would likely go straight over their heads, as it would with the faux rightwing politicians like Traitor Key:

    Three reasons [for Harper’s success], and they are closely linked. The first is that — providing a very clear contrast to the Liberals — Harper espoused policies which were free of ideology and connected instead to reality, common sense and people’s lived experience.

    Second, Harper’s approach is a principled one, cemented as it is into a clear division between right and wrong, truth and lies and thus standing four-square against the ruinous moral relativism and nihilism of the times.

    Third, he has had the courage and backbone to stand up for these principles rather than bending to fashion or intimidation. In short, Harper is a leader not a follower. […]

    But the point about Harper is that he is patently guided in large measure by his passionate concern to defend Canada’s national interests which he understands are inescapably attached to the bedrock freedoms and other values of the west.

    He has shown he is not afraid to take positions which are unpopular with much of the rest of the world, such as downgrading the importance of multilateral institutions or his unflinching support for Israel which cost Canada a seat on the UN Security Council.

    I have emboldened the portions which are complete anathema to the John Keys, David Farrars, and the rest of the faux rightwing NZ political landscape. Communist traitors who wouldn’t recognise a principle if it were fired point blank through their temple.


  14. From that article-

    “Three reasons, (for Harper’s success) and they are closely linked. The first is that — providing a very clear contrast to the Liberals — Harper espoused policies which were free of ideology and connected instead to reality, common sense and people’s lived experience.

    Second, Harper’s approach is a principled one, cemented as it is into a clear division between right and wrong, truth and lies and thus standing four-square against the ruinous moral relativism and nihilism of the times.

    Third, he has had the courage and backbone to stand up for these principles rather than bending to fashion or intimidation. In short, Harper is a leader not a follower.”

    Sounds very different to Kohn Key.

    [Angus- For some strange reason I couldn’t get anything from that link. Had to search the article down. Here is another link]


  15. Damn, you beat me to it by a few minutes Kris. Ah well, no harm in having it up twice.. 🙂


  16. I know this is getting boring, but the smearing of Colin Craig really pisses me off. Now we have Nick Kearney (formerly Gooner) guest posting at No Minister reiterating the same smears made by The Veteran earlier on . . . this Colin Craig = Brian Tamaki meme.

    I can see why they are all comfortable blogging alongside Mr Darlington, and vice versa. The anti-Christian sentiment abounds, so many useful idiots co-opted into left-wing nihilism. New Zealand is fucked.


  17. Nick Kearney and his clapped out reject hippie clique can just stay where they are.

    With their hatred and intolerance of Christianity they’re relics of the past.

    Fuck em. Let them stay where they are. They’re frightened and flapping and squawking like chickens with a fox in the hen house.

    Just clapped out tired old secular progressives from a dying era.

    Who needs them?

    Let them stay where they are.


  18. It’s just the arrogance and the hubris which irks me. These fools are the Errol Flynn of the right – they fuck everything they touch . . ACT . . The Libz . . National. Why can’t they just sign on to the Labour Party and be done with it.


  19. If only.

    That would mean dealing with their self delusion.

    Not much chance. They’re liberals.

    Just keep them out of the Conservatives.


  20. “NZF is the party of the codger-bludgers, the over 65s would thought they’d die early so didn’t bother to save, and didn’t have the basic honesty & decency to off themselves when they could no longer pay their own way.”
    Fuck off, you lunatic.
    Seriously, Sinner, you’re insane. Get some help.


  21. Sinner might have a point, at least tangentially. As the Baby Boomers age, NZF’s prospects may get better. That may be the source of NZF’s current reversal of fortune after several declining election results that last time saw them out of parliament altogether. Namely: that the Baby Boomers are hitting 65, thus providing a swell in support for NZF’s alleged “policies”.

    Let’s not forget it’s the Baby Boomers that voted Western economies into catastrophic decline (and it’s certainly worse than the majority think it is) on the basic principle that “what matters is what we want, nya nya nya nya nya”. Of course, everyone wants what they friggin well want, but it’s the Baby Boomers that turned narcissism into political, social and economic reality for decades now. For example Baby Boomers, in the US at least, have rewarded the politicians who already spent their own social security trust fund, with ever increased power, for short-term vote-buying inducements. And the idea that the generation, that ushered in abortion on demand would be rewarded with euthanasia, seems to have all the more a ring of justice about it.

    Having gone and broken the generational pact, squandered entire future generations’ earnings on votes for shittily-transparent-douchebag-politicians-their-own-age, we’re yet to see if anyone younger than them is remotely motivated to keep them alive longer than is democratically sustainable. Perhaps they will succumb to the need to off themselves in the end, as Sinner suggested they should have.


  22. Sinner may have a point, as you say. But his endless, boring flogging of that point, and his endless talk of murdering those who see things differently just gets to be monotonous and counter-productive.
    And sure, the baby-boomers are guilty of many things, but they also confronted the Soviets and helped build the most innovative, productive economies the world has ever seen. List the achievements of those generations and look at what the last few generations have done. I suggest it’s no contest.
    It amuses me when people slag off the baby boomers, while enjoying the power from the hydro dams they built, the advances in automotive engineering etc.
    And don’t forget, if the baby boomers are guilty of so fucking much, then those younger generations you mention were sure as hell willing to jump on the bandwagon and help spend money we don’t have and elect douchebag politicians of zero value and integrity. To suggest that one or two generations are the guilty parties here is to play a despicable and intellectually bankrupt game.
    It’s people like you and Sinner who help to whip up the current climate in which elderly people are increasingly fair game for cowardly young thugs.
    Look at what you (what all of us ) owe previous generations and fucking grow up.


  23. Sinner’s motive is to discredit TrueblueNZ.

    He is a left winger who seeks to undermine whatever influence this small blog has on the political scene.

    His comments should only be viewed within that context and as an example of the duplicity of the left.

    He’s probably in reality Pete George or somebody like that.

    A lesson really as to what these people are capable of.


  24. It was late and I was in a hurrry, so I should have taken more care with what I wrote last night, but nonetheless, your reply to it above is shot full of holes. I don’t have either the time or the inclination to pull that apart, although a rebuttal will make a good post sometime soon.
    But in short, any clown who can describe nurses, docs and firefighters etc as a group as “bludgers” has a mental problem.
    And in all your rantings about no individual who retires with a net worth of less than a few mil as
    useless” and a “bludger”, you’ve never ever hinted at what YOU do for a living.
    So I’ll go with my gut instinct and continue to think of you as a pimply marxist cheerleader, banging away one-handed on mum’s keyboard while collecting welfare.
    It fits.


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