The New Green Party MPs- A Collection of Watermelons and Nut Jobs

Make no mistake readers, all of these commies have only one real ambition and that is to steal your earnings and spend the money on brainless unworkable politically fashionable environmental scams.

Have you ever seen such a collection of no hopers, miscreants, public tit suckers, bludgers and corporate cronyists? (note the preoccupation with “Ethnicity”)

This is what brainwashing of the young brings us. This collection of commie cretins has been elected by today’s version of the Hitler Jugend, students indoctrinated with an ideology rather than given the education that allows them the capacity for critical evaluation of political policy.

That the young think these clueless halfwits are the future for NZ shows the depths of their mass delusion. We’re teetering on the brink of social and economic collapse right now. Every time one of these economically illiterate mungbeans makes it to parliament, we’re closer to that precipice.

Bring the collapse on I say. Lets get it over and done with. A little starvation does wonders for people’s perceptions of reality.

Its the only apparent way we’re going to escape this nightmare.

Denise Roche- Communist

Date and place of birth- 9th July 1963, Helensville

Ethnicity- Ngati Raukawa, Ngati Huri

Current residence and electorate- Waiheke Island, Auckland Central

Educational and vocational qualifications- RMA Hearings Commissioner, Graduate Diploma in Not-For-Profit Management, Diploma in Labour Studies, Certificate in Journalism.

Current occupation- Waiheke Local Board member – elected October 2010

Previous occupations- Auckland City Councillor (2007 -2010,) six years as a community waste educator, 16 years as a union official, four years in aged care, short stints as a journalist, clerical worker, cleaner, singing telegrammist.

Other work experience- (including voluntary/unpaid) Mother of Matariki (12) and Joe (16;) Te Huruhi Primary School trustee (2004 – 2010); Greenpeace New Zealand trustee and voting assembly (2006 – current;) Junk to Funk Recycling in Action Extravaganza – event organiser (2003-2005,) Waiheke Childcare committee (2000-2002) Working Women’s Resource Centre, member (1985 – current),various roles; WWRC Union Made Choir, guitarist (1997 – 2003)

Community connections- Tawaipariera/Rangihoua Reserve Management Subcommittee member (2007 – current); Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Forum (2007 – current); Waiheke Island Council of Social Services committee (2003 – current); Piritahi Marae and Kohanga Reo – whanau member/volunteer (1998 – current)

Policy Interests/Expertise- Waste minimization, local government, industrial relations, aged care and Maori issues. In the last few years I have become increasingly involved with organic gardening and promoting healthy food in schools.

My broad political issues I want to see real reform of the waste sector – by putting power and responsibility back in the hands of communities and enabling the community economic sector to build real jobs and improved environmental outcomes from the waste streams. In these tough economic times I also want to ensure we keep fighting for fair working conditions and a living wage for all.


Jan Logie- Communist

Date and place of birth- 26/10/1969, Invercargill – Murihiku

Ethnicity- Tangata Tiriti

Educational and vocational qualifications BA Politics Otago University, CELTA

Current occupation- Development Manager, New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities

Previous occupations- Sue Bradford’s EA 2007 – 2008, Executive Director YWCA Aotearoa NZ 1999-2003, Manager Hutt Valley Youth Health Service 1996-1999, Women’s Coordinator NZUSA 1993-96, Wellington Women’s Refuge Coordinator 1990-93.

Other work experience- (inc. voluntary/unpaid) Youthline Dunedin 1988-1990, HELP Sexual Abuse Crisis Line 1991, Wellington Rape Crisis Board Wellington 2008, Women’s Refuge Employment and Training Committees2007-present; Out in the Square Board 2007, Teacher, Akanksha 2007

Community Connections- NZUSA, Women’s Information Network, Peace Movement Aotearoa, CID, ANGOA, NZFVWO, COGS, NZ Prostitutes’ Collective, Drag Kings, NZAAHD, YWCA Aotearoa-NZ, Kotare, SFWU,UNITE, TEU, Local Government and academic connections.

Policy Interests/Expertise- Non-violence, equity and social cohesion, community and voluntary sector issues, youth health, tertiary education, public health and sustainable cities. I have primarily worked alongside women, children and youth and have been involved with groups with a strong, Te Tiriti, poverty, and diversity analysis.

Additional information- I am passionate about reducing inequality and promoting participation in society, locally and globally. With finite resources we need to work together with equal urgency on social and environmental fronts to create a fair and sustainable society. Green messages must connect with people’s everyday lives and I am committed to making our messages relevant.


Steffan Browning- Communist and cronyist

Date and place of birth- 03/07/54, Clyde, New Zealand

Ethnicity- Pakeha

Educational and vocational qualifications- UE 1971; John Manhire Award for outstanding contribution to the organics sector 2008. Marlborough Rural Environment Awards, Horticulture and Supreme Awards winner 2003

Current occupation Spokesperson for Soil & Health- Organic NZ since 2003, Agriculture NZ level 3 NZQA organics tutor since September 2009, Environmental advocate since 1995.

Previous occupations- Organic grower 18 years, owner of NZ’s largest certified organic glasshouse operation (1989-2005). Organic retailer 6 years. Landscape contracting 5 years. Pharmacy wholesaler rep 3 years. Nursing training 18 months.

Community connections- Soil & Health Association of New Zealand co-chair, spokes- person since 2003; columnist for Organic NZ magazine; media releases and interviews; major role exposing GE breaches, campaigns inc. methyl bromide & other pesticides, safe food and organics; representing Soil & Health at ERMA, MAF- Biosecurity NZ, MfE, NZFSA, FSANZ, MoRST, DoC. BioGro board since 2004, Organics Aotearoa New Zealand council member (2006-2010). Marlborough Environment Centre advocacy (13 years) including RMA, marine, sewage, recycling and landscape issues. Friends of Nelson Haven and Tasman Bay co-chair and spokesperson since 2003. Key collaborator GE Free NZ, Safe Food Campaign, Pesticide Action Network, Guardians of the Sounds. Marlborough Farmers Market committee (2001-2005). Community workers forum participant. Local iwi connections including RMA, Waitangi Days, and Foreshore-Seabed. Local, Philippines Solidarity Network of Aotearoa liason, ABC organiser Waihopai spy base protests.

Policy Interests/Expertise Primary production (Agriculture, Sustainable Land Management, Organics, Forestry, Fisheries, Oceans, Animal Welfare), Genetic Engineering, Safe Food, Biosecurity, Conservation, Environment. Several successful Environment Court cases including Browning vs Marlborough District Council & Marine Farming Association in 1996. Overseas ownership – free trade.


Holly Walker- Communist

Date and place of birth- 15/11/82, Lower Hutt

Ethnicity- Pakeha

Current residence and electorate- Petone, Hutt South

Educational and vocational qualifications- BA (Hons) English and Politics (Otago), MPhil Development Studies (Oxford)

Current occupation- Political and Media Advisor to Green MPs in Parliament

Previous occupations- Masters student, University of Oxford (2007-9), Policy/Negotiations Analyst, Office of Treaty Settlements (2007), Media Advisor to Green MPs (2006), Editor, University of Otago student magazine Critic (2005)

Other work experience- (including voluntary/unpaid) Student president, University College Middle Common Room, Oxford (2008-9), University debater, coach and adjudicator, Otago (2001-6), News and feature writer, Critic, Otago (2002-4)

Community connections- Transition Towns Lower Hutt, Frocks on Bikes Wellington, Cycle Aware Wellington, Forest and Bird, Outward Bound.

Policy Interests/Expertise- My main area of expertise is social policy and inequality, with a strong focus on indigenous development. I wrote a Masters thesis on these topics in Oxford. In 2010 I have been closely involved with the Green Party’s ‘Mind the Gap’ project on inequality. I also have a strong interest in women’s affairs, and have recently developed expertise on water issues.

My broad political issues- I am motivated primarily by a strong commitment to social justice and an understanding that this is inextricable from environmental and economic justice. In particular, I have a strong focus on reducing inequality for the benefit of the whole society.

Additional information- I am an active member of Frocks on Bikes and rely on a bicycle as my main form of transport. As part of my candidacy I will advocate for cycling as a practical, fun, healthy and easy transport option.


Julie Anne Genter- Communist

Date & place of birth- 17 December 1979, USA

Electorate- Mt Roskill

Educational and vocational qualifications- Bachelor of Arts, University of California BERKELEY (highest honors) International Certificate in Political Theory & Economics, Institut d’etudes politiques (Sciences Po), Paris. Sciences Po Scholarship; most coursework in French. Master of Planning Practice, University of Auckland (1st class). University of Auckland Masters Scholarship

Current occupations- Transportation Consultant for MRCagney (since 2008). Download my professional CV or see work at

Previous occupations- Urban planning consultant and internal environmental coordinator (2006-08) for Sinclair Knight Merz; Political and media advisor for the Green Party in Parliament (2010-2011).

Policy Interests/Expertise- Transportation; Urban Planning and Development; Economics; Resource Management Law; Housing

Hobbies & Interests- I recently became certified to teach yoga, and spend much of my free time swimming, cycling, running or participating in other outdoor sports and recreation. I enjoy snowboarding, scuba diving, tramping, different styles of dance (West African, modern), cooking, painting, drawing, and would like to get better at growing food.


Mojo Mathers (possible on special votes) Communist

Date and place of birth- 23/11/1966, London

Ethnicity- Pakeha

Current electorate- Christchurch East

Educational qualifications- Honours degree in Mathematics (1st class); Masters in Conservation Forestry (Distinction)

Current occupation- Green Party Strategic Policy Advisor (since 2006)

Previous occupations/work experience- Parliamentary advisor (water issues) 2005; Joint owner small business offering forestry management services (2001-2006)

Community connections- Current committee member of Disability Inclusion Group; Founding member of Malvern Hills Protection Society, which successfully opposed the Central Plains Water scheme; Secretary/spokesperson for the Dam Action Group (2001-2004); Mother of three, former playcentre committee member

Policy Interests/Expertise- I have a sound grounding in a wide range of policy areas and I would be comfortable covering nearly any portfolio area including rural issues, biodiversity, forestry and water, as well as animal welfare, disability and women’s rights.

My broad political issues Unrestrained industrial dairying continues to impact heavily on our environment, including climate change. We need to promote fair and sustainable alternatives.

The recent Human Rights Commission review of Human Rights identifies disabled people as the most disadvantaged minority in New Zealand. As a deaf person who lives and breathes green issues, I am a strong advocate for inclusion for everyone.

Additional information- I strive to reduce my personal impact on the environment by being vegetarian, supporting GE free, non-toxic, organic, fair trade and local, using public transport, keeping myself informed and getting involved. I have a strong work ethic and am very accessible by email.

11 thoughts on “The New Green Party MPs- A Collection of Watermelons and Nut Jobs

  1. Sickening ain’t it?

    These people get no scrutiny from a biased news media, while they go after Colin Craig like a pack of piranhas.

    Most NZers don’t know what the Greens candidates really are. Just like the Germans en masse (due to a similarly partisan media) did not know what Hitler really was.


  2. If it wasn’t so serious a matter having these losers in parliament it’s almost laughable this preoccupation they have with waste and rubbish.
    Probably cos they didn’t get their cloth nappies changed often enough by their dope smoking, hippie parents or maybe they didn’t have nappies and just ran around covered in shit all the time.


  3. Will the greens bong up in the debating chamber just like Nandor Tancock did?

    Sue me if I am wrong you tree hugging dope head utopian freakshow nitwit. Wussell Norman needs to go back to his commie ockerland. The greens are vile shitheads.I look at fellow NZer’s and wonder if they anything up top. What a SICK country.


  4. “Ethnicity- Tangata Tiriti”

    Treaty People? You fucking serious?

    It’s frustrating that the masses don’t really even know the kind of people they’re voting in and just accept the “Green” charade.


  5. Soil and Health Association sounds good.Have had to deal with these nutters in the past.
    They would like to close all conventional producers down.
    After reading these backgrounds you’ve really made my day Red.!


  6. fucking oxygen thieves the lot of em, i wish they would reduce their carbon foot prints and have a mass immolation


  7. there is no such ethnicity as pakeha .. what was Mojo Mathers ethnicity when she lived in England where she was born ? certainly not a pakeha .. I HATE THAT TERM for white new zealander, and I am as proud to be associated with my european ancestors as maori are of theirs so, european is what I expect.


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