Slavering John Banks- “I’ll Agree To Anything Mr. Key, Please, Just Make Me a Minister”

Pic borrowed from TVNZ and too good not to use.

TVNZ is reporting on negotiations between John Banks and John Key-

ACT will support Key in government with a ”robust” supply agreement – but Banks said he had no ‘bottom lines.”

No bottom lines??

Isn’t that just so damn typical? This grubby little fake sat behind his mike and posed as a right winger for a decade or more and now he’s grovelling to the Maori Party’s best lefty mate for a job.

Saying he’s got no demands. Just “Please John, gimme a Ministry, I promise I’ll be good. I’ll do anything you say and go along with any idea you have. I’ve got no bottom lines.

…and this is the whining chihuahua ACT was proud to elect in Epsom…!!!!

For the sake of a good friend, I decided to go easy on ACT and Banks before the election. Give them a chance. Clearly they have become everything I suspected they would.

Banks grovelled to the urban liberals in his race for the Auckland Mayoralty. He lost by a light year to a communist slimebag. Now he is grovelling again and ready to do anything to get a Ministry position. Even huddle with the racists he has verbally opposed on his radio show for years and years.

I thought his post election speeches in Epsom were hollow and embarrasing. Especially his spineless sucking up to the back stabbing liberals of ACT on Campus.

No demands???

Banks should be telling Key what his damn bottom line is and that should be no alliance with the race based Maori Party. (link to earlier post on this issue) Isn’t that what Banks and more importantly the ACT party have stood against their whole political life?

John Banks. What a loser. What a charlatan. What a hypocrite. What a no hoper. What a let down. What a damn sorry end for ACT.

11 thoughts on “Slavering John Banks- “I’ll Agree To Anything Mr. Key, Please, Just Make Me a Minister”

  1. I said it before.

    Watching this pack of mainly useless troughing bastards get elected was soul destroying.

    What idiots NZ voters are.

    (Edit- And I’m as big an idiot as any of them. I once believed Banks was true blue.)


  2. Well said, RB.
    ACT needs to do what the left does: justify their existence by digging their heels in and sticking by their true principles, not move away from them (the left moving further left, in the left’s case. Which is precisely all Labour can do now!). The overall slide leftward by the National Party is all about compromising with the left ideologically. And so the gradual slide leftward of the nation, continues unabated. Thanks, National!

    The ACT Party will have even less reason to exist in 3 years time, once de facto leader Banks has compromised it into ideological oblivion. Those commentators who said he’s just another National MP will actually be vindicated. It’ll also be another vindication of my vote for Conservative. Dammit… why is politics so much about how low you can sink? “Political compromise is the art of moving leftward” — maybe somebody already said that better…?


  3. “Political compromise is the art of moving leftward”

    The Canadian Conservatives bucked that trend.

    Have you read Angus’s link to Stephen Harper? Good piece by Melanie.


  4. With ACT’s earlier capitulation to the sodomites in their midst, and now Bank’s brown-nosing Key [the brown-noser in chief], ACT has lost any credibilty it once may have had. Banks – just another unprincipled horse-trader. Goodbye ACT, you will not be missed.


  5. As an Epsom voter I voted Banks/Conservative/change/SM. And while I understand some of the criticism above, my view is that the problem with Act is not so much Banks as the libertarian faction within Act, ie a lack of moral standards, coupled with sheer ignorance (how could Brash not know how damaging marijuana is?). So while I agree that Act is probably a goner, I’m hoping that the Conservatives might turn into something worthwhile in future as an economically sound and morally conservative party (not a Christian party, but one with policies firmly based on judeo-christian ethics).


  6. Hi Jonno,

    I’m also in Epsom and voted exactly the same as you on all four options. I thought the Conservatite Party did really well considering the dearth of media coverage they got. They need to get much more on the front foot next time. Social media and Facebook etc, love them or hate them, are valuable tools when the MSM hates you.

    For me the big story was the total absence of discussion about the MMP referendum. Lefties love MMP, hence the MSM want the status quo.


  7. “For me the big story was the total absence of discussion about the MMP referendum.”

    ..and you’re right. Key was too gutless to raise it or take a stand, with dire consequences.

    Got a post coming up on that later on.


  8. I assure you that some of us in Epsom did our level best to make Banks unelectable ( a task he himself was pretty good at ). In the end, by a narrow majority that almost exactly equalled the vote for the interfering Labour party (stupid bastards) we learned that there were just enough well-heeled idiots at the southern (leafy) end of Epsom, allied with the efforts of a bunch of young fools called Act on Campus (que”?), to get him through.


  9. The Canadian Conservatives bucked that trend.

    You can’t really talk about the nature of that party’s politics without going into the history of the Progressive Conservatives/Brian Mulroney (who lived up to the “progressive” in their name) and the rise of the Western-based “traditional conservative” Reform Party, which split the right vote, allowing Chretien in for several years, but ultimately served to reunify Canada’s right with a more conservative orientation.


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