The Progressive’s Hate Campaign Against The Conservative Party

Historically, I’m a National Party supporter. But I can’t support that party today, when it has betrayed so completely the principles it was founded upon.

The NZ National Party has emulated the Liberal Party of Canada. Or the Conservative Party of the UK. Or the Republican Party of the US. All have become shadows of the parties they once were as they have one by one fallen victim to the cultural Marxism that has swept the West.

As our cultures have been radically altered, so has this change filtered into our political parties, pushed by a liberal/ progressive political class that can now be seen to have slowly and steadily undermined everything those parties once stood for.

In NZ, the National Party is not the only organisation destroyed. ACT has been destroyed. The Libertarians have been destroyed. Even the Labour Party has been adversely affected.

In Canada, the Conservative Party grew due to popular demand for an antidote to the poison that was destroying Canada’s traditional culture. Electing Stephen Harper as its leader in 2004, it snatched power from the Liberal Party (Canada’s National Party) just two years later. Harper has been Canadian PM since 2006.

NZ’s “liberals” are wary. Maybe they feel the contempt rising in the populace. Whatever, something has spurred immense resistance to Colin Craig’s Conservatives among the progressive political class.

The left controlled mainstream media has mostly ignored them or smeared them. However this disdain is nothing compared to the campaign of hate being carried out by the so called “liberals” of the established minor parties and National.

Colin Craig doesn’t go to church, but topping the smears is the lie that the Conservative Party is dominated by “Fundamentalist Christians”. That Craig is a “Pakeha Brian Tamaki“. Here are Colin Craig’s own words on a Q & A session with the Omaru Mail about a month ago.

Question from George- “do you base your policies on good Christian principles?”

Colin Craig- “Hi George. Not a Christian party. Common sense is my main thing and the basis of our policies. Practical results more important than ideology.”

That won’t stop the Progressives. They’ll continue their hate campaign of smears and lies as they feel the political ground slipping away under their feet. My advice is confront them if you have the time, but in the main leave them to the squalor of their putrid condition.

They’ll go the same way as the Liberal Party did in Canada and become relics of history. The Conservative fight back has started. The battle won’t be won today, but in the future.

When I observe these cowardly attacks I am reminded of Charley Reece’s words from a piece written at a time that seems so long ago, when I first started advocating Conservative Politics on usenet in the late nineties, and was forced to deal with an unbelievable level of hate and scorn and intolerance.

With 55,000 votes for NZ’s own Conservative Party over the weekend, how things have changed since then. Charley’s words-

“The pseudo-liberal closely resembles the professional communist. He preaches tolerance while practicing intolerance; he condemns bigotry while being a bigot; he purports to be for open debate while silencing all of his opponents; he says he is for religious tolerance while routinely slandering Christians; he purports to be for multiculturalism while viciously attacking our traditional European culture.

These pseudo-liberals should be recognized for what they are: authoritarians, wearing a disguise, who are the mortal enemies of a free society.”

14 thoughts on “The Progressive’s Hate Campaign Against The Conservative Party

  1. Great post – agree 100% with you on this RB. This was a great result for the Conservative Party considering they didn’t exist a few months ago.


  2. Wish I could say I was surprised all the National Party cheerleaders are trying so hard to smear the Conservative Party with lies.

    Good quote from Charley Reece btw.


  3. Thanks Jay-

    The fake liberals are at it again today, with the normally verbose Kiwiblog diehard Kiwi In America saying-

    “Social conservative/Christian parties have never managed 5% even when Capill was not known as a pedaphile.”

    Can’t help themselves. They have to lie and smear.


  4. Touche’ Red.
    I think many were put off by the ‘wasting your vote’ brigade.
    Huge possibilities here and I feel there could be big support from the provinces.It will not be a pushover for the Nats in the next three years and the CP could benefit from any disillusionment.


  5. “I wonder what he and his progressive liberal playmates are so afraid of?”
    The costs of liberty and personal responsibility.


  6. Good stuff, something to stick your teeth into, I might even join my local electorate to see if I can have an influence in getting them to drop the opposition to asset sales nonsense and push the repeal of the ETS and one law for all with a venegence.


  7. Pinkofreezone-

    Yes, there are many things we may not agree with but for now maybe its best just to concentrate on getting to the ball after the kick off.


  8. Hedz-up folks. Colin Craig is being interviewed by that commie prick Campbell tonight. Might be a good watch, but more likely a beat-pup.


  9. Y’know that is what I find hard to agree with.

    Why the hell deign to appear on a communist show run by a fake journalist?

    The headline would read well if it said

    “Colin Craig refuses to appear on the show because he regards John Campbell as an extreme left partisan and a disgrace to the craft of journalism.”

    Then again, maybe he can handle Campbell. Craig seems fairly adept at dealing with these left wing sham journalists.


  10. That Lindsay Mitchell is another fucken idiot too, I reckon. All of that bullshit that they think is so “freedom-loving” is always destructive in every regard. Either personally destructive (drug use), destructive of well established & functional societal mores (gay adoption) or the literal destruction of others (abortion & euthanasia)


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