Conservative Party at 8% in Herald Online Poll

Despite the ongoing and frantic efforts of the Progressive mainstream media to smear the Conservative Party, it is doing remarkably well in one of the media’s own online polls.

A poll by the hopelessly Progressive NZ Herald has the Conservative Party polling at 8%. Only fourteen points behind the legacy party Labour.

Who’s out of touch with public opinion then?

I’ll tell you-

the oily cowardly little politically partisan brain damaged Progressives drooling away behind their computer screens in the offices of the NZ media industry.

Not to mention some prominent NZ bloggers.

18 thoughts on “Conservative Party at 8% in Herald Online Poll

  1. Good, it’s still holding as yesterday when I looked it was at 9% with approx 45% less votes than your snapshot. National is at 49%, so it’s looking pretty accurate from that perspective. Interesting.


  2. The Convervatives are political novices and not perfect by any means, but it’s good to have a party fly in the face of this destructive progressive bullshit. For me, they need to start getting other spokespeople out there, not just Craig. I don’t want them to run the risk of being another cult party – i.e one centered solely around the leader (Anderton’s Progressives, Peters’ NZ First, Dunne’s UF for example)


  3. Angus,both National and Labour are not far off being cult parties either. Labour has collapsed since Helen left and National is only electable under Key at the moment. But I take your point.
    This phenomenon also shows how shallow politics have become.Seems to be more about personalities rather than policies.


  4. Angus is right. Larry Baldock is a member of the Conservative Party. He a formed MP and a better speaker and far better debater than Colin. I told Colin I will be be voting either for the Conservative Party or NZF but I will not vote for him unless he can get the ratings up. He may be working hard behind the scenes but I can’t see it and neither can the public.

    Just look at his FB and the last entry is 3 September. Look at his website under people and you only see him. Winston lied over funding from Owen Glen just like Banksie has over Dotcom so I would rather my vote go to the Conservative Party provided it is not wasted.

    Colin if you want my vote you have to show me what you are doing and that the Conservative Party is not the CCCP.


  5. Craig might be bit afraid.

    I can understand it.

    The Progressives are out to politically assassinate him for his stand on the redefinition of marriage and also because he is a Christian.

    The Progressives are a substantial force to have to oppose, and anyone who stands up and confronts them is going to pay a heavy personal price.

    I can understand him being a bit hesitant in what to say or do.

    There is a gang of thugs out there just waiting for the opportunity to hammer him.


  6. Colin has to first look at what he what he wants to achieve. I do not know what his priorities are. I believe he has to take a honest look at his own strengths and weaknesses. It does not matter what skill we are talking about we can always improve. It does not matter whether we are talking about public speaking or sport. However, we also have limitations because of our natural ability.

    Colin and Winston agree on two major things – a general conservative stance on moral issues and direct democracy. If he cannot get the ratings up he should consider joining with Winston. My preference would be to see both parties in the next Parliament but he should consider all options.

    Do you know Larry Baldock? Have you seen or heard him speak or debate. He is not perfect and would not be up to Winston or Rodney but he is better than Colin. I think Colin needs to learn to be a team player. Leaders need to be able to lead not dictate.


  7. “Why not you Angus?”

    Me? – I am but a humble electrician . . . I might start going to a few CP meetings though 🙂


  8. I think you’re all right. Colin Craig needs some lessons, and that aside is being understandably cautious given the attacks from the MSM and a couple of leftard bloggers. He needs a good political operative to help navigate the shark-infested waters.

    That said, I really think the Conservative Party should be looking hard for a ‘marquee’ candidate (Craig himself doesn’t have a sufficiently high profile). That candidate could stand in a seat where there’s a National Party MP without a massive majority. It’s a seat that’s definitely winnable.

    Let’s play “what if” for a moment. Let’s say Craig is able to convince a person of strong moral character, a person with a massive public profile and a person who is known to be one of principle. Let’s say Craig manages to convince former All Blacks legend Michael Jones to stand for the Conservatives in 2014. Where would he stand? Well, I reckon for someone like Jones, Maungakiekie would be ideal. It is an electorate with a huge difference in the types of voter, from those in state houses to those in mansions. It is an electorate with a large mix of Maori, PI, Asian and European (I don’t use the ‘P’ word) residents, many of whom follow rugby. Sam Lotu Iiga is not a strong MP, and the Labour Party candidate from 2011 Carol Beaumont is virtually unelectable.

    Jones is a man of the utmost integrity, who has been courted by National to stand for election. All indications are he would like to enter politics, but has not found quite the right opportunity yet. With National formally, officially abandoning its principles in favour of the wet liberals in Caucus, I think Colin Craig would do very well to give Michael Jones a call. I can’t think of another marquee individual whose public persona more neatly fits with Conservative Party principles. With Craig as Leader and Jones coming in as deputy, I reckon they’d make a formidable impression.


  9. I think we have to wait to see what the rules are before looking at tactics. The required percentage may change as well electorate MPS being able to take more MPS with then unless they are above the threshold.


  10. Quite right Chuck, but I was thinking less about Parliamentary representation (I took that as somewhat of a given) and more about profile and credibility with the voting public (who, unlike we politics tragics, only have the lies spread in the MSM as their background info on Mr Craig).


  11. Further to TGG’s comments, the CP need to put a good showing in Epsom too. This time round I reckon they will decide to retire Mr Banks and consign ACT to oblivion. Most of those ACT on Campus types (who are the only vocal element left) would be better off joining the Labour Party . . perhaps injecting a small dose of economic sanity into it.


  12. Perhaps the new blood for the NZ Conservative party can be sourced from NZ expats operating at various levels in Australian politics.
    Where they will have learned much.

    Unlikely, it’s hard to keep a straight face when you return to NZ and watch the Fabian Nats vs Cloth Capped Labour furiously agree on everything except the marketing.


  13. @Angus, I don’t see Banks surviving the Dotcom donation scandal. And if Banks goes, it will finally be the end of ACT.


  14. “he should consider joining with Winston” – the principled with the populist?
    “personalities rather than policies” – the fault of the media as much as the voters – the presidential-style campaigns at the last few elections have not been helpful.


  15. Chuck, he should stay as far away from Winston as he can possibly get! The Conservative Party needs to remain a party of principle, and it cannot do that if it cozies up to a party led by a man without any! Let Banks cozy up to Winston!


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