Spineless Nats Show Once Again They’re Prisoners of Bureaucracy

There was no good reason to lower the drink driving limit. John Key and the Nat’s weak capitulation on the issue shows once again that they’re just spineless ideological drifters. Whenever there’s a choice between taking some small step to preserve freedom, or caving into self serving bureaucracy, the Nationals and John Key will choose the latter.

I am not going to go into any great detail on the issue of why lowering the limit is unjustified, for I believe that if you’re a reader of TrueblueNZ you’re smart enough to have done the research for yourself, and you understand what an utter crock this is.

What is more important is it shows once again that the Nats are just a clueless bunch of knee jerk poll driven cowards and losers. Useless in any kind of mission to turn this country around. They don’t get it and they never will get it. Give them your vote next election if you want this country to continue to sink into the socialist mire.

3 thoughts on “Spineless Nats Show Once Again They’re Prisoners of Bureaucracy

  1. Key and his pale pink gang have no intention of turning NZ around.
    Their mission is to take it the same place Helen was headed, but doing so slowly and smoothly so as not to frighten the sheep.
    And they’ve been brilliantly successful at that, so far.


  2. I was fuming when I saw Key announce this change. Analysis of the facts show these changes will not make any difference but will further penalise the average kiwi.
    Key just caves in to his advisors all the time.He does not have the ability to think for himself.
    The progs continue to win under National.


  3. It’s pretty simple to see what the drink-drive laws should be.

    If your car is worth less than say $50,000 – blood alcohol limit of zero.
    If your car is worth more, no limit & no testing.

    This simple rule would end all accidents due to drunken driving.


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