Appalling Media Group Think on Communist Terrorist Mandela

mandelacommunistsmallThe western media and the NZ media in particular are fawning over Mandela to an extent that is nauseating. To provide some truth and balance, I have posted the excellent comment below made by Mawm on my friend Crusader Rabbit’s site.

“The Blacks in South Africa had the highest standard of living in sub Saharan Africa during apartheid. The migrants from Mocambique, Malawi, Zambia, Rhodesia, and Botswana during that time will attest to that. Since the ANC takeover South Africa has gone backwards in all measures of development (no matter how much they adjust and manipulate the figures) and the rise of the African billionaire (all cronies of the inner circle) has been phenomenal. Poor old average Joe is still poor, uneducated and now unemployed. And if you are a young white male your only hope is to emigrate.

Mandela was a violent man. At the same time that MLK and Gandhi were calling for peaceful resistance, Mandela and his ANC were blowing up women and children of all races. He was imprisoned for his acts of terrorism and continued to espouse violence from inside gaol. He was offered his freedom in exchange for renouncing violence, which he turned down. He is lauded for stopping the country from descending into civil war (it had already being going on since his declaration of “the armed struggle” in 1961) but in reality he was given large amounts of money by business South Africa to keep the peace. He continued with his self enrichment through corrupt deals (The Arms Deal) and siphoning money donated to his Children’s Fund to his own children’s fund.

He is a creation of the Anti Apartheid Movement which was run by Moscow (in their effort to tumble the white government which was their biggest obstacle to their expansionist dreams in Africa), that false image being promoted and repeated by the BBC and The Guardian and other media worldwide. To this day the majority of the senior ANC politicians and top appointees in the Military, Police, etc. are members of the South African Communist Party. In fact the South African Government is a tripartite alliance between the ANC, the SACP and the Congress of South African Trade Unions.

During the last 30 years of Apartheid approximately 70 deaths occurred in police custody and there were 20 000 deaths as a result of political violence. Last year alone there were 900 deaths in police custody and the Truth and Reconciliation Committee figures breaks down those political deaths into approximately 8 000 at the hands of the Security Forces and 12 000 through black on black violence as the ANC eliminated its opposition, mainly the Zulu nationalist party Inkatha. This includes the death of ANC cadres fighting with the Marxist Angolan Forces in Southern Angola that were killed by South African troops.

Every single incident of white-on-black violence during apartheid was beamed around the world, meanwhile nothing is said about the genocide against white farmers (3 000+ since the ANC takeover), many having been tortured first in the most horrible manner imaginable, or the black on white murders. From January to November this year there have been 100 whites murdered by blacks in which there is evidence of a “hate crime” having been committed. Not one of these has been reported by the MSM. Of course the number of white South Africans murdered far exceeds these numbers.

The African farm labourers were most usually the victims of white-on-black violence during apartheid, but this was the exception rather than the rule. Africa has many uneducated, unsophisticated people who were employed as farm labourers. They would usually be housed along with their family, clothed and fed (the whole lot). Farmers that I knew also allowed them to cultivate a certain bit of land as their own, allowed then to graze their cattle (traditionally their form of wealth) and even built schools and employed teachers for their children. The current redistribution of land means that many farms are going into the hands of the well connected African, most of them have subsequently evicted these labourers from the farm. Well over a million African labourers are now adrift and less than 20% of these farms are still productive. There used to be 80 000 commercial farmers, now there are only 20 000 and South Africa has, for the first time, become a net importer of food.”

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Video- ANC Violence In Sth Africa (Dont watch unless you’re prepared to be horrified and saddened)

16 thoughts on “Appalling Media Group Think on Communist Terrorist Mandela

  1. Good for you, Redbaiter. (and Mawm)
    Telling the truth about this POS will bring the drooling moron trolls of the left out in droves, of course. They dislike having the adoration of their heroes ruined by the truth.


    • No. You don’t get it. The left love hearing that Mandela was a communist who liked nothing better than to go out of an evening with an AK-47 and some semtex, blow up a white children’s hospital or two and then gun down more “whiteys” on the way home.

      that’s why they love him so much!

      Their adoration for Taame “Mandela” Iti flows from exactly the same impulse — that this is what they would be doing if they had the guts. Of course, Iti had much less guts than Mandela – how many Whiteys did Iti kill?

      Why else call yourself “Bomber” if you didn’t really want to bomb the “white male capitalist power structure”? (Kind of an odd desire in a fundamentally communist country like NZ, but then they’re too stupid to realise that too)

      If NZ ever gets a democratic, capitalist, government, we have to accept that the first task for that government will be to set up something like the Buro vir Burgerlike Samewerking and to ensure we eliminate the treat of terrorists, their front organisations, and their passive supporters from NZ.

      But Mandela must teach us one thing: we must not make the basic error of public trials of terrorists, imprisoning them whether for 2 years or 20 years, and then letting them go.


  2. I’m 23 years old and my parents are quite left-wing. Fortunately I’ve managed to educate myself about these issues. When blacks kill whites it’s just as shameful as whites killing blacks. I wish New Zealand had television stations that bothered to delve into the issues, instead of giving them a glance.


    • What do you expect when most of the TV is state owned, and NZ has the most left-wing government in the country’s history.

      But that’s what you get when you “choose” to live in one of the last bastions of communism…


    • When blacks kill whites it’s just as shameful as whites killing blacks

      There is a huge difference between random criminal violence, and communist-align terrorism.

      One can arguably repent of criminality, give up the aims of crime.
      Once cannot repent of terrorism, not when the aim is to achieved by the ballot box rather than the armalite (or Semtex, or Molotov Cocktail)


  3. Thank you Redbaiter and Mawm

    But Mawm, what do you think of one of your countrymen, a new New Zealander, saying the following according to the Herald?

    “Coming from South Africa, where the racial topic is a negative, here it’s actually a positive. I actually quite like the way everyone is so integrated and gets along.”

    NO, we don’t get along and are not integrated—far from it.

    Mawm, we are heading in the same direction in NZ in which this guy is running away from, yet here he is endorsing the same direction.

    Check out the context here:


  4. Terry, google the man and you’ll find out that he wants to make a spectacle of himself at every opportunity. Believe me the majority of expat South Africans that I know do not have the same opinion.


  5. The sad truth is that Angry Tory is right. The socialist left loves their murderous brethren and idolize them. It is why Obama began his political career in the home of two unrepentant domestic terrorists. It is why violent lefties are hired as college professors at elite schools when they are released from prison. They dream of emulating the acts of murder and violence that their heroes have committed in the past, but are too cowardly to commit such acts themselves. So they hide it and only speak about their secret wishes to those who share their passion for the leftist cause.

    The real tragedy about Mandela’s death is that the media will see to it that he is remembered as a hero. They did the same with Che Guevara. The public will grow to love him for his forged persona and a new myth of a leftist hero will be firmly established. I’m willing to bet that even Stalin will be lauded as a hero in 50 years or so.


  6. Astonishing to see the lame group think of NZ’s mainstream media on twitter. All banging the same drum like good little commies. Andrea Vance, Patrick Gower, Jessica Williams, (who blocked me for failing to show the correct degree of reverence for Mandela.)

    They are a poisonous anti-democratic stain on our western civilisation. The craft of journalism has been destroyed by these pretenders and the mainstream media is worthless as any kind of information source. It exists solely as an outlet for the likes of Vance and Gower et al to promote their racist progressive propaganda.

    Vance went to Mandela’s funeral and sent back the most sickeningly fawning dispatches. Totally ignoring the state of SA today where scores of children are raped and murdered every week as black communists run riot. These scum would have worked for Pravda five decades ago. Now they have assumed control of the media of the free world and are using it to the same end that Pravda was once used.


  7. “Now they have assumed control of the media of the free world and are using it to the same end that Pravda was once used.”
    Absolutely. And unfortunately, there’ll be no walk down to the Lubyanka cellars at midnight for the assholes.


  8. I recently read Jamie Glazov’s “United in Hate” and all this fawning over the commie terrorist Mandela reminded me of his comments that the left’s adulation reaches fever pitch at exactly the same point that their idol is committing their worst atrocities, eg Pol Pot, Stalin, Castro, Sadinistas, the list goes on.


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