Bundy Ranch Rebellion- A stand against cultural decline

Nevada cowboys face down Obama's paramilitary thugs

Nevada cowboys face down Obama’s paramilitary thugs

While NZ blithely continues to bask in the warmth of the progressive autumn, big things are happening in the US and these events will possibly be the first real hint of a rebellion that has simmered for some time. At the Bundy ranch in Nevada, a heavily armed federal government paramilitary force was repelled by the people.

After issuing threats that the protesters “would need to have their funeral insurance paid up”, the feds retreated from the confrontation, backing down the narrow country road behind riot shields when cowboys on horses and carrying “don’t tread on me flags” faced them down.

Now I haven’t been too active on this blog lately, and part of the reason for this is that I haven’t really found any issue that I feel passionate enough about to write on. However the Bundy ranch rebellion, and the widespread failure of so many to understand the real significance of this event has given me that impetus.

Much has been made by the left of the unlawfulness of Cliven Bundy’s stance. Well, maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t, but it’s not really the core of the issue.

The real reason so many patriots turned up at the Bundy ranch was because they saw the event as a flashpoint to express their discontent at the widespread criminality abroad in the US govt today. For example:

  • Elections are won by fraud and deceit. Thousands of votes have been entered by people who have been dead for years. Or the same person has voted numerous times, or entirely fake personas have been used to enter votes. We know this but virtually nothing happens.
  • The IRS and other govt departments are being used as political weapons to silence and intimidate opponents of Progressivism/ the Democrats. In fact it is possible to hypothesize that the election was stolen by Obama by means of the IRS’s illegal actions against Tea Party groups. The perpetrators of these crimes, (Obama IRS flunkies and supporters) continue to avoid justice.
  • Govt law enforcement agencies, including the Bureau of Land Managment that surrounded the Bundy farm with snipers and automatic weapons, are being armed and organized and supplied in the manner of the armed forces. This is to me a clear intent by the Obama administration to circumvent the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 that is designed to prevent the country’s armed forces from ever being used against its citizens. This technical law breaking goes completely unchallenged.
  • The President is a fraud, using a fake Social Security number and with a fake birth certificate. He admits he was born in Kenya, and in direct convention of the clause of the constitution designed to prevent such an occurrence, we now have a foreigner in charge of the country and as its Commander in Chief. We know this outrageous circumstance, but virtually nothing happens.
  • Brave men died at Benghazi while Obama and Hillary Clinton fiddled. Those murdered asked for help defending against overwhelming odds and it was refused. So they died. We know this happened as a result of abject cowardice and we know its been covered up, (with laughable claims that a youtube video caused the attack) but virtually nothing happens.
  • Millions of invaders largely hostile to the Constitutional Republic cross the border from Mexico and rather than being repelled they are offered welfare and citizenship and voting rights. The Sherriff who tries to enforce the law is subjected to law suits from the Obama administration. We know this but nothing happens.
  • In a move that is the most ominous of all, and while plans to confiscate the people’s arms are solidifying, senior defence force personnel with a Conservative bent are being replaced by Progressives. This is being done surreptitiously and with no explanation as to why it is necessary. Where are the questions from the Republican Party?

And in the end, all of this is just a monolithic criminal cultural force being shoved down the throats of people who understand that the whole purpose of the founding fathers in establishing the Constitutional Republic was to STOP EXACTLY THESE KIND OF THINGS HAPPENING.

The US is one of the greatest counties in the world and it is that way because it is a Constitutional Republic and the men who established it were wise and prescient. However recent decades have seen that Constitution degraded and abused and the US is now a shadow of the country it once was. Painful to observe such a valuable pillar of civil govt and civil society, the document that provided the blueprint for America’s past success, treated with utter contempt. US culture has been purposefully degraded with the intent of destroying the Constitutional Republic and paving the way for a socialist slave state.

The Bundy ranch rebellion wasn’t about grazing rights. It was a tipping point. It was to send a message to misguided Progressives and their heavily armed bureaucracies and their cowardly flunkies in the media that we’ve had enough, and we’re not going to take it anymore.

Video of confrontation you probably won’t see in Obama’s News and Information Bureau posing as the mainstream media. Never forget, we NZers owe the US the greatest of debts for their sacrifices in WWII, and we should support American patriots now when they are under attack from within their own country.

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  1. Good to read you again RB. I too have not written on my own blog since I offered a $200 reward for info that the Establishment wants buried. I’m disgusted with the lack of action. THIS was action, and I commend your breaking your silence on its behalf. I’m still pissed off though cuz free peoples need much more than this, and I see too many are steers.


    • Thanks for those kind words Pascal. Yes, we need more but this could be the catalyst for an increased level of action. Just needed a unifying point.


  2. Good to see you back Red. Yes saw this one on Alex Jones’ “INFO WARS”. Those real Americans sure are a breath of fresh air.


    • Yes, that’s assuming its over. There’s still a chance of bloodshed according to some reports. The important point about these militarized bureaucracies is that they are just a legal way around the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 (that prevents the Army being used against American citizens). In effect the massive amount of militarised law enforcement agencies is a clear breach of the spirit of this act, and yet another reason that underpins the legality of a rebellion against an illegal regime.


      • Absolutely–which is why the Obama regime has been making military-grade hardware available at knock-down prices to local police forces.
        I haven’t forgotten the Kenyan bastard’s promises to “fundamentally transform America” and to create a civilian army every bit as powerful as the military.
        That makes police officers and armed bureaucrats legitimate targets in my view.


  3. As a libertarian I don’t agree with all your points, for example I believe in open immigration, however you’re right in that the Bundy story is important for showing a growing groundswell against Obamamarx, plus how all the gains from the American Revolution are largely destroyed in the United Police States now.

    Loved the video at end.


  4. Mark, given that you rightly express reverence for the Constitutional Republic why would you support an illegal immigration policy that really amounts to an invasion by a majority of Mexicans who have no reverence for or real understanding of the benefits of the Constitutional Republic?

    Surely if you support the Constitution and simultaneously recognise the Republic is under threat from the Obama regime, then you cannot support that regime in a strategy that is clearly designed to break down respect for the Constitution.

    Obama and the left know the Constitution is their greatest obstacle to the destruction of the Republic and its replacement by a democratic socialist state. That is why they do not teach students about the Constitution. That is why they want the Constitution re-written. That is why they seek to pervert the intent of the Constitution.

    That is why they encourage illegal immigration, an invasion of foreigners who don’t have any reverence for the Constitution and will vote Democrat because they don’t care if the Democrats destroy it.

    All this is a strategy designed to sideline the constitution and make it irrelevant in socialist America. The Mexican invasion is a big part of this.

    I don’t see how you can reconcile support for illegal immigration with your reverence for the Constitutional Republic.

    Yeah, the video is great. Really inspirational. So good to see those feds backing down the road.


    • Busy now, so I’ll either come back and answer your queries on open immigration, or I’ll blog and give you a heads up. That could be six months away, but I’ll always get round to it.

      Note, though, in my world there is no welfare state, so all immigrants have to be self-reliant.


      • Thanks Mark, appreciate you’re busy. Point though is not welfare but to take the argument to its extreme, whether millions of lawless barbarians would bring anything to a sophisticated civilisation.


  5. Ah, you are back; I was getting worried there for a while.

    Great video, Red. So now we really begin to see what the second amendment is all about, and why the Obama regime wants to control guns. I followed this story with interest as well, and I was quite impressed by the support Bundy got overnight which literally disarmed the Feds.

    But I don’t think the problem has gone away; Bundy owes them a million bucks and they want it. However, the real question I have is this; why does the federal government own so much land in Nevada (around 80% as I understand it)? That seems to be the core of the problem, I would think.

    Overall, Red, I don’t think much will change in America until the GOP can control both the House and Senate and of course until conservatives control the GOP. And nothing will get them there while Obama has the cheque book feeding the welfare addiction. America is in deep shit and the world knows it; Putin is laughing at America while he chips away at Ukraine.


    • Anyone thinking of surrendering their weapons to the Obama regime only has to look at history of the left to know what a bad mistake that would be. Obama & the Democrats typify the kind of monolithic self righteous governments that have underpinned the rise of totalitarianism throughout history. His contempt for the Constitution (and the same contempt from his supporters) is proof he is exactly the kind of leader the Constitution was designed to filter out. Murder comes easy to these scum & you can see them preparing for it with the rise of militarised enforcement agencies and plans for a civil army. For what? To force dissenters to submit to Progressivism and to shoot them if they don’t.

      Good question on the feds owning land. They shouldn’t own any.

      As for the GOP, hopeless and like the Nats in NZ, they have existed merely as enablers while the Progs have assumed power both culturally and politically. New blood in the style of Cruz and Trey Gowdy is the only hope there.

      Read your blog most days. Keep up the good work and most importantly of all, keep speaking out. We must speak out.


      • You are right on, Redbaiter! The American Revolution 2.0 has been made inevitable by traitors who have ended the peaceful democratic process. This leaves only the option of RAW NAKED FORCE on the table, I say may God have mercy on the Left and the Federal Government in America, because the patriots won’t. American Revolution 2.0 will be a bloodbath that will make the French Revolution look like a Sunday picnic. SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS! In the words of the blue eyed killer of the U.S. Civil War, General Stonewall Jackson, “I don’t want them prisoners, I want them DEAD!”


  6. “Note, though, in my world there is no welfare state, so all immigrants have to be self-reliant.”
    Is one tiny, tiny fraction of the question of open borders. Self-reliant or not, massive immigration swamps and distorts the host culture.
    The definition of ‘self-reliant’ would be highly flexible, open to manipulation and in any case wouldn’t filter out the violent and fanatical.
    Just read the “Misguided Advocates of Open Borders” article and tell us where the author is wrong. Point by point.
    NZ Libertarians are utopian clowns who urgently need to go and live in Somalia or Afghanistan or any other third-world shithole to get a dose of how the world really works outside their little protected bubble.


    • NZ Libertarians are leftist (that is communist) clowns.

      Marx, Lenin, and Stalin believed in “open borders” – anybody who wanted to immigrate into the USSR was welcomed with open arms. The only good thing about the Marx/Lenin/Stalinsts – unlike today’s bludger-friendly Western Communist governments – is that there was no dole, no welfare.

      From each according to his ability meant if you didn’t “work” you didn’t eat!


      • One can tell a lot about a country by it’s border controls. Western countries have border controls to keep people out, Communist countries have border controls to keep people in.



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    • Amazing that this piece of excrement can refer to Bundy & supporters as “domestic terrorists” and suffer no push back from GOP (or Democrats) for this outrageous lie. The Marxist scum should be expelled from senate for such dog whistling.


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