Benefits a Communist Govt Might Bring To NZ’s Far Left Political Spectrum

socialist-HappyChainsIt amuses me to see National supporters rubbing their hands in glee over poll results that frequently place them as the most popular party. Not too long ago, these same voters thought Helen Clark was the best thing since sliced bread. In my opinion, all the Nats have managed to do is persuade these same low information voters that National represents a better choice than Labour etc. Disappointingly this persuasion is not manifested by any real changes to NZ’s socialist slave condition, but more by means of John Key’s self promotion. Smiling and joking with the likes of extreme left media personalities like John Campbell and generally making himself look like an alright guy.

So the pukes who kept Helen Clark in power for 9 years are now possibly going to keep the hapless Key in power for the same time or maybe even longer. When I protest at Key’s lamentable inability to provide any real political leadership, I’m frequently told by party die hards that its impossible because socialism is today too firmly embedded in the NZ psyche, and any attempt to confront this would undoubtedly end in electoral disaster for National.

I don’t actually agree with this. I think a real leader, which Key is so clearly not, would have the ability to articulate policies to the voters and convince them that the policies would work. Key can’t do this because he has no conviction. He’s an empty suit that merely wants to complete the bucket list he wrote for himself as a pimply faced state house adolescent. Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan on the other hand were politicians who did have convictions, and because they believed in them so strongly were able to articulate them and sway voters to their point of view.

However let’s assume that what the Nat die hards claim is true, and that NZ cannot be led from the socialist mire by even Thatcher or Reagan if they were reincarnated here. It could be true, for we all know the story of lemmings who apparently cannot be persuaded from launching themselves en masse off cliffs, and probably as they plunge to their deaths, still think they’re having a wonderful time until everything turns black.

If no politician exists with the ideas and conviction and rhetoric to divert NZ from its determination to self destruct, what would do it? Only one thing I reckon, and that is a good three to six years immersed in real Communist government. So lets get on with it. I’m tired of seeing NZ’s political condition being a knife edged balance between extreme left socialism and far left socialism. In other words the Labour Party and the Greens on one side and the Nats and a few confused dimwits on the other. (Leaving the racist factor of the Maori party aside for the moment)

Let’s give these dimbulb swinging voters what they think they want and let Norman and Turei and Cunliffe or whoever run the country for a while. God knows we would at least be achieving more that way in altering NZ’s psyche than if the Nats continue to govern under the leadership of the grinning nitwit Progressive Key.

Let the extreme left have it, and let them lead us over the cliff, and only then might NZ voters wake up to the real results of their abject political indifference. While its happening, the National Party could be rejuvenated, with all of the bumbling socialist nitwits who don’t even know the party’s founding principles exist and how important they are, replaced by people who do know this. Or maybe we gain enough from the resulting disillusion that a real Conservative Party could rise from the ashes.

Maybe there’s people out there who would disagree with this solution on the grounds that it is too painful, however my own view is that its easier to bear intense pain for a shorter period than it is to have it nagging at you for a lifetime. However the more compelling argument is that it could save us from an eventual worse dose of potentially fatal pain if the status quo continues. (with apologies to my friends who might not be as isolated from political/social collapse as I might be)

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  1. There were plenty of people in communist countries who liked it just fine. Apparatchiks and dimbulbs who felt secure in the embrace of the all-knowing State…..
    I have a feeling that NZ has enough battery hens that even after ten years of communism, the will to return to a form of real conservatism wouldn’t be there.
    And neither would be the means, short of revolution, because by then voting would be as farcical as it is in Zimbabwe.
    Back to the drawing board, RB. 😉


  2. Yeah, I guess the most obvious flaw in the plan is that everybody who cared would just clear off to Australia. Leaving a bunch of Sth Pacific Cubans to wallow in squalor. A bit like it is now only worse. 🙂


    • Any real reforms to NZ – whether the kind of reforms ACT should insist upon, or the kind that National’s principles demand – or extreme-left Green/MANA fantasies – or even “Tino Rangatiratanga” – restricting the vote to Maori and confiscating all others’ property – would lead to an immediate end to NZ’s visa-free entry to Aus.

      So that’s why Australia “slamming its doors” to NZ immigrants is one of the criteria I use to decide if reforms are “real” or not. If Australia doesn’t slam the doors, the reforms aren’t real.


  3. I could ask to live in Australia, New Zealand, or Canada. The thing is I would be facing the same there as I am here in the US. Fighting the roaches called Communist. It is either take a stand in my home land or somebodies elses country. There is no running from it, have to take a stand.some where. I don’t think these roaches are going to give us choice in the matter if we want to remain free, in words of Reagan “we must fight’,.


    • NZ is a communist country. Australia and Canada are not there yet, but still much more communist than the US. So if you hate communism, why would you even consider NZ?


  4. The US benefits so much from the foresight and planning of their founders Angel. (And of course the rebels who fought off the English.) So you got the best of your English/ European heritage with govt tempered by your Constitution.

    You were given a Constitutional Republic and this is the most wonderful thing. Its as if those men could see into the future and now the evil of socialism would eventually strike all of the West, and with this Constitution they gifted you the best ever means to defeat that evil.

    Not NZ or Australia or Canada has that benefit of being a Constitutional Republic. So we are all caught in a vile trap that sees our countries collapsing and apparently there’s nothing we can do but watch as Socialism manifests the worst of itself and plunges our countries into misery and defeat.

    However not the US. Your founders gave you the Constitutional Republic and with this you can stop the socialists. So you have good reason to stay and fight Angel, because you are backed up by one of the greatest documents on liberty ever written, and the best system of govt in the world.

    I’m not American Angel, although have spent considerable time in the US, and I know the real Americans I met in places way out back of Amarillo and Houston and Dallas and in Ohio and Wyoming and Utah so many other places are some of the finest people I have ever met in my life.

    So you have every reason to stay and fight Angel, and you have to for if the Tea Party goes under, that’s the end of your Constitutional Republic and also an event that tolls most surely the eventual death of freedom in the West.


  5. “I have a feeling that NZ has enough battery hens that even after ten years of communism, the will to return to a form of real conservatism wouldn’t be there.”

    Red, I agree with KG; socialism is so entrenched in this country that I doubt even a hard dose of communism would make much difference.

    New Zealand is only a few steps behind Sweden, and the mindset of the mass is the same. And there is no way back from that under our present so-called democracy given as you say we have “extreme left socialism and far left socialism” representing us. I am afraid we’ll have to wait until we have a total economic collapse, and then and only then will people change, and then and only then will they begin to pick up guns—because that will inevitably be the only way back from this mess.


  6. Yes Terry. I would feel better about it if there was at least one party out there advocating a real hardline alternative to Progressivism. People can’t vote for ideas that they don’t even know exist. Craig seems to have become very confused about where he’s coming from of late. ACT is still dicking around with their “socially liberal” persona so I’m not interested in them. If they dug up Maggie Thatcher and brought her down here propped up with sticks I might vote for her.


  7. Red, I find myself increasingly agreeing with your proposition that anti-Socialists should clear the field and let the freak show coalition take over. The prospect of Karl Marx (Cunliffe) for PM and Mao (Norman) for Deputy, perhaps with Mussolini (Peters) as Foreign Affairs Minister and Al Sharpton (Hatfield/Harawira) for Social Development would be nothing if not an amusing life-lesson in being careful what you wish for.

    But tempering that are two things. First, my daughter’s generation will grow up to inherit what we leave them, and I cannot in all good conscience gift them the ruins of whatever that collection of Marxists, Maoists, Racists and Xenophobes would make of my once-great little nation. Secondly, I very much doubt it would be a short, sharp, painful lesson. After all, it’s taken 40 years of socialism for Venezuela to finally collapse, and Cuba hasn’t even after 55 years.

    So my fear is, once we leave the field, it will be a long, long time before the lemmings wake up and realise what they’ve lost.

    Therefore, I battle on. I simply don’t see any other way. I agree there is not a single voice on the political landscape which represents my views, and also that (because the one thing of which most kiwis are genuinely terrified is being responsible for themselves) a party which did espouse values of low taxes, small government, individual liberty and personal responsibility would be incredibly unpopular. So once again I am forced to hold my nose and cast a vote for the least of several bad options, in the hope enough people will do the same to save my country from the worst version of itself.


    • I am not to familiar with New Zealand’s politics but I Was under the impression you had an Conservative party or did that party hitch a ride with another on the wrong side?


      • Sadly,Angel, “conservative” here in the Cuba of the South Pacific is a relative term. Is the current government openly economically Marxist and looking to nationalise major sectors of the economy (like both of the major opposition parties)? No, but sadly under the current “conservative” government: (a) the definition of marriage has been changed to allow homosexuals to “marry”,
        (b) welfare rolls – both in terms of the number of people receiving welfare and the amount they receive – are higher than at any time in our history
        (c) we are the only nation on God’s green earth with an all-emissions, all-industries Cap & Trade scheme
        (d) people whose genealogy includes one specific racial heritage are considered “more” than other citizens and as a result are on the receiving end of affirmative action schemes of a type that would make Al (not-so) Sharpton’s mouth water
        (e) we have single-payer health care and education of a type that would make Emperor Barry’s mouth water.

        There are many, many, many other examples but I won’t go on as I think I’ve made my point.


        • Is the current government openly economically Marxist and looking to nationalise major sectors of the economy

          but all the major sectors of the economy are already effectively Nationalised either in actual state ownership (Power, Rail, Road, Airlines) or so heavily regulated (Fonterra, Telecom/Vodafone, etc etc) that there’s no difference.

          Labour’s plan isn’t stupid because it Nationalises something that’s currently in private hands: it’s stupid because it will cost a few billion dollars and make absolutely no difference


  8. Well guys & girls, its seems we all agree that socialism if it continues will lead to a collapse, so unless there is a real remedy on the table (and I don’t see it myself) that leaves only one question- is it better for the collapse to occur sooner or later?


    • Well you know what Lenin said: intensity the contradictions!

      exactly what you are saying here.


      • Andrew, I was making statement about it wouldn’t matter where I went I would still have the same in another country as here in the US. I wouldn’t be able to run from it. It is better to take a stand in one’s own country. I am sorry if it didn’t sound that way.


  9. NZ already has a communist government and has had a communist government since at least 1995.

    If borrowing a billion dollars a month for the last 6 years doesn’t count as “taking NZ over the cliff” I wonder what would?
    – legalising gay marriage
    – flying the tino rangatiratanga (“whiteys go home”) flag on the harbour bridge?
    – giving Taame’s Tuhoe Terrorists $50 Million Dollars
    – raising benefit payments to the highest levels ever recorded in NZ?
    – banning smoking, drinking, legal highs, …

    Key had the most marvellous opportunity to turn things around after the Earthquake and GFC.
    What did he do? Borrow a Billion dollars a month and spent the lot on welfare.

    Even Radio NZ called Key a communist:

    And remember, neither Maggie nor Ronnie nor Roger ever cut benefits – the only Western minster to cut benefits was NZ’s own Ruthanasia.


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