How electing David Cunliffe will improve upon NZ’s socialist condition

david_cunliffe_523525c430Well, my suggestions for a dose of Communism didn’t seem to go over that well. Which got me thinking about other solutions. And I suddenly worked it out.

Cunliffe is finding it hard to get votes. Why? I think because Key has dragged the Nats so far left Labour has nowhere to go but further left,and that isn’t really palatable to a lot of swinging voters.

So how does Cunliffe get votes? He capitalises on National’s ideological confusion. At the moment Nat supporters are so befuddled by John Key that they’ll support any silly idea if they perceive it as backing Key, or showing loyalty to the party. No matter how left wing that idea may be. The Nats under Key are hopelessly ideologically lost.

If you look at the political map, there’s not really anywhere to go for Labour. Unless they adopt an old and tried battlefield strategy and try to outflank the enemy. How? They attack National’s Archille’s heel. What Cunliffe should do is:

  • Divorce himself completely from the Greens and recant any interest in environmentalism. The Greens are anti-Labour. They don’t want to make things or do anything that provides jobs for workers. Across the West, the Greens are killing jobs and investment, and therefore employment, and this is the angle Cunliffe should take when he turns his back on them.
  • Divorce himself from any Maori cause and advocate for the abolition of the Maori seats. This is a chord that will resonate with so many NZers and it will bring in a big swag of votes from people fed up with the looting of the public purse carried out by the “Maori” or those traveling on the “Treaty of Waitangi” gravy train.

These two points will pull the rug out from under National, who are right now held captive by Nick Smith’s Blue Greens, and the Maori Party. Votes would begin to flow to Cunliffe if he adopted this strategy. (At the least it can’t give him any worse result than what he’s trying now. IOW. what’s Cunliffe got to lose)

“What is the benefit in having Cunliffe as PM?” I hear you ask. Not much unless he adopts the above two strategies. Because what it then does is forces National back to a more identifiable political position.

If Cunliffe wins on those strategies, Key will be dumped or resign as Nats leader and any replacement will be forced right if they want to compete with Labour. Hopefully the first step in returning National to its founding principles and unseating the John Key/ Cameron Slater Progressive faction that now controls it.

Does this scenario suggest a better solution than the previous post? Only one term of Labour and a revitalised National if things work out OK. 🙂

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    • Yeah, the flaw in this argument of course is that Cunliffe and his advisers probably don’t have the necessary political wisdom to see the advantage in going right. They’ll go further left and lose, and we’ll have the useless Key and the useless National Party for another term.


      • I am going to add my two cents. It does seem to me when it comes to go to the ballot box, you are going to be your holding nose either way you go. Especially if Cunliffe you are talking about divorces the two things you mention. The way you talk Cunliffe sounded just so so. Of course I could I missed understood what you said in the post.

        Perhaps, another solution you could examine would be to have people like you and Gnatt Guy run for an Office. People who care for your country, who cares where your country is going, and its people. Of course, this is just a suggestion. It is time to think out of the box for new solutions.


        • “Perhaps, another solution you could examine would be to have people like you and Gnatt Guy run for an Office”

          Lafayetteangel, I’ll back you on that one; we need a person who really understands it; I personally think he should be running as a candidate for the Conservative Party or at least advising them.


      • Cunliffe & Co (OK mostly Grant Robertson and Shane Jones) are attacking National from the right – and those attacks are the ones that should hit hardest.

        Whether it’s sweetheart deals (Casinos, Smelter, Warners), general incompetence (Parata, Novopay), corruption (Collins) or even big policies like Super or CGT – these are all coming in from Labour from the right of National.

        But NZ’s other problem of course is that the parties to the right of National are a joke. Jamie “Incest” Whyte and Colin “Chemtrails” Craig. Give me a BREAK. Sorry, but with those idiots around, why the fuck should I worry about Russel Norman having some marginal portfolio in a Labour government? (Norman at least isn’t an idiot: ideological, yes, idiot, no). Anyone who thinks Labour would cut their own throats with Norman as finance minister is completely crazy.

        Every time anyone – even if it’s Labour – lands a hit on National from the right ACT and the Conservatives and the blogs should be piling in. Parata and Collins should be gone.
        The Smelter deal is union-loving Muldoonism of the very worst kind.
        The Casino deal is more of the same.

        Instead all we are left with is pro-Key bias (not even leftist or rightist, just pro-Key)
        Labour loses one front-bencher: it’s a tragedy, it shows they’re going to lose.
        National loses several extremely competent ministers and a bunch of ambitious back-benchers: because National is sure to win again?


  1. Unfortunately true. It’s a good strategy that would require balls and honesty. So it’ll never happen.
    In any case, I reckon it would scare the pants off a lot of the sheeple. They prefer a kind of numb resignation which they mistake for stability.


  2. It’s a far better strategy than the former communist one, but it will never happen; they will never do what you suggest; I think they will continue the candy approach and drag pliable Key further to the left. Labour has never had a more ‘progressive’ leader at the helm of their so-called opposition, so why would they go out of their way to displace him? I envisage a lot candy will be on their agenda which Key will match, so either way the far left win.

    And besides that, now that Jones has gone, Cunliffe will find it even harder to get votes because Jones was pretty much the only traditional guy left in the party; now they are left with a complete cesspit of progressive idiots who would never buy into pulling the rug out from under Key’s Maori gravy train, etc.


    • So, only now, do you understand: you should’ve voted for Phil Goff last time around.

      What will finally do in Key is that he won’t be able to “smile-n-wave” hard enough to cover up the incompetence of Parata, Collins, Joyce and all the rest.


  3. Thank you for saying what I’ve been thinking for some time, Red. It simply isn’t possible to out-Left the John Key National Party, so Labour’s only choice is to re-make itself as the party of Douglas and Prebble, making an end-run around on the Right. Of course, it will never happen with Silent T at the helm and the self-serving unionists and gaggle of gays at the oars, but it is the only chance they have. Cuddling up to the Greens – as the Australian Labor Party discovered – is a sure-fire route to oblivion.

    In reply to LafayetteAngel, while I can’t speak for Red what I will say for myself is something similar to what Bill Whittle said at Ted Cruz’s Freedom Rally recently. My background and history are far too interesting to ever be made public!

    On top of that, (a) none of the major parties would entertain me as a candidate as my views are too “extreme” and (b) very, very few of the frightened sheeple would vote for me. Here are a few anecdotes which might offer some context:

    New Zealand is a nation where fully 30% of GDP is gobbled up by government. For many, many Kiwis there is no problem in life too big, or too small, for a government programme to solve.
    The leader of the main Leftist party (the subject of this article) was recently asked in a TV interview “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. Is that still the foundation of the Labour Party?” and his answer was an unequivocal “Yes”. He also claimed he lives by that creed, while at the same time being a millionaire living in a house in one of the nicest streets, in the nicest neighbourhood in the nation. Socialism for thee, not for me!
    The leader of the main “conservative” party once told your King Barry that “there’s a streak of socialism in every New Zealander.”
    A member of Cabinet from that same party was recently overhead saying he thinks King Barry is “a bit of a leftie, but not a Socialist.”
    A spokesmuppet from that same party once did an Andrew Cuomo and said Conservatives are not welcome

    At the general election this year, New Zealanders will be voting to decide which Marx Brother will be Prime Minister. Will it be Karl (From each according to his ability, to each according to his need), or will it be Groucho (Those are my principles. And if you don’t like them … well, I have others)?

    Nope, my once-great little nation will continue its gradual descent into Socialism-driven poverty and misery, jettisoning the productive and entrepreneurial and eventually arriving at either (a) Chinese occupation, or (b) race-war, economic collapse and societal disharmony.


    • New Zealand is a nation where fully 30% of GDP is

      More like 60%. Here’s a question – how much tax do you pay?

      If you think it’s only 33%, you… probably went to a state school.

      Here’s another question: who put up taxes more – Cullen or English?

      OK that one’s obvious: English. Cullen, after all, cut taxes.


      • Sinner, try dialling down the condescending twat. Yes, the government steals somewhere around two-thirds of my wealth – by the time you add in income tax, GST, council rates, etc. etc.

        But there are plenty who make less than me, who pay a far smaller percentage than me, and many (a number which is growing by the day) leeches who pay nothing at all and in fact, are net tax takers.

        Therefore, adding my two thirds to the lesser percentages of those who earn less than me, and adding in the leeches, the number is somewhere around a third.

        So, instead of being a Judge Holden – style wanker, you should try participating in conversation. Try it, just once. You might find it more rewarding than being banned.


        • “Try dialing down the condescending twat.”

          Damn right. Get some manners AB. Why can’t you just make your points without all of the assumed superiority.

          As for the figures, here’s a graphic which more or less tells you all you need to know about Labour & National.


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  5. Thanks for your comments guys & girls. I find myself in agreement with most of the broad issues. In particular the suggestion that the Nats are not worth the effort. Andrew B is right when he says they are basically just besotted with John Key and support him whether he’s left (most frequently) or right (tell me when he is).

    I think AB is also correct in saying that there is more benefit overall in encouraging Labour to attack the Nats from the right. Labour are desperate enough to perhaps think about it. National are just lost in Prog mush. If you want an example of how badly they are lost, read the comments from the Nat supporters on Kiwiblog or Whaleoil. Utterly hopeless.

    The shame is that there may have been a chance to turn NZ around. John Key’s political vacuity has finished that. Until the left/ liberal faction controlling the National Party is replaced by a Conservative faction NZ will continue to march happily towards the prog cliff.

    Angel- its the same pattern being followed all across the West. The Progs have worked for decades to turn most democracies into one party socialist states. They’ve pretty much succeeded. We’re fighting a rear guard action now. Most of us know the socialists are winning because they own the culture. In NZ, in Australia, in the UK, and in the US. But its not quite an impossible task to win it back. We just agree not to give up the fight. One other thing we all know. If you don’t fight, you lose.


  6. This site is looking good, and i see you are getting correspondence. When a person like Chris Trotter gives away the next election, I think we can see that the people are moving inexorably to the centre blue.
    This will not be easy for Winston First. If i were him I would declare my cards now, goodbye socialists


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