What a commie rat’s nest the NZ parliament really is.

I noticed yesterday there were a few bills up for first reading in the house. They were-

Education (Breakfast and Lunch Programmes in Schools) Amendment Bill – first reading continued. This Bill amends the Education Act 1989 to provide for the introduction of fully State funded breakfast and lunch programmes into all decile 1 and 2 schools and other designated schools in New Zealand. It is in the name of Green MP Metiria Turei, but was originally introduced by former MP Hone Harawira, in 2012, and proposed the Government pay for free breakfasts and lunches in all decile 1 and 2 schools.

Education (Food in Schools) Amendment Bill – first reading. This Bill is to provide for a legislative basis for making food in schools available to all decile 1 to 3 primary and intermediate schools. It is in the name of Labour MP David Shearer.

Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill – first reading. This bill has the purpose of ensuring that every rental home in New Zealand meets minimum standards of heating and insulation. It is in the name of Labour MP Phil Twyford.

The first two bills have basically the same intent- to further attack the family and further diminish concepts of parental responsibility. Stark attacks on our society and designed to over the long term erode it and destroy it.

The third is a blatant attack on property rights and the free market. All three are plainly Marxist in their origins and intent. The bills were debated in the house last night.

The first was defeated 61 votes to 59. The second was defeated 60 votes to 60. (no majority signifies a defeat) The third was also defeated at 60 votes to 60. I would have thought bills attacking the foundations of our society would have had far less support. But that they show a basically 50% divide in the house demonstrates how deeply embedded communist ideas are in our community.

People frequently ask me why I cannot support NZ First. Here’s an excellent example of why, where they showed full support for dangerous Marxist ideas.

Worse, no National speaker against these bills opposed them on the grounds of their Marxist intent to attack families and property rights. In fact the Nat’s answer to meals in schools was that they were already doing it, and more, and that the bills were just an attempt by the left to make John Key look mean.

They said basically the same about the Healthy Homes bill, in that enough was being done already and therefore the legislation proposed by Twyford was unnecessary. In my brief read of the Hansard I could not see one argument from the Nats that opposed the legislation on ideological grounds and spelling out the long term social damage that such attacks on property rights produce.

Really guys, we’re in deep deep communist excrement here and although we can thank the Nats on this occasion for halting further deterioration in our position, they are clearly far from the real answer.

2 thoughts on “What a commie rat’s nest the NZ parliament really is.

  1. So right .
    The Nats never argue anything on ideological grounds anymore.
    I think there was also something introduced to make it law that all primary schools had a vege garden.
    What a disaster.


  2. Ideologically, National and Labour are the same. They’re only debating about who can implement marxist ideas more efficiently.


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