Judith Collins goes progressive again

FeminismMy good friend Terry Wallbank has some excellent comment on Judith Collins, and asks the highly relevant question “When is she going to make up her mind if she is a Conservative or a Progressive?”

I’ve expressed similar criticisms of Mrs Collins in the past. (See links below)

Although I have admired her for her courage and unwillingness to retreat from Labour party criticism, she does seem somewhat unsure of her political direction.

Terry’s post covers the issue well enough, but I have to wonder what is in Collin’s head that she does not understand the simple point that we do not need any more social division in this country, and most of all we do not need it between men and women.

Why does she not get that such divisions are all part of the cultural Marxist or Fabian Socialist plan, to divide us and make us weak and much more ready to succumb to big govt and tyranny?

And the worst is her soft denigration of women who choose motherhood and the kitchen over a career selling houses or as so many appear to choose, preaching socialist and or racist propaganda on politically corrupt television and radio networks.

Back off the Marxism Mrs Collins. There are plenty of good role models out there for Conservative women these days, and I’m disappointed you’re apparently still locked into some tired old concepts that went out with Jane Fonda.

Police Dept Suffers From Minister’s Focus on “Cultural Change”.

Judith Collins- A Cultural Marxist Who Has To Go

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  1. There are plenty of good role models out there for Conservative women these days

    Where are NZ’s Michelle Malkins, Ann Coulters, and Sarah Palins?


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