UK’s David Cameron typifies the white ants who have destroyed Conservatism


David Cameron and John Key and George Bush to a lesser extent typify the kind of political termites who have destroyed the parties that traditionally stood against Progressivism. They’re so like their counterparts or predecessors Tony Blair and Helen Clark and Bill Clinton it doesn’t matter. And they’re getting more like them as time goes by.

The most disappointing thing about this chameleon style of politics is that it is deceitful. They’re all the same and they’re all liars, for they claim to be different when they’re not and whereas I can expect this from the hard socialists, those whose world view is built around delusion, I find it impossible to accept it from those who profess to stand against the left.

Our honour was our strength and these vermin have none of it. David Cameron has struggled in quicksand for years now and he’s finally worked his way down into the morass to the extent where its only half his neck and his chin that is above the point where he will suffocate.

Desperate to get some kind of edge over competing socialist forces, and being the intellectually bankrupt cockroach he truly is, he’s done the only thing he knows how to do, and offered the voters more free stuff.

Oleaginous as ever, he attempts to disguise this groveling capitulation as “Compassionate Conservatism”, a term that makes me want to vomit in its weakness and surrender to the lies of the left. In its implication of agreement with the left’s false premises that Conservatives without the word “compassionate” in front are mean and evil people with no thought for their fellow men.

David Cameron pledged today to offer families 600,000 more “free” childcare places if the Conservatives return to power. You see how weak and defeated and despicable they are? They even, without turning a hair, use the same deceptive honourless lies of the left in deeming taxpayer provided services to be “free”.

The Conservatives are promising to provide every eligible family with 30 hours of free care a week for pre-school children aged from three to four, double the 15 hours now available.

The £350 million annual cost of the proposal is to be paid for by reducing the tax relief on pension contributions for people earning more than £150,000. Just more of the same disgusting socialist smoke and mirrors.

At the same time as courting voters with offers of “free’ childcare this scheming worthless charlatan says this-

“This goes to the heart of the country we are trying to build, one based on the principle of something for something, not something for nothing”

How grossly deceitful can a politician get?

I ask again, how in democratic countries did we put ourselves in the hands of these despicable charlatans?

5 thoughts on “UK’s David Cameron typifies the white ants who have destroyed Conservatism

  1. “how in democratic countries did we put ourselves in the hands of these despicable charlatans?”

    Incrementalism is a less nice sounding word for progressivism, but that is at the nut of it.

    See, part of the reason for their success is that long before it was revealed in rules for radicals that they would make us play by our own rules, they were using that tactic.

    For instance. The West has many institutions dedicated to preventing charlatans from gaining power. Whenever a “termite” was caught engaging in activities that were destructive of their institution, they’d plead innocence of intention and beg forgiveness for an “error.” And they’d rely on our justice loving to give them the benefit of the doubt, so that they were presumed innocent until proven guilty. Proving them guilty was not even enough to get them removed. That’s because they’d also exploit Christian ethics by seeking out those who are less aware of the consequences of their crimes and winning support.

    Repeat that sort of invasion in one venerable Western institution after another, each vulnerable to its own good ideals, and here we are.

    We see this repeating even now as there we encounter no limit to the apologists for the various activities seeking to enslave us. (RB: See my most recent email for an extended example.)


    • For an example from films, this segment Senator Palpatine demonstrates in a couple of minutes how they operate.

      Anakin sobs “what have I done” when it is too late, as it is inevitably for all useful idiots.


  2. “how in democratic countries did we put ourselves in the hands of these despicable charlatans?”

    We let bludgers and leftists and commies vote


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